Court Remands Terror Case on Grounds FBI Withheld Info of Anwar al-Awlaki Investigation With al-Qaeda Agent Ziyad Khaleel and 9/11 Hijacker Nawaf al Hazmi.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Anwar Al-Awlaki was the Imam for the 9/11 hijackers at the Al-Ribat Al-Islami mosque (also known as Rabat) on the La Mesa-San Diego border. US investigators will later conclude he is connected to al-Qaeda and involved in the 9/11 plot. After living together in Phoenix since December 2000, 9/11 hijackers Hani Hanjour and Nawaf Al-hazmi (
second-in-command of 9/11 hijackers behind Atta) move to Falls Church, Virginia, where Imam Anwar al-Awlaki now preaches. The FBI says Anwar al-Awlaki had closed door meetings with hijackers Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar in 2000 while all three of them were living in San Diego. Police later find the phone number of Anwar al-Awlaki’s mosque when they search “would-be twentieth hijacker” Ramzi bin al-Shibh’s apartment in Germany. Anwar al-Awlaki works as an imam for the Denver Islamic Society from 1994 to 1996. Al-Qaeda agent Ziyad Khaleel lives in Denver in the early 1990s until about 1998, and is vice president of the Denver Islamic Society where Anwar al-Awlaki is the Imam. Ziyad Khaleel was living at an apartment complex at 1050 Dahlia St DENVER, CO 80246 until (07/01/1998).

The FBI learns that Anwar Nasser al-Awlaki knows individuals from the terrorist funding Holy Land Foundation in Texas and others involved in raising money for Hamas while he is living in San Diego CA, Ziyad Khaleel and his roommate Muneer Arafat (Sarasota Fl) raised funds for the terrorist funding Holy Land Foundation in Texas. While living in San Diego CA during the late 1990’s terror Imam Anwar Nasser al-Awlaki aka Anwar Nasser Aulaqi, DOB 4/21/1971, SSN 521-77-7121, used the email address see his California drivers license above. 

 Anwar al-Awlaki aka Anwar Aulaqi

FOX NEWS September 25th, 2015….The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has remanded a post 9/11 terrorism case on the grounds that the FBI withheld evidence of its 2002 investigation into the first American on the CIA’s kill or capture list, Anwar al-Awlaki, as well as into a northern Virginia Islamic scholar, according to recently released federal court document. Anwar al-Awlaki was killed in Yemen by a drone strike in 2011. The case focused on allegations that Dr. Ali Al-Timimi — a cancer researcher and self-described Muslim scholar – inspired a group of young men from Virginia to travel to Pakistan to join Lashkar-e-Taiba, one of the largest terror organizations in South Asia. Timimi was convicted on 10 felonies and received a life sentence in 2005. The Fourth Circuit remand is based on new evidence uncovered from the National Archives by Defense Attorney Jonathan Turley that showed that details of al-Awlaki’s re-entry to the US on Oct. 10, 2002 and the role played by an FBI agent who facilitated his re-entry were withheld from the defense, and also withheld during his appeal. In the late 1990s, Anwar al-Awlaki was approached by an al-Qaeda facilitator known as Ziyad Khaleel, who performed tasks for the terror network, for example paying for a satellite phone to be used by Osama bin Laden in the 1998 US embassy bombings in Africa.

Ziyad Khaleel and al-Awlaki were both connected to a Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW), founded by an associate of Osama bin Laden. al-Awlaki served Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW) as its vice president for a time. Radical Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki served as a vice president for the organization during the 1990s. al-Awlaki is also associated with Al Qaeda. al-Awlaki’s name is listed on an IRS Form 990 filed by the Charitable Society for Social Welfare for an now-defunct U.S. branch of the organization. al-Awlaki is listed as vice president on page 4 of the document. CSSW spokesman Jamal Al-Haddi denied that the organization was connected to the Yemeni CSSW and denied that al-Awlaki ever worked for the Yemen branch of the organization. He claimed in an e-mail that “CSSW has no branches outside Republic of Yemen. No official or unofficial branch of CSSW in the United States.”However CSSW’s own Web site, in an archived page found on, shows that in 2003 CSSW listed contact information for branches in Brooklyn, Detroit and San Diego. The 990 form shows that CSSW had directors in all three cities, including al-Awlaki in San Diego, whose listed address is the Ar-Ribat mosque. The Brooklyn branch of CSSW was the subject of an FBI terrorism financing investigation in 2003, five years prior to the Department of Labor grant approval. Al-Haddi did not respond to a question on this issue. The terrorism financing investigation was known as “Black Bear.”

L to R, 9/11 hijackers Hani Hanjour, pilot; Nawaf al Hazmi, Khalid al Mihdhar. There is no indication that 9/11 hijack boss Mohamed Atta or Shehhi received any additional flight training in June 2001. Both were likely too busy organizing the newly arrived muscle hijackers and taking their cross-country surveillance flights. Mohamed Atta, moreover, needed to coordinate with his second-in-command, Nawaf al Hazmi, photo above in center.

Anwar al-Awlaki and his followers in San Diego had met Nawaf Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, two of the five al-Qaeda operatives who would crash American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon on September 11. Mohdar Abdullah, Osama Awadallah, and Omer Bakarbashat all worked at the Sam’s Star Texaco station in La Mesa. In time, so would 9/11 hijacker Nawaf al-Hazmi, hired by a manager at the station and the owner Sam Mustafa on the basis of a recommendation from someone attending Anwar al-Awlaki’s mosque. Mohdar Abdullah was charismatic and well-liked. He lived in an apartment complex around the corner from Awlaki’s mosque. When police searched the apartment shortly after September 11, Abdullah’s computer was loaded with anti-American writings and videos, including e-mails proposing extravagant terrorist plots and referencing martyrs and grenade launchers. The FBI would later suspect that Abdullah had specific advance knowledge of the attacks due to his unusual behavior in the weeks prior, but a case was never mounted.

Omer Bakarbashat, photo above in 2002, was a young Saudi who lived in the same apartment building as Mohdar Abdullah. Bakarbashat viewed Anwar al-Awlaki as “almost a god,” according to an FBI agent. Osama Awadallah, a Jordanian immigrant, roomed with Bakarbashat for a time. The FBI later said they believed he shared the Saudi’s exalted view of Anwar al-Awlaki. When searched after September 11, Awadallah’s home was filled with photographs, videotapes, and news articles featuring Osama bin Laden, as well as flyers containing bin Laden’s fatwas. Mohdar Abdullah, Osama Awadallah, and Omer Bakarbashat were all present at a meeting at Sam’s Star Texaco station in La Mesa on the morning of September 10th, 2001 saying “It’s finally going to happen“.

Mohdar Abdullah worked at the Sam’s Star Texaco station in La Mesa owned by terrorist Sam Mustafa. When interviewed by the FBI after 9/11, Mohdar Abdullah denied having advance knowledge of attacks. In May 2004, it was learned from reports about Mohdar Abdullah bragging to fellow inmates at a California prison in September- October 2003 that he had known Hazmi and Mihdhar were planning a terrorist attack. The stories attributed to Abdullah are not entirely consistent with each other. Specifically, according to one inmate, Mohdar Abdullah claimed an unnamed individual had notified him that Hazmi and Mihdhar would be arriving in Los Angeles with plans to carry out an attack. Mohdar Abdullah allegedly told the same inmate that he had driven the two al Qaeda operatives from Los Angeles to San Diego. Another inmate has recalled Abdullah claiming he first heard about the hijackers’ terrorist plans after they arrived in San Diego, when they told him they planned to fly an airplane into a building and invited him to join them on the plane. According to this inmate, Abdullah also claimed to have found out about the 9/11 attacks three weeks in advance, a claim that appears to dovetail with evidence that Abdullah may have received a phone call from Hazmi around that time, that he stopped making calls from his telephone after August 25, 2001, and that, according to his friends, he started acting strangely.

TERRORIST OSAMA MUSTAFA KNEW ABOUT 9/11 PLOT: Osama “Sam” Mustafa denied all, he lied, Osama “Sam” Mustafa was in on the 9/11 attacks. In the year 2000 Al-Qaeda hijacker Nawaf Al-hazmi works at Osama Sam Mustafa’s SAM STAR MART TEXACO gas station, while living in San Diego for 6 months, where Islamist militants Mohdar Abdullah, Osama Awadallah, and Omer Bakarbashat also work. The Texaco gas station, Sam’s Star Mart, is owned by Osama “Sam” Mustafa.

Terrorist Osama Mustafa was first investigated by the FBI in 1991 after he told a police officer that the US needed another Pan Am 103 attack and that he could be the one to carry out the attack. He also said all Americans should be killed because of the 1991 Iraq War. In 1994, Osama Sam Mustafa was investigated for being a member of the Palestinian organizations PFLP and PLO and for threatening to kill an Israeli intelligence officer living in San Diego. The investigation was closed, but reopened again in 1997 when he was tied to a possible plot in North Carolina. Apparently, it was closed again before 9/11. He also associates with Osama Basnan and others who have contacts with the hijackers.

December 29, 1999: Bin Laden’s ‘Florida Procurement Agent’ Ziyad Khaleel Detained in Jordan: Police in Jordan detain Ziyad Khaleel, who the FBI calls a Florida-based “procurement agent” for Osama bin Laden. The FBI says Khaleel’s role is to “procure computers, satellite telephones, and covert surveillance equipment” for al-Qaeda leaders. [Newsweek, 2/7/2000] In 1995, Khaleel started studied at Columbia College in Kansas City. The following year, using money sent by others, the FBI monitored him as he helped bin Laden buy a satellite phone (see November 1996-Late December 1999 and November 1996-Late August 1998). He continued to buy new minutes and parts for the phone at least through 1998 (see July 29-August 7, 1998). [Knight Ridder, 9/20/2001]. While living in the US, Ziyad Khaleel also was helping Hamas, the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), and working as a regional director for the Islamic American Relief Agency (IARA), which was directly funding bin Laden (see November 1996-Late December 1999). US intelligence also linked him to the Al-Kifah Refugee Center in 1994, a charity front with ties to both bin Laden and the CIA (see 1986-1993). Once in custody, Khaleel cooperates with the FBI and is said to provide “crucial evidence about bin Laden’s US operations.” But he is quickly released. He will graduate from Columbia College Columbia MO later in 2000. [Newsweek, 2/7/2000; Knight Ridder, 9/20/2001] He will continue to raise money in the US for Palestinian groups the US government will later say are terrorist-related. He will leave the US around early 2001 and apparently dies in a car crash in Saudi Arabia in 2002. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1/22/2003; Newsweek, 10/20/2004].

ZIYAD KHALEEL, DOB 06/23/1964 address search results USA:
Broadway #157, Columbia, MO 65203 (10/21/2001)

Goodson St, Hamtramck, MI 48212 (07/13/2001) 
Sun Tree Cir #55, Orlando, FL 32807 (07/13/2001) 
Cedar Bend Cir #102, Orlando, FL 32825 (10/01/2000) 
Cedar Bend Cir #104, Orlando, FL 32825 (10/01/2000) 
Willow Pond Ct #102, Orlando, FL 32825 (08/01/2000) 
Dahlia St #39, Denver, CO 80246 (07/01/1998) 
Dorothy St #2, Hamtramck, MI 48211 (12/31/1996) 
Bloom St, Hamtramck, MI 48212 (12/01/1994) 
Oliver St, Hamtramck, MI 48211 (03/01/1994) 
101XXX PO Box, Denver, CO 80250 (12/01/1992)

ZIYAD KHALEEL aka ZIYAD SADAQA DOB 06/23/1964 address search results USA:

Broadway #157, Columbia, MO 65203 (10/21/2001) 
Sun #55, Orlando, FL 32822 (07/13/2001) 
PO Box, Columbia, MO 65205 (08/01/1996) 
Dahlia St, Denver, CO 80246 (06/01/1993).


“A sheikh named Muneer Arafat came to St. Louis talking all that jihad talk prior to the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks“. In St. Louis, 1996 to 2000, Muneer Arafat became a well-known lecturer at different Masjids and built up quite a following. He gave lectures at local mosques that almost exclusively focused on jihad week in and week out and this got him into trouble with Sheikh Muhammad Nur of the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis who at one point banned him from giving lectures at the Gateway Masjid. Muneer Arafat was the Imam at the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton (ISSB) Mosque from early March 2000 to the end of 2003, at the time it was a little wood frame house on N. Lockwood Ridge Rd, he showed up just prior to Mohamed Atta and the rest of the 9/11 terrorists in nearby Nokomis Fl in June 2000.

FBI Report on Muslim Terror Cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki Indicates he Visited Florida Looking For Hookers. A DC hooker who Anwar al-Awlaki paid $400 for sex told the FBI that when he arrived at her Melrose Hotel room in Washington, DC, she looked through the peephole and thought to herself that her tall, bearded customer “looked like Osama bin Laden.” She described Anwar Awlaki as “very polite,” adding that he said he “likes to use escort services” when he travels to Florida. Where in Florida? Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Sarasota, Fort Myers? There is no doubt in my mind that Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat knew and had contact with Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki through their mutual friend Ziyad Khaleel prior to the 9/11 terror attack. Imam Muneer Arafat quotes “I’m not opposed to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s goal of destroying Israel and replacing it with an Islamic state”. “Muslims need to stay unified, and they should support the Palestinian uprising known as the intifada”. Muneer Arafat had a roommate and associate by the name of Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziyad Sadaqa in Columbia MO prior to Muneer Arafat’s March 2000 arrival in Sarasota Fl. Mohamed Atta and several other 9/11 Hijackers arrive in the Venice-Sarasota Fl area in June 2000. Imam Muneer Arafat has advocated suicide bombers in his sermons, see one such given at the Islamic Institute of Orange County; Dec. 23, 2005 Sh. Muneer Arafat – Friday khutbah 31 minutes 5.24 MB.

Sarasota Saudi Family Had Mohamed Atta, Marwan Al-Shehhi, Ziad Jarrah, Wissam Hammoud and Adnan El-Shukrijumah over to 4224 Escondito Circle Prior to 9/11 Attack. According to lawsuit filed by the Broward Bulldog online newspaper and Dan Christensen against the DOJ and the FBI in US District Court, Southern District of Florida, Sarasota Saudi Family members had Mohamed Atta, Marwan Al-Shehhi, Ziad Jarrah, Wissam Hammoud and Adnan El-Shukrijumah over to 4224 Escondito Circle Sarasota Fl Prior to the 9/11 suicide jetliner attack. Al-Qaeda terrorist Adnan El-Shukrijumah played soccer with other known like minded people prior to 9/11 at the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton when Muneer Arafat was the Imam for the Mosque.

Anwar al-Awlaki, an al-Qaida leader born in the United States, was killed after being targeted by a CIA-DOD Hellfire rocket drone strike in Yemen in September 2011. The drone strike that killed al-Awlaki also killed another U.S. citizen, Samir Khan, an al-Qaida propagandist from Charlotte NC. According to the Washington Post, after locating al-Awlaki the CIA assembled a fleet of armed drones to target him. 

Two Predators pointed lasers at Anwar al-Awlaki’s vehicle, and a third circled to make sure that no civilians wandered into the cross hairs.’ The Nation reported that even more military hardware was involved: As the vehicles made their way over the dusty, unpaved roads, US drones, armed with Hellfire missiles, were dispatched to hunt them down. The drones were technically under the command of the CIA, though JSOC aircraft and ground forces were poised to assist. A team of commandos stood at the ready to board V-22 helicopters. As an added measure, Marine Harrier jets scrambled in a backup maneuver.

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Sovereign Citizen James Sims a retired Manatee County Fl Sheriff Deputy arrested in January Now Wanted in September For Failure to Appear.

Friday, September 25, 2015

PUBLISHED IN SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE JAN 29 2015, MANATEE COUNTY – A retired sheriff’s deputy and self-proclaimed sovereign citizen is facing a long list of criminal charges, including accusations that he filed bogus liens totaling $100 million against two local judges. In addition to allegedly harassing the two judges, James Sims, 56, also is accused of renting and changing the locks of foreclosed properties he once owned and trying to evict legal tenants. Complaints against Sims began last spring from property managers working for Bank of the Ozarks, which foreclosed on several Palmetto and Parrish properties previously owned by Sims, arrest records show. A couple of months later, authorities learned that Sims had allegedly been collecting rent money from a tenant living at 1503 26th St. Ct. E. in Palmetto, arrest records show. A man signed a $800 monthly lease on the home and had already paid four months rent to Sims. Detective Marc Franczyk called Sims on June 25 about the lease. “Sims stated that everything involved in this case is civil and I had no business getting involved,” Detective Marc Franczyk wrote in an arrest report. “Sims pretty much stated that the property is still his. “Sims told me to watch what I was doing with these cases because he would come after me and sue me. Sims eventually hung up on me.” Affidavits filed against Sims mention several times that he is a self-proclaimed sovereign citizen, associated with anti-government beliefs. “Sovereigns believe that they — not judges, juries, law enforcement or elected officials — get to decide which laws to obey and which to ignore,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. What is unusual is that Sims worked as a deputy at the sheriff’s office from 1985 until his retirement in July 2011. Sims is charged with two counts of intimidating a public official, three counts of simulating the legal process and two counts of grand theft. SEE

As of September 11th, 2015, Manatee County Fl Detectives are actively tracking down and trying to locate James sims for FAILURE TO APPEAR in court, see above.  Sovereign Citizens do not recognize the authority of any court, they always go Pro Se and refuse the services of the Public Defenders office. James Sims spent 26 years wearing a badge and enforcing the law in Florida now thinks he’s above the law as a self-described “natural, free-born sovereign citizen.” James Michael Sims, 56, was arrested in January 2015 in Manatee County on three felony charges: two counts of grand theft and a third count of intimidating a public official. Sims, a former deputy and detective for the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, allegedly rented foreclosed properties, intimidated his former fellow law enforcement officials and attempted to file $100 million in bogus liens against judges — a common act among many sovereigns who believe they are immune from courts, judges and licensing requirements. The Judge in the“natural, free-born sovereign citizen”case issued a WARRANT FOR THE ARREST of James Sims on September 11th, 2015, now Law enforcement in Southwest Florida will be on the outlook for James Sims, I hope it does not come down to a traffic stop for Sims and he reacts violently.

Two police officers in West Memphis Arkansas, police officer Bill Evans and Sergeant Brandon Paudert were shot and killed during a traffic stop on May 20, 2010. Police identified and killed two suspects, identified as Jerry Kane, Jr., and his son, Joseph Kane. The two were later identified as members of the sovereign citizen movement.

February 2015 – Joseph Paffen allegedly opened fire on a vehicle with four deputies inside as they responded to a call for a domestic incident involving Paffen at a Publix grocery store in Orlando at 5:18 p.m. Sunday, and the officers returned fire, killing him, the sheriff’s office said. Deputies told NBC station WESH that Paffen identified as a “sovereign citizen.

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Joel Dixon Smith Shoots and Kills Sheriff Deputy Bill Myers Serving a Domestic Violence Injunction on Him Outside Lawyers Office in Shalimar Fl near Eglin AFB

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SHALIMAR– UPDATE: 3pm September 22nd 2015. Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley has confirmed that Deputy Bill Myers has died from injuries in a morning shooting. The suspect, Joel Dixon Smith is also dead. Joel Dixon Smith DOB 5/18/1982, age 33, has prior arrest for Battery in Santa Rosa Beach in 2008, booking date 4/09/2008. Smith had been arrested for domestic battery in 2008, Sheriff Larry Ashley said, without providing further details. Joel Dixon Smith of 9807 Navarre Parkway in Santa Rosa County, Fl. The shooting took place outside a law office in Shalimar, Fla near Eglin AFB. Officials say Smith was supposed to surrender his firearms following a domestic violence injunction, but Smith instead shot Myers and fled to a hotel where he had been staying, the Comfort Inn and Suites in Niceville Fl where he ended up shooting it out with the SWAT team, he lost.

Investigators say Myers had just finished serving a domestic violence injunction to 33- year old Joel Dixon Smith of Navarre at Cotton and Gates Law Firm on Plew Avenue around 8:20 a.m. Deputy Myers was walking outside when he was shot multiple times in the back, including a gunshot wound to the rear of his head. The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputy and the suspect who shot him on Tuesday morning both have succumbed to their injuries at the hospital. Deputy Bill Myers, 64, had previously retired from law enforcement, but returned to work part-time so he could take his granddaughter to Disney World, said Sheriff Larry Ashley. 

Myers was serving a domestic violence injunction to the suspect, 33-year-old Joel Dixon Smith, who responded by shooting Myers in the back multiple times. Myers was transferred to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center and urgently was rushed into surgery, but later died.Smith drove to the Comfort Inn and Suites in Niceville where he barricaded himself inside a hotel room. A SWAT team engaged Dixon, who was later killed in a shootout with authorities. “This sure sounds and looks like a violent Sovereign Citizen reaction to Law Enforcement.” Joel Dixon Smith of Navarre Fl had multiple run-ins with law enforcement in Bay County, Escambia County, Santa Rosa County (Battery Charge) and Okaloosa  County Fl, mostly for not carrying drivers license, no registration and speeding violations. Joel Dixon Smith, 9807 Navarre Parkway, Navarre, Santa Rosa County Fl, planned an ambush to shoot Sheriff Deputy Bill Myers in the back as he went to Smith’s vehicle to retrieve Smith’s firearms due to an Order of Protection, Sovereign Citizen tactics. The Sovereign Citizens mantra is to “Kill the Messenger” or the person (cops) who enforce laws or a Judge’s Order.

March 14th, 2013…The Panhandle of Florida is a hot bed of activity for Sovereign Citizens. In Navarre Fl two years ago an armed “sovereign citizen,” accused of printing his own currency and defying government authority, was shot and killed after a four-hour standoff with a police SWAT team. Like so many law enforcement encounters with sovereign citizens, the case involving Jeffrey Allen Wright, 6595 Avenida De Galvez Navarre, Santa Rosa County Fl,  began with a routine traffic stop before quickly escalating. Wright attempted to pay his traffic fine with counterfeit money, then refused to acknowledge courts had jurisdiction over him when additional charges were filed against him. When Santa Rosa County sheriff’s deputies and other officers went to Wright’s home in Navarre, Fla to arrest him on counterfeiting charges, the 55-year-old man barricaded himself in the residence and fired a shot, apparently from an automatic firearm, officials said. Ordered by deputies to come out unarmed, Wright responded, “Come and get me,” according to a press release from the Santa Rose County Sheriff’s Office. When SWAT team members fired tear gas into the second story of the home’s attached garage, Wright began breaking out windows with a handgun, the release said. Moments later, when SWAT officers entered the home, they found Wright sitting at the top of a stairwell. The department’s press release said that Wright raised his pistol and pointed it directly at the SWAT members. Three officers simultaneously shot Wright, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Deputy Myers has been a treasured part of this agency’s family since 1989” said Sheriff Larry Ashley. “He served this community with distinction for decades. He was loved, admired, and respected for his dedication to the law enforcement profession. He loved photography and he had an ability to make those around him smile, especially his young granddaughter who he adored and took to Disney World as often as he could.

Some P.O.S. calling herself , (Amanda Hebden is @MandaGator), mocks the ambush murder of Sheriff Deputy Bill Myers in Shalimar Fl today calling it “Cops killing each other” in a Tweet she sent directly to me, she appears to be a Tampa Bay Rays baseball fan. Amanda Hebden @MandaGator also appears to be a “Black Lives Matter” supporter, see below:


    @MandaGator ‏ 21 minutes ago
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    Cops killing each other“. (her ugly smiley face)
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    Joel Dixon Smith Shoots and Kills Sheriff Deputy Bill Myers Serving a Domestic Violence…



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    BOLO: Violent Offender Suspect Christopher Higginbotham On The loose Last Known To Be On Foot on Bayonne Street Off of Rte 41 Sarasota Fl.

    Monday, September 21, 2015

     The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for assistance locating a wanted man seen in Sarasota this morning. Christopher Higginbotham, DOB 7/3/1972, who has a warrant for Attempted Murder and additional charges pending, was spotted on Bayonne Street but fled the area on foot. He appeared clean shaven and was last seen wearing jean shorts, a dark tee shirt and black athletic shoes. He is 5’11” tall and weighs 170 lbs. 

    Higginbotham has a long criminal history outside of Sarasota County and could be armed, so citizens are urged not to make contact with him. The United States Marshals Service is offering $2,500 reward for any information leading to the arrest of Higginbotham. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call 941.915.7878. Christopher Higginbotham, DOB 7/3/1972, is a bad dude 3 time loser in Florida State Prison system, see below.

    Current Prison Sentence History: Christopher Higginbotham, DOB 7/3/1972
    Offense Date Offense   County   Prison Sentence Length
    03/01/2001 MISDEMEANOR PASCO 8Y 0M 0D

    Prior Prison History: Christopher Higginbotham, DOB 7/3/1972
    Offense Date Offense   County   Prison Sentence Length
    03/01/2001 MISDEMEANOR PASCO 2Y 0M 0D

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    SCHEME ALERT: Colonial Capital Group PLC Promises 12% Guaranteed Return on New Investment the Scheme Built on US Govt Spending on Section 8 Housing in Chicago?

    Sunday, September 20, 2015

    Make Money on Section 8 Housing in Chicago WTF! UK Telegraph News story by Andrew Penman:  Getting a miserable interest rate on your savings? Fancy earning 12% instead? That’s the promise made by Colonial Capital Group PLC, which says you can get that juicy return if you invest £10,000 in their US property bonds. The idea is that they buy repossessed houses in Chicago, refurbish them, and get rent paid by the US government which rents the properties out to people in welfare programs, Section 8 housing. Posing as a potential investor, I went to the Property Investor and Homebuyer Show at Excel in London, where I found the Colonial Capital Group stand and asked if they were regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This would give some protection if the investment goes pear-shaped. 

    “It’s what’s called an alternative investment,” said account manager Jonathan Parslow. “If we went regulated then the problem is that the minimum investment would jump significantly. “Don’t ask me for the exact amount. You’d probably need a minimum of £60,000, £70,000, £80,000 to be regulated.” This is rubbish. There is no minimum payment that an investment scheme needs before it can be regulated. According to his LinkedIn account, Parslow formerly worked at unregulated £300million investment disaster Harlequin Property which promised income from properties in the Caribbean. Only a fraction have been built and the Serious Fraud Office is investigating. Harlequin was run by a former bankrupt from Basildon, Essex, David Ames. In March this year Matthew Ames, his 38-year-old son, was jailed for 40 months for a fraud called Forestry for Life that cheated ethical investors out of £1.6million. One of his colleagues was 52-year-old Kevin Neil of Chelmsford, Essex. Back in 2010, Neil’s property investment firms Agri Ventura PLC and Farm Venture Ltd were shut down in the High Court in the public interest. Which brings us full circle, because Kevin Neil is now Parslow’s boss, being a director of Colonial Capital Group. He wouldn’t talk to me, so I asked an independent expert to evaluate its investment scheme. 

    Apart from pointing out the danger of an unregulated scheme in Chicago, Tom McPhail of investment giant Hargreaves Lansdown warned: “Anyone offering a 12% net return should be viewed with suspicion. The higher the promised return, the higher the risk. “The scheme is built on US government spending on Section 8 Housing in Chicago, does that strike you as a reliable income stream?” SEE

    Newsflash: Section 8 housing tenants are notorious for destroying the property/homes where they live, who cares, they don’t pay the rent the US Govt does, repairs to these homes will be substantial over the years how the hell do you ever get a 12% return on any investment Colonial Capital Group PLC? Section 8 Tenants of the Cabrini Green Row-Houses are preparing to battle the Chicago Housing Authority for “reneging” on their promise to rehab all remaining units at the North Side public housing complex. The final high-rise in Cabrini-Green was demolished this past spring, but 534 low-rise units remain in the complex. In 2008, CHA received approval from the federal government to rehab the row houses. 

    In the Cabrini Section 8 Green Row-Houses however, only 146 units were rehabbed in 2009, leaving 438 units in disrepair, with a great majority left vacant, only to be taken over by drug dealers. Only 33 of those are currently occupied, “creating a 92% vacancy rate,” according to the CHA, which announced late last week that it will not continue rehabilitation and will instead boot out the remaining public housing tenants in the non-rehabbed section of the row houses. CHA claimed that “persistent criminal activity” in the area “forces” them to make the tenants relocate elsewhere.

    This ridiculous investment scheme offered by Colonial Capital Group PLC in the UK is to buy repossessed houses in Chicago, refurbish them, and get rent paid by the US government who would rent the properties out to people in the Section 8 housing welfare program is destined to fail in my opinion. How can you make money on Section 8 housing when you own the property and are expected to make extensive repairs and upkeep over the years as mandated by the Federal Govt, who is your customer and who pays the rent, when the tenants could care less as they make drug deals and shoot each other, get real. Colonial Capital Group PLC appears to have an office in Chicago and elsewhere in the USA. A fool and his money are soon parted.

    Colonial Capital Group PLC was registered on 04 Feb 2014 with its registered office in Essex UK. It was founded by Mr Kevin Anthony Neil and Mr Peter Shuttleworth. Prior to taking on Colonial Capital Group PLC, Kevin Neil was a Director at dissolved ‘Forestry Partners Public Limited Co‘ from February 2006 to January 2011. Kevin  Neil was also Director at Agri Ventura PLC and Farm Venture Ltd.
    Barbados Free Press…Last March saw Harlequin’s Matthew Ames jailed for 40 months for his Forestry for Life fraud that took £1.6million from investors. Ames stole from the rich, from the poor, from widows and pipefitters. One of Matt Ames’ colleagues at Forestry for Life was Kevin Neil – then on the rebound from seeing the High Court shut down his two property firms in the public interest – Agri Ventura PLC and Farm Venture Ltd. Neil was also the main figure in the CleanTech NRG financial collapse. With Matt Ames headed for jail in the United Kingdom, Mr. Neil headed for Chicago USA to pump an investment scheme based upon acquiring, renovating and renting repossessed homes to low-income (read “on the dole”) tenants under the USA’s “Section 8” housing program. (gee, what could go wrong?)


    Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota SEX, CRIME CHEATERS & TERRORISM at

    Florida is Hotbed For Sovereign Citizen Movement’s Kangaroo Court Grand Jury and Targeting Cops for Execution

    Saturday, September 19, 2015

    The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism at the University of Maryland released a report entitled “Understanding Law Enforcement Intelligence Processes.” According to the officers polled for the study, the Sovereign Citizen movement is the number one domestic terrorism threat today, a big jump from just seven years ago when the group was seventh on the list. The Sovereign Citizens mantra is to “Kill the Messenger” or the person (cops) who enforce laws or a Judge’s Order.

    Washington (CNN) They’re carrying out sporadic terror attacks on police, have threatened attacks on government buildings and reject government authority. A new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security in Feb 2015 and reviewed by CNN, focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists .

    Sovereign Citizens’ ideological roots stem from the early 1970s when anti-government movements started what became known as “paper terrorism” by filing lawsuits and liens without merit against public officials. That spread with the early 1980’s recession and farm crisis. And by the 1990s, the St. Petersburg-Tampa-Orlando corridor became a “hotbed” for the sovereign citizen movement, according to Mark Pitcavage, director of research for the Anti-Defamation League.

     July 9th, 2015…..E-Yage Bowens photo above on left at trial during May 2015 in Miami, E-Yage Bowens photo above on right on July 29th, 2015 his first day in prison. A Miami man who claims to be a “sovereign citizen” must serve a whopping 485 years in prison for repeatedly raping a 16-year-old and forcing her to cut herself as a form of punishment. A judge this week handed down the sentence for E-Yage Bowens, a 40-year-old salesman who insisted that he was immune from U.S. laws. At one pretrial hearing, Bowens represented himself and even cross-examined the teenage victim, an honors student who is now bound for college on a scholarship. Circuit Judge Stephen Millan handed down the stiffest sentence allowed for the convictions. Bowens has, over the years, filed an array of handwritten lawsuits against attorneys and judges involved in his criminal case. “I do not now nor have I ever lived in the United States,” he wrote in one. “Nor do I have any intentions of doing so in the future.”

    ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Arvin Kangas told two Alaska State Troopers they had no jurisdiction over him. Then his teenage son shot them dead with a shotgun. The state troopers went to arrest him on misdemeanor charges. When they went to take Kangas into custody, his son, Nathanial, took the shotgun and shot the officers in their backs at close range.

    Two police officers in West Memphis Arkansas, police officer Bill Evans and Sergeant Brandon Paudert were shot and killed during a traffic stop on May 20, 2010. Police identified and killed two suspects, identified as Jerry Kane, Jr., and his son, Joseph Kane. The two were later identified as members of the sovereign citizen movement.

    The house at 3722 Caracus Court Tallahassee Fl is on fire. A blue-highlighted warning pops up on emergency-dispatch computer screens — officer safety hazard. “Sovereign Citizen Curtis Holley has threatened to shoot any law enforcement that comes to his residence.”  Deputies Chris Smith and Colin Wulfekuhl arrive first on the scene at 10:21 a.m. They have no idea the fire was set to draw them in. The ambush is sure and swift. Four people call 911 in rapid succession, reporting gunfire. They watch the blue bathrobe-clad shooter from behind their front windows. One sees Sovereign Citizen Curtis Holley shoot Smith twice and take the deputy’s sidearm from its holster.

    RECENT EXAMPLES OF SOVEREIGN CITIZEN VIOLENCE TARGETING COPS and a example of the Sovereign Citizen Movements attempt to set up a ‘Grand Jury’ kangaroo court in Sarasota Fl.

    *). ‘People’s jury’ idea gains traction in Sarasota Fl, what the hell, giving cop killers power to indict judges and politicians in Sarasota Fl? At the May 13th, 2015 meeting of Sarasota County’s Charter Review Board, Rodger Dowdell, a Bradenton resident with ties to the national sovereign citizen movement, gave a lengthy presentation and proposed amending the county charter to include a people’s common law grand jury. TERRORISTS: SARASOTA, Anyone who thinks the Suncoast is immune to the actions of sovereign citizens is being naive says private eye Bill Warner.


    1). July 21st, 2015 – Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Georgia “sovereign citizen” who twice attempted to pull one of the half-dozen guns he had within reach inside his car decorated with a hand-painted Confederate flag. A Towns County sheriff’s deputy and an agent from the Appalachian Regional Drug Enforcement Office stopped 30-year-old Dustin Lee Gunnells, of Hiawassee, for an unspecified misdemeanor traffic offense Wednesday, reported WKRK-AM. sovereign citizen

    2). February 2015 – Joseph Paffen allegedly opened fire on a vehicle with four deputies inside as they responded to a call for a domestic incident involving Paffen at a Publix grocery store in Orlando at 5:18 p.m. Sunday, and the officers returned fire, killing him, the sheriff’s office said. Deputies told NBC station WESH that Paffen identified as a “sovereign citizen.”

    3). TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT November 22nd 2014 – Curtis Wade Holley, Tallahassee LCSO Deputies Smith and Colin Wulfekuhl arrived first at the scene of the fire (set by Holley) simultaneously in separate vehicles at 10:22 a.m. Leon County Deputy Christopher L. Smith, a 47-year-old married father of two, was shot and killed immediately by Curtis Wade Holley, who was armed with a .40 caliber handgun. Bill Warner, a private investigator based in Sarasota, said Holley may have shared the same beliefs as sovereign citizens. Bill Warner said Holley may have drawn inspiration from others with anti-government views, including so-called “doomsday prepper” Martin Winters, recently sentenced to federal prison for stockpiling explosives at his Tampa-area home for use in the apocalypse. “A lot of these guys don’t go out and get very vocal,” Bill Warner said. “They keep it quiet.” Sovereign Citizen

    4). September 9, 2014 – Eric Frein, an anti-government survivalist, was currently a fugitive wanted for shooting two Pennsylvania State troopers in an ambush, killing one and wounding the other.  According to the State Police Commissioner, Frein had talked about committing mass murder in addition to killing officers. Accused cop killer Eric Frein, one of the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives, was captured October 30th after a 48-day manhunt, police said. Sovereign Citizen

    5). August 12, 2014 — Armed with an AK-47, ammunition, and propane canisters, Douglas Lee Leguin set a fire, then called 911 to report it.  When Texas officers and firemen responded to the call, he shot at them in order to bring attention to his political complaints.  Sovereign Citizen

    6). July 11, 2014 – According to court documents, John Huggins had a plan to trigger the next American Revolution by killing two police officers, then bombing both the Tremonton Utah police station and a nearby bridge to prevent first responders from helping those injured and killed in the attacks.  In his home, police found a bomb and five notebooks that detailed his surveillance on Tremonton police officers. Sovereign Citizen.

     7). July 10, 2014 – An Ohio Probation Officer was shot and injured when he attempted to arrest Tyshawn Hancock for violating the terms of his probation on aggravated assault charges. Hancock had “what would generally be called an anti-government kind of viewpoint and a suspicion of authority.” Sovereign Citizen

    8). June 30, 2014 – Samuel Bradbury was arrested for threatening to kill local Indiana police officers and “blow the Tippecanoe County Courthouse to pieces.”   Bradbury claimed to be affiliated with Jerad and Amanda Miller (see below.)  During a search of Bradbury’s home, police found the components for a firebomb and two explosive devices.  Hybrid Extreme Left / Extreme Right, Sovereign Citizen.

    9). June 14, 2014 – Brent Douglas Cole engaged in a shootout with two officers who confronted him when he was camping illegally in the Tahoe National Forest in California.  Cole, a California Highway Patrol officer, and a Bureau of Land Management ranger were all wounded in the shootout.  The federal government charged Cole with the shooting on September 18, 2014.  Sovereign Citizen

    10). June 8, 2014 — Jerad and Amanda Miller ambushed and killed two random Las Vegas Metro Police Department officers having lunch in Nevada.  They also killed a bystander who tried to stop their spree, before being killed by officers responding to the scene.  The couple had provided armed support to Cliven Bundy during his standoff against the federal government in April.  Sovereign Citizen

    11). June 6, 2014 — Dennis Marx attempted to take over a courthouse in Cumming, Georgia while wearing body armor and a gas mask, with explosives strapped to his body.  He set a spike strip in the road to slow first responders and was armed with guns, ammunition, grenades, tear gas, and bombs.  His plan was thwarted by a deputy who was outside the courthouse doing a perimeter sweep. The officer was shot and wounded, and Marx died at the scene.  The violent battle was captured on a security camera and on the smart phone of a witnessSovereign Citizen

    12). June 5, 2014 — In Moncton, Canada, Justin Bourque ambushed and shot five Mounties, killing three.  Although Canadian, Bourque’s social media pages reveal an obsession with U.S. gun laws and politics, killing police, typical sovereign conspiracy theories, the American Revolution, and Anonymous, all similar to Jerad Miller’s online presence.  General Anti-government/Canadian

    13). May 1, 2014 — While Arvin Kangas argued with two Alaska State Troopers in remote Tanana, Alaska, his teenage son Nathaniel shot the officers in the back multiple times, killing them both.  The father and son staged the bodies of the Troopers to make it appear that they had drawn their weapons and then rushed to hide their marijuana plants and seeds.  Sovereign Citizen

    14). January 15, 2014 — When Ohio sheriff deputies went to evict Mark Kulis, they knew he was a sovereign citizen so they waited until he left his home.  He was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and once inside the home, the officers found multiple explosive devices, including a bomb in the oven that was wired to a motion sensor.  Kulis was found unfit to stand trial.  Sovereign Citizen

    15). December 19, 2013 — When two South Carolina deputies pulled Yahchanan Reames over for driving erratically, he engaged the officers in a shootout. All three were injured. At the time, Reames was out on bond for engaging officers in a fight in a prior traffic stop. Authorities believe Reames may share the views of an extremist group known as the Sovereign Citizens‘ movement. Sovereign Citizen

    16). August 21, 2013 David Brutsche, a convicted felon and child sex offender, and Devon Newman were caught in plot to kidnap, torture, and murder Las Vegas Metro Police Department officers. They pled guilty to lesser charges and were sentenced to probation.  Sovereign Citizen

    17). March 14th, 2013 Panhandle Florida…..An armed “sovereign citizen,” accused of printing his own currency and defying government authority, was shot and killed in Florida last weekend after a four-hour standoff with a police SWAT team. Like so many law enforcement encounters with sovereign citizens, the case involving Jeffrey Allen Wright began with a routine traffic stop before quickly escalating. Wright attempted to pay his traffic fine with counterfeit money.

    18). September 4, 2012 Christopher Lacy obscured his license plate and then shot and killed the first California Highway Patrol officer who pulled him over.  Lacy was killed by the officer’s partner. Sovereign Citizen

    19). May 20, 2010 Two police officers in West Memphis, Arkansas were shot and killed during routine traffic stop in Arkansas turned into an extraordinarily violent shooting between police and a father-son pair of so-called “sovereign citizens” six weeks ago, shedding light on a secretive and dangerous subculture which believes American laws don’t apply to them.When police stopped a white minivan in West Memphis, Ark., on May 20, they had no idea that it would set off a chain of events that would result in the deaths of two officers as well as Jerry Kane and his 16-year-old son Joseph. The FBI lists sovereign citizens as a domestic terror threat. Sovereign Citizen.

    20). April 19 1995 The FBI considers sovereign-citizen extremists as comprising a domestic terrorist movement, which, scattered across the United States, has existed for decades, with well-known members, such as Terry Nichols, who helped plan the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, bombing. The Oklahoma City bombing was a domestic terrorist bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. Carried out by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, the bombing killed 168 people and injured more than 680 others.

    SOVEREIGN CITIZEN COP VIOLENCE ON AND ON IT GOES: When a sovereign feels particularly desperate, angry, battle-weary and cornered, his next government contact, no matter how minor, can be his final straw. The resulting rage can be lethal. In 1995 in Ohio, a sovereign named Michael Hill pulled a gun on an officer during a traffic stop. Hill was killed. In 1997, New Hampshire extremist Carl Drega shot dead two officers and two civilians, and wounded another three officers before being killed himself. In that same year in Idaho, when brothers Doug and Craig Broderick were pulled over for failing to signal, they killed one officer and wounded another before being killed themselves in a violent gun battle. In December 2003, members of the Bixby family, who lived outside of Abbeville, S.C., killed two law enforcement officers in a dispute over a small sliver of land next to their home.

    Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota SEX, CRIME CHEATERS & TERRORISM at

    BOLO: Sexual Predator Kevin Pedersen is at 4004 Fruitville Rd Sarasota Across The Street From Cardinal Mooney High School and Next to St Martha Catholic Elementary School.

    Friday, September 18, 2015

    BOLO: What the hell, sexual predator Kevin Pedersen takes up residence at 4004 Fruitville Rd right across the street from Cardinal Mooney high school and right next to St Martha Catholic School at 4380 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL. St Martha Catholic School serves 450 students from preschool to 8th grade in Sarasota Fl! The children at St Martha Catholic School at 4380 Fruitville Rd are the target age range for sexual predator Kevin Pedersen. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is advising the public that Kevin Pedersen, DOB 10/03/65, has registered as a Sexual Predator living in Sarasota County.


    Kevin Pedersen was convicted of Attempted Sexual Battery, Lewd or Lascivious Molestation on a Victim under 12 and Lewd or Lascivious Molestation on a Victim under 15 in 2001 in Duval County and sentenced to 12 years in prison. He has no other criminal history. 4004 Fruitville Rd Sarasota Fl is not a house or apartment it is a long term rehab facility specializing in neurobehavioral management (managing behavior problems associated with TBI), hope they got this guy in lock down! In 2002 when Kevin Pedersen raped the child, who was under the age of 12, he was 37 years old.

    Address Kevin Pedersen Address Source Information
    4004 Fruitville Rd
    Sarasota, FL 34232-1617
    Sarasota COUNTY
    Source: Dept. of Corrections
    Received: 09/17/2015
    Type of Address: Permanent
    Crime Information – Qualifying Offenses
    Adjudication Date Crime Description Jurisdiction & State
    05/21/2002 Lewd or lascivious molestation victim 12-15 years old offender 18 or older; F.S. 800.04(5)(c)(2) (PRINCIPAL) DUVAL, FL
    05/21/2002 Lewd or lascivious molestation victim under 12 years offender 18 or older; F.S. 800.04(5)(b) (PRINCIPAL) DUVAL, FL

    Kevin Pedersen has just moved from Texas to Florida and reports that his address is 4004 Fruitville Rd. in Sarasota. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), because he was convicted prior to 2004, residency restrictions do not apply. Pedersen will remain under the supervision of the Florida Department of Corrections until 2027. Mandatory neighborhood notifications are being made. This information is posted on the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office web site, agency Facebook page and Twitter account to publicly notify citizens of sex offenders and predators who register a Sarasota County address for the first time, when moving into the county or following release from prison. Citizens should still sign up to receive notifications from FDLE of sex offender and predator registrations and address changes at their web site

    Sexual Predators most likely to re-offend: A Sexual Predator is much, much more dangerous than a Sex Offender, the Sexual Predator will re-offend, he will rape again, it is just a matter of time. A Sexual Predator is a person who has committed a sexually violent offense and especially one who is most likely to commit more sexual offenses, often involving children.

    Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota SEX, CRIME CHEATERS & TERRORISM at

    SUSPECT SKETCH: Woman Raped in Broad Daylight in The Middle of a North Port Fl Neighborhood in Back Seat of White 4 Door Car.

    Friday, September 18, 2015…Let’s Catch This Punk!

    NORTH PORT, Fla. (WFLA) – Police say a North Port woman was raped in the middle of a neighborhood in broad daylight on Sept. 5. Now they need the community’s help getting the violent criminal off the streets. Police say on Sept. 5 2015 around 2:30 p.m., a 41-year-old woman was walking along Bullard Street when two men in a white sedan drove up. A man asked her if she wanted a good time. Things immediately turned ugly after she said “no.” A man jumped out, shoved her into the backseat and raped her, police said. As the rape was going on, the driver encouraged the assailant, saying, “Get her. Get her.”

    “IF THESE TWO GOONS DID IT ONCE YOU CAN BET THEY WILL DO IT AGAIN.” The rape lasted about 10 minutes, and then the man pushed the victim out to the middle of the road and left her there crying, police said. “If it can happen on a busy street, in the middle of the day, I think it can happen on any street, anywhere,” Police spokesman Josh Taylor said. Officers have released a sketch of the suspect. Officials say the man is between 20-30 years old, with blue eyes and a thin build. He wore a white tank top and light blue jeans. The man has a bald head. He either had a tattoo or dirt under his right eye. He was wearing DUAL diamond stud earrings.

    Most all of these gangster wannabees in this age group (20-30 years old) shave their heads and have tattoos, but often apply makeup to hide tattoos that cover their face, neck, even arms when they are out to do a crime. These dirtballs will post photos on their Facebook page of their exploits to impress their gangster pals, Cops say Facebook photos led to couple’s arrest in Ohio bank robbery, John Duboe drove Ashley Mogan to the Ashville bank and applied makeup to hide tattoos that cover his face, see comparison photo above, hard to ID him after the fact.

    UPDATE: FLORIDA HAS LET THOUSANDS OF RAPE KITS GO UNTESTED. The reality is as shocking as it is unacceptable: Thousands of rape kits collected by Florida law enforcement agencies in the course of sexual assault investigations remain locked up and untested, some for years. That means thousands of rape cases stand little chance of being solved. That means scores of rapists and sexual predators have little to fear by way of arrest. And that means the state is sending a terrible message to women: When it comes to the violent crime of rape, you’re on your own. Every rape kit collected by cops should be tested as soon as possible. Florida must make this a priority. No excuses accepted. Attorney General Pam Bondi is calling for Florida to clear the backlog by the coming year. Bondi also wants the state to increase funding for processing sexual assault evidence at state labs. Rep. Janet Cruz, D-Tampa, filed a bill last week requiring police to adopt new polices that ensure rape kits are tested within 12 months of a crime.

    Hopefully North Port cops got DNA evidence from the rape suspect and hopefully he is a felon with his DNA on file in CODIS: “Once DNA is collected, there is a protocol for how the evidence is handled and used in an investigation. The evidence will be provided to law enforcement who may send it to a crime lab. The lab will analyze the material and develop DNA profiles that are unique to a specific person. The lab works with law enforcement officials to compare these profiles to the DNA of potential suspects. If the perpetrator is unknown, they may compare the DNA profile against a large database run by the FBI called CODIS, the Combined DNA Index System. This way, they can identify suspects that the victim doesn’t know or isn’t familiar with.


    Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota SEX, CRIME CHEATERS & TERRORISM at

    Are Extreme Right Wing Groups Like Ryan Mauro’s Clarion Project INSPIRING Others to Commit Criminal Acts Like Timothy Sedlak in Fl and Robert Doggart in TN?

    Tuesday, September 15, 2015

    A recent Clarion Project article penned by Ryan Mauro accuses the New York City based Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) of links to terrorism, it states: Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). Former ICNA President Ashrafuzzaman Khan was charged with heinous war crimes by Bangladesh’s International Crimes Tribunal. He is accused of being the “chief executioner” in at least 18 political assassinations in 1971. He belonged to Jamaat-e-Islami’s student wing and moved to New York to work for ICNA after Bangladesh became independent. An ICNA teaching guide produced by its Chicago Tarbiyah Department is explicitly subversive in nature. It instructs Muslims to wage jihad until the entire globe is brought under Sharia. The organization has been accused of being a front for the Pakistani Islamist group, Jamaat-e-Islami. Statements as seen above by Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project would give one the impression that the New York City based Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) was linked to terrorism.


    Did the articles penned by Ryan Mauro INSPIRE Florida private investigator Timothy Sedlak, his photo above, to try and hack into the computer network of the New York City based Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) to see if they were funding terrorists? Who paid Sedlack to do the hacking, he had 30 computers in his house. Timothy Sedlak said the hacking was “research” that was part of his work as a private investigator that clients paid him to do, (who are the clients), he had 30 computers in his home linked together, but that he couldn’t discuss the work he does for clients court papers state. On LinkedIn, Sedlak lists himself as an investigator with Surveillance Associates, LLC, a Florida company registered in his name.

    Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Charges Against Florida Private Investigator Timothy Sedlak For Attempting To Gain Unauthorized Access To The Computer Network Of A Muslim Global Charitable Organization which appears to be the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) USA based in Jamaica Queens NY. Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York and Robert J. Sica, the Special Agent in Charge of the New York Office of the United States Secret Service (“USSS”), announced today the filing of a criminal complaint against TIMOTHY SEDLAK for attempting to gain unauthorized access to the computer network of a global charitable organization based in New York City, New York (the “Organization”). SEDLAK was arrested in Ocoee, Florida, (just north west of Orlando) in the evening of September 11, 2015. 

    Timothy Sedlack will be presented later today in federal court in Orlando, Florida before United States Magistrate Judge Gregory J. Kelly. From in or about June 2015, up to and including in or about July 2015, computers associated with two particular internet protocol addresses (the “IP Addresses”) made nearly four hundred thousand attempts to gain unauthorized access to the Organization’s computer network.  As a result, numerous Organization employees experienced difficulty accessing their Organization email accounts, and were disrupted in their ability to conduct regular business functions.  Both of the IP Addresses were subscribed to SEDLAK at SEDLAK’s residence in Florida (the “Sedlak Residence”). see

    Back on July 19th, 2015, this extreme right wing lunatic Ryan Mauro inexplicably still has the lead story on his website,, about the Muslims of America in Islamberg and how they are terrorists even after the real terrorist Robert Doggart in TN (indicted and arrested by FBI) was gathering weapons and fire bombs and plotting an assault on the small Muslim community self-named “Islamberg” just outside of Hancock, N.Y..

    July 13th, 2015, Who INSPIRED Robert Doggart to go operational? Robert Doggart, who is white, pleaded not guilty at his Monday arraignment in Chatanooga TN to one charge of solicitation to commit a civil rights violation. Authorities believe he spent months gathering weapons and plotting an assault on a small Muslim community self-named “Islamberg” just outside of Hancock, N.Y. where most of the inhabitants are black. Protesters traveled from Islamberg and from other states demanding that Doggart, a resident of Sequatchie County, Tenn., on Signal Mountain and a 2014 congressional candidate, be charged with a hate crime and kept behind bars for his alleged plan to burn Islamberg‘s school and church, he was released on bond and he can remain at home under location monitoring (GPS ankle monitor), until his trial begins September 21st, 2015.

    Look what this ‘mook’ Ryan Mauro wrote and published on his website “A Clarion Project investigation has discovered a jihadist enclave in Texas where a deadly shooting took place in 2002. Declassified FBI documents obtained by Clarion confirm the find and show the U.S. government’s concern about its links to terrorism. The investigation was completed with help from ACT! For America Houston. The enclave belongs to the network of Muslims of the Americas, a radical group linked to a Pakistani militant group called Jamaat ul-Fuqra. Its members are devoted followers of Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, an extremist cleric in Pakistan. Muslims of the Americas The organization says it has a network of 22 “villages” around the U.S., with Islamberg as its main headquarters in Hancock New York. Clarion Project obtained secret MOA footage showing female members receiving paramilitary training at Islamberg. It was featured on the Kelly File on FOX News Channel in October.  Ryan Mauro needs to wake the hell up and smell what he is shoveling!

    Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota SEX, CRIME CHEATERS & TERRORISM at

    I-4 Serial Killer and Dayton Beach Serial Killer Same Guy a Long Haul Trucker Over 30 Cases Near I-4 and I-95 Says FBI

    Monday, September 14, 2015

    The only known serial killers (2) in the State of Florida in the last 30 years were Aileen Wuornos who killed 7 men (no women) in 1990 in Marion County, Pasco County, Citrus County, Dixie County and Volusia County. The other serial killer was Daniel Rolling who murdered five students in Gainesville Florida in 1990 and admitted committing a November 4, 1989, triple homicide in Shreveport, Louisiana. Serial Killers Wuornos and Rolling have no link to the serial killer working the I-4 corridor in Florida in the last 30 years as indicated by the FBI report. FBI Highway Serial Killings Map New Initiative on an Emerging Trend: FBI claims a serial killer is working I-4 corridor in Florida from Daytona Beach to Orlando to Tampa Fl with over 29 unsolved murders of females with bodies left near the interstate. Dayton Beach police are working a series of unsolved murders of 4 women linked to prostitution and acknowledge that they have a serial killer, but the Sheriff Department in Orange County and the Sheriff Department in Polk County and the Sheriff Department in Hillsborough County have no active serial killer cases that they are working, none could explain where the FBI got its information, so Who’s Zoomin’ Who? Don’t you think the FBI should clue in local law enforcement? See FBI link to map

    Capt. Kerry Orpinuk of the Daytona Beach Police Department said detectives are using the FBI’s report as a tool in their investigation. “We are looking at everything, including what the FBI presented on the highway serial killings,” Orpinuk said. “We are not currently working with them, but we are also not ruling anything out.” Investigators have few leads because the slain women were mostly prostitutes or drug abusers living on the fringe of society. Their bodies were dumped in remote or obscure locations, mostly just East of I-95.

    1). The body of Stacey Gage was found in the fetal position Jan. 2, 2008 in a wooded area near Hancock Boulevard Daytona Beach Fl just East of the access ramps to I-95 and I-4 intersections, police think Stacey Gage was killed Dec. 11, 2007 just after she had been at the Publix supermarket on Hancock Blvd, she was seen on video at the Publix ATM. 

     2). The body of Iwana Patton, 35, was found in the fetsl position on February 2006 in a wooded area just East of the I-95 access ramp off of N. Williamson Boulevard (Holly Hill) Daytona Beach Fl, just up the road from where Stacey Gage’s body was found. The Publix Supermarket in Ormond Beach (just North of Holly Hill) runs along N. Williamson Boulevard.

    3). The body of Julie Ann Green, 34, was found in the fetal position on an access road off LPGA Boulevard (Holly Hill) Daytona Beach Fl, a remote area East of Interstate 95, just off the access ramp, up the road from where Stacey Gage’s body was found. The body of Julie Green found on LPGA Boulevard is within walking distance, less than 1/2 mile, to where the body of Iwana Patton was found on N. Williamson Boulevard (Holly Hill) Dayton Beach Fl. The Publix Supermarket in Ormond Beach (just North of Holly Hill) runs along N. Williamson Boulevard.

    4). The mostly naked body of 45-year-old Laquetta Gunther was found in the fetal position stuffed between two buildings, in a narrow alley just off 650 North Beach Street Daytona Beach Fl, she had been arrested for prostitution, see all locations on map above.

    5). Faith Jenkins murdered, she was arrested in March for prostitution, body found naked from waist down in fetal position. A caretaker for a vacant house discovered the body of 35-year-old Faith Jenkins behind 327 Kingston Avenue along U.S. 1 and south of Mason Avenue and just two blocks from 650 North Beach Street where the body of Laquetta Gunther was found. Daytona Beach police Chief Mike Chitwood said his investigators are trying to find out if her death could be the work of a serial killer.

    FBI Highway Serial Killings initiative Map: A few unsolved murder cases are in metro Orlando, according to the FBI map, seen above, but neither the bureau nor local law-enforcement agencies will acknowledge any cases involving serial killers. The FBI also declined to provide a more-detailed map of the Florida deaths. Sheriff’s offices in Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Volusia and Polk — ones that service the I-4 area in the region — said they have no serial-killer cases. Police agencies in Orlando and Kissimmee said they don’t either. None could explain where the FBI got its information. Only Daytona Beach police acknowledge they are working a serial-killer case. “We have several people, including volunteers, looking at evidence and following up on leads,” Capt. Kerry Orpinuk of the Daytona Beach Police Department said. “But there are no leads that point in any one direction.”
    Victims are often picked up at Truck Stops or Service Stations, sexually assaulted and murdered. The victims’ bodies are left in rural areas along a highway, often in separate jurisdictions or even different states from where they were initially encountered by the offender,” FBI Special Agent Ann Todd said. Federal agents launched the map after linking a trucker to the slayings of seven prostitutes whose bodies had been dumped along Interstate 40 in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi.
    At least 10 serial killers, all of them long-haul truckers accused of murdering more than 30 women, have been behind bars since 2004. The FBI database includes 15 cases in a 30-mile radius of the I-4 corridor, as well as others near Interstate 95. FBI Special Agent Ann Todd would not discuss the specifics of those cases. FBI Special Agent Ann Todd said the suspects’ mobility, the high-risk lifestyle of the victims, a lack of witnesses and forensic evidence make these cases almost impossible to solve.

    Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota to Panama City Fl, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM at

    October 1st 2015 Florida Private Investigators Will Be Prohibited From the Installation of GPS Tracking Devices as Per F.S. Sec. 934.425

    Monday, September 14, 2015

    A GPS tracking unit is a device, normally carried by a moving vehicle or person, that uses the Global Positioning System to determine and track its precise location, and that of its carrier. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit, or it may be transmitted to a central location data base, or Internet-connected computer, using a cellular, radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. This allows the carrier’s location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real time or when analyzing the track later, using GPS tracking software. Data tracking software is available for smartphones with GPS capability.

    F.S. Sec. 934.425 regulates the use of intrusive GPS devices and particularly makes it a crime to track someone’s location without their knowledge or permission. Specifically, the statute provides that “a person may not knowingly install a tracking device or tracking application on another person’s property without the other person’s consent. A violation of this statutory prohibition is a second-degree misdemeanor.

    New law going into effect the first of October 2015 is Florida Statute 934.425. The statute, with some exemptions, prohibits the installation of GPS tracking devices and applications on private property without consent of the owner. The bill was sponsored in the House by State Rep. Larry Metz (R-Yalaha). While there is an exemption in the statute for persons “acting in good faith on behalf of a business entity for a legitimate business purpose,” that exemption specifically does not apply to private investigators.

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    BREAKING: Al Qaeda Boss Ayman al-Zawahri Calls on Young Muslim Mooks in the USA to Carry Out Lone Wolf Attacks Like Tsarnaev Brothers in Boston

    Sunday, September 13, 2015

    Sunday September 13th, 2015….Ayman al-Zawahiri says his militant group needs to “move the war to the heart of the homes and cities of the crusader West”. Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri called on young Muslim men in the United States and other Western countries to carry out attacks inside there and urged greater unity between militants. “I call on all Muslims who can harm the countries of the crusader coalition not to hesitate. We must now focus on moving the war to the heart of the homes and cities of the crusader West and specifically America,” he said in an audio recording posted online on Sunday, referring to nations making up the Western-led coalition in Iraq and Syria. He suggested Muslim youth in the West take the brothers Tsarnaev in Boston and the brothers Kouachi in Paris, who carried out the Boston marathon bombings and Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris respectively, and others as examples to follow.

    It was not clear when the recording was made but references to former Taliban leader Mullah Mohamed Omar as being alive suggest it is at least two months old. Omar’s death was announced by Afghanistan’s government in late July. Zawahri reiterated his position on Islamic State, repeating what he said in a recording posted on Wednesday – that he viewed the group’s claim to be a caliphate as illegitimate but would join them in fighting Western and secular forces in Iraq and Syria. Former Egyptian doctor Zawahri urged unity between Islamist militant factions in Syria and Iraq, where a Western-led coalition is bombing Islamic State targets, but recognized it would he be difficult. He called for the formation of an independent sharia court to settle disputes.


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