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Ex-Hooker Teacher Melissa Petro Wants to be Welcomed Back by Mayor Bloomberg in NY She Should Hook Up With Kelly Holsopple a Florida Attorney for the Stern Law Firm Who Was a Hooker and Stripper.

Ex-Hooker Teacher Melissa Petro Needs to Contact Ex-Hooker Attorney Kelly Holsopple Who Works For the Stern Law Firm.  She wants to be “publicly exonerated.” She wants Mayor Bloomberg to personally welcome her back to class. And she feels “like Kanye effen West.”

Hooker-turned-tenured-teacher Melissa Petro is still seething over being yanked from her Bronx elementary-school art class and assigned to administrative work pending her possible firing, according to Facebook postings obtained by The Post.

“Still in pieces after being interrogated yesterday by the DOE,” she posted Tuesday. “Seriously, I feel like Kanye effen West.” In response to a friend who asked, “Did you have a lawyer?” Petro wrote, “I had a UFT rep. Anyway, they didn’t ask any thing they didn’t already know the answer to, or couldn’t have easily found out. It was ba sically a shame session.”

Petro, 30, of the Upper East Side, was suspended from teaching in September after The Post revealed she’d been boasting of being a former Craigslist call girl in numerous blog postings.  “From October 2006 to January 2007, I accepted money in exchange for sexual services I provided to men I met online in what was then called the ‘erotic services’ section of Craigslist.org,” Petro had written for the Huffington Post, using her actual name and picture, more from this source……

See Prior Post…Bronx Ny Teacher Melissa Petro Admits She Is A Former Hooker and Stripper She Joins the Ranks of Kelly Holsopple a Florida Attorney for the Stern Law Firm Who Also Was a Hooker and Stripper.

Kelly Holsopple Was A Stripper And Prostitute in St Paul Now A Member Of The Florida Bar & Associate Attorney For the David J. Stern Law Firm Screwing Homeowners.   Kelly Holsopple was a “former sex worker, stripper, researcher, writer, educator, and feminist.” Kelly Holsopple is the author of Pimps, Tricks and Feminists source 1998.
Kelly Holsopple is an Associate Attorney For the David J. Stern Law Firm working under a “new name”. Kelly Holsopple earned her B.A. in Socialogy from the University of Minneasota in 1998, she obtained her Doctor of Jurisprudence from a Law School in St. Paul MN in 2003, she changed her name in May of 2001.Ex-hooker Kelly Holsopple works as an associate attorney for one of the most ruthless Law Firms in the State of Florida, the Stern Law Firm and it’s owner has been accused of malpractice and are currently fighting the case in court. Ex-hooker Kelly Holsopple works for the David J. Stern Law firm that has been accused of falsification of service of papers (Sewer Service) on Foreclosure complaints in numerous cases which ultimately ended up with the homeowner losing his house.

Kelly Holsopple worked in the sex trade business for 13 years taking money from men to perform various sex acts, during this time period she was also working as a stripper in clubs around the Minneapolis – St. Paul Metro area. Kelly Holsopple supposedly stopped working as a stripper in 1994, no date is given in her “bio” as to when she stopped taking money from men to perform various sex acts.

Does the Florida Bar have any moral standards, does the David J. Stern Law Firm have any moral standards, obviously not as Kelly Holsopple a Former Stripper and Prostitute For The Mob In St. Paul-Minneapolis Metro Area Changed Her Name And Is Now a Member of the Florida Bar Taking People’s Homes for the Stern Foreclosure Mill and yes I know her “new name”. The Stern Law Office in Plantation Fl hires a former prostitute who worked for the mob, how appropriate.

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