UPDATED In a Scene Right Out of “Goodfellas” John P. Wheeler Murdered Body Dumped Out Of The Rear of Garbage Truck in Wilmington DE, Who Set Up The Mafia Style Hit? SEE VIDEO.

In a Scene Right Out of Goodfellas John P Wheeler’s Murdered Body Dumped Out Of The Rear of Garbage Truck in Wilmington DE Who Set Up The Mafia Style Hit SEE VIDEO.

the cell phone of John P. Wheeler has been found in the unfinished home of Frank Marini on West Third Street in new cstle DE.

Stefano G. Saienni third degree burglary theft receiving stolen property conspiracy and criminal mischief at the the parking area of Foxcroft Apartments at 120 Wilbur St Newark (North East area) Delaware.

Source: John P. Wheeler III planted incendiary devices at the home of neighbor Frank Marini in New Castle Delaware days before Wheeler’s body was found in the back of a garbage truck at the Cherry Island Landfill in Wilmington. Police found evidence linking John Parsons Wheeler 3d to devices planted at the New Castle home of a neighbor (Frank Marini) with whom he had been feuding, said the source, who is close to the investigation. The feud was over the size of the neighbor’s house, which was under construction in the city’s historic district

Frank and Regina Marini are from the Hockessin DE area where they have another home, Francis “Frank” Marini appears to link to a William Q. Saienni, Sr., age 79 of Hockessin, DE who died on December 5, 2001. William Q. Saienni, Sr founded several concrete paving construction companies in the Wilmington and New Castle DE area, Material Transit, Material Trucking, Blacktop Products, and his beloved “Beaver Blacktop”.

Wheeler was known in New Castle for his failed efforts to stop construction of a 2 1/2-story house across the street from his home along Battery Park Wheeler had sued to stop Frank and Regina Marini from building. Francis “Frank” Marini, the neighbor who the murdered 66-year-old John P. Wheeler III had an onngoing dispute and lawsuit with, wanted to build a two-and-a-half story home across the street from Wheeler on the 100 block of West Third Street.