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UPDATE on The Columbian Newspaper article; “In our view: Internet censor”, private investigator Bill Warner wants Dotster to refuse service to Al-Qaeda Websites.

Tuesday January 17th, 2012

UPDATE….Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Dotster Domain Registration and Website Hosting For Al-Qaeda Websites in the USA That Recruit Lone Wolf Terrorists.  Why isn’t the DHS monitoring these jihadist websites.

TERROR WEBSITE HOSTING; Dotster Domain Registration and Website Hosting in Vancouver WA, USA fronts for Al-Qaeda jihad website Ansar Al-Mujahideen that recruits lone wolf terrorists.  The Ansar al-Mujahideen forum “is a popular, internationally-known, Islamic extremist web forum used by its members to translate, promote, and distribute jihadist propaganda, as well as a means to communicate with other like-minded extremists.”
PUBLISHED The Baltimore Sun January 14th, 2012. U.S. War On Terror Focuses On New Battlefield: the Internet; A besieged al-Qaeda, weakened by 10 years of war, the killing of bin Laden and the removal of other top leaders, is now focusing much of its attention on inspiring recruits in the United States and elsewhere to carry out attacks that the terror group itself might no longer be capable of mounting.
The Columbian Newspaper; “In our view: Internet censor’ Wednesday, May 07, 2008.  A Florida man’s heart might be in the right place, but he is misguided in his bid to get a Vancouver Internet service company to drop a Somali-language Web site (http://www.kataaib.net/ which was run by terrorist Omar Hammami).
Bill Warner, a Sarasota private investigator ( http://www.wbipi.com/ ), wants Dotster Inc. of Vancouver to refuse service to kataaib.net . Warner, who has launched similar purge efforts in other cities with other Internet companies, says kataaib.net supports an al-Qaida organization in Somalia, where war and genocide are tragic facts of daily life.

“There are groups like this one that associate with al-Qaida through Web sites that help promote the ideology, help find new recruits and help the effort to support terrorism,” Warner said in a Tuesday Columbian story by Courtney Sherwood. “It’s not freedom of speech. This site should not be hosted in Vancouver”.

The Columbian, By COURTNEY SHERWOOD, Columbian staff writer, Tuesday, May 06, 2008.. A group of self-described anti-terrorist vigilantes has put the heat on Vancouver-based Dotster Inc. for hosting an Arabic- and Somali- language Web site that frequently praises leaders in Somalia’s al-Qaida organization.  Florida resident Bill Warner, who describes himself as an anti-terrorist vigilante, is among a collection of online activists who want to use public pressure on Dotster to get kataaib.net shut down. Dotster, a Web registration and hosting company, generates revenue by hosting Web sites. It has hosted kataaib.net since April 13, 2007, according to Internet records.
Certainly the world has changed since 9/11, and we don’t fault any citizen for being alert to signs of possible terrorism. But the line separating suspicion (and the alerting of authorities) from vigilantism and paranoia gets blurry fast, as it did in World War II when the U.S. government rounded up 120,000 Japanese Americans on the West Coast and put them in camps, for fear they would assist the Axis countries. Dotster, which employs about 100 here and has clients worldwide, already works closely with the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies, says its CEO, Clint Page.

Dotster has more than 3 million domain names under its management, each with numerous Web pages. About once a week, Page told us, Dotster discovers one with questionable content, such as child pornography, anti-Semitism, credit card scams or possible terrorist sympathies. In other instances, authorities discover them first and come to Dotster.

Closing a site before the FBI has finished probing it might actually impede an investigation.“We have a close relationship with all law enforcement,” said Page, who in the late 1980s was vice president of the Columbia River Economic Development Council in Vancouver. “We routinely go to authorities with complaints.”Two of the most common, Page said, are child porn Web pages originating in the former Soviet Union and illegal gambling pages out of China.

Without subpoenas, Dotster is limited in what it may legally provide authorities, but, Page says, the company is as helpful as it may be under the law. With subpoenas, which it does get on occasion, Dotster provides even more information.“We cooperate as fully as we legally can as soon as we can,” he said. “A lot of times these Web sites are fleeting — shut down shortly after they are activated.”

Another problem with Warner’s approach is the danger of it leading to abuses. If Web service is denied because of protests from concerned citizens, what would be next after kataaib.net ? Political-advocacy pages? The ACLU? The National Rifle Association? Minor political parties?“We can’t just arbitrarily go in and shut down sites based on what someone finds offensive,” Page said.

Certainly a Web page that is intended to inspire terrorism should be probed and be a candidate for closure. But the FBI or other experts should make that decision, with a judge if that’s required by law……….. It’s not Warner’s call. (oh really?)
Turns out that terrorist Omar Hammami had been using the www.kataaib.net site since April of 2007 to recruit suicide bombers from the USA and elswehere to come to Somalia.  The Columbian newspaper made a very big mistake.
Thursday, September 10, 2009 Private investigator Bill Warner says Daphne AL terror suspect Omar Hammami linked to jihadist Web site of Al-Shabaab. By BRENDAN KIRBY, Staff Reporter. A Web site used by a Somali jihadist group that has been tied to a suspected terrorist from Daphne was hosted by an Internet company based in the United States, according to a private investigator.  

Bill Warner, an investigator from Sarasota, Fla., who tried to shut down a number of Web sites linked to extremist groups, said he first targeted an al-Shabaab Web site in May 2008 after the U.S. government labeled it a terrorist organization. Dotster Inc. of Vancouver, Wash., took the Web site down in January, Bill Warner said, after an order from the federal government.  That man went by the name Abu Mansour al-Amriki. Fox News reported that his true identity is Omar Hammami and that he faces a secret indictment in Mobile’s federal court on a charge of providing material support to terrorists.

Thursday, August 05, 2010, FOX NEWS..Al-Shabaab Members Arrested in USA, Al-Shabaab Terror Propagandist Omar Hammami Indictment Unsealed, Omar Hammami From Daphne AL Had Been Profiled By Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner.

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