Mobile AL Thug David Jamichael Daniels Shoots 7 at House Party at 5312 Thomas Drive Panama City Beach FL.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

PANAMA CITY BEACH FL….Mobile AL Thug David Jamichael Daniels Shoots 7 at House Party at 5312 Thomas Drive Panama City Beach FL. David Jamichael Daniels, 22, of Mobile, Ala., has been charged with seven counts of attempted murder and is currently in the Bay County Jail awaiting first appearance on Saturday. The shooting occurred at a Spring Break house party at 5312 Thomas Drive shortly before 1 a.m. on the east end of Thomas Drive. Authorities arrived to the scene to find seven shooting victims. Sheriff Frank McKeithen said because of the number of extra deputies on duty due to Spring Break, authorities were able to arrive quickly and take the suspected shooter into custody. Portions of Thomas Drive remained closed until nearly daybreak Saturday. “It happened,” McKeithen said. “This is what we’ve been trying to warn people about. It’s been a rough time and there are two completely different elements of Spring Break. There are the college kids who are here for their Spring Break, and there is the group of people drawn here because of them (THUGS).” Several of the victims are students at Alabama A&M University visiting Panama City Beach for Spring Break. The shooting was the sixth firearm related call of the evening, police said.


Thug ‘David Jamichael Daniels’ has prior arrests in Mobile AL, surprise, surprise.

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VIDEO: Investigation Discovery Series ‘Cry Wolfe’ Private Eye Brian Wolfe Got His Start and Inspiration Just Like Me.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

PLANT CITY – John Wolfe said his son Brian never talked much about his work as a private detective in Los Angeles. So Wolfe and his wife of Norma, are just now finding out how Brian does his job with the rest of the nation, thanks to a new show on Investigation Discovery, “Cry Wolfe.” “I was surprised at what he does because he never tells us much about his work. He said he didn’t want to seem like he was bragging,” Wolfe said. The cable series that premiered early this month depicts cases Wolfe has worked since he became a PI in Los Angeles a quarter-century ago. The re-enactments follow Wolfe and his real-life assistant, Janine McCarthy, from their initial consultation with clients to their dogged pursuit of the truth, see

Along the way, the PI’s expose unfaithful husbands and wives, impassioned love triangles with unexpected twists and assorted deception in people’s personal and business dealings. The channel describes the 52-year-old Brian Wolfe as “a no-nonsense guy with a thick Boston brogue and a talent for detecting fact from fiction.” Brian Wolfe, one of three children, grew up in Tewksbury, Mass., with an interest in sports and got as far as playing minor league baseball. He did computer work for a while and decided he wanted to become a private detective after tracking down his own car after it had been stolen. The series airs 9 p.m. Tuesdays on Investigation Discovery, see

I, Bill Warner, decided I wanted to become a private detective after tracking down the burglary ring that broke into my house on Christmas Eve December 24th 1994 in Panama City Fl while I was visiting my parents in Sarasota Fl. Convicted Felon Steven E. Ruth and his gang were all captured and convicted. I got my PI license in January 1995 and set up my Private Detective Agency the same month in Panama City Fl, we moved to Sarasota in 1997, our PI Agency License number is A9500364, the 95 indicates 1995, see

I turned the tables on the criminals and made them the victims. I found some of my electronic items, TV, etc., in a Pawn Shop in Panama City Fl and got the owner to give me the information (drivers license) of the person who pawned my items. I contacted the local cops and NBC affiliate WJHG Newschannel 7 | Panama City, FL and the rest is history. As part of his probation, lead burglar and convicted felon Steven E. Ruth, was compelled to pay me for damages and items destroyed in the burglary of my house, $1,360.80, I made sure I was in Court during the process and collected every penny, case closed.


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Sunday, February 23, 2014.

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. —  Authorities in Florida’s Panhandle are preparing for spring break.This year, Panama City Beach Police and the Bay County Sheriff’s Office say they’re working Florida Highway Patrol, Florida’s Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco and other law enforcement agencies to control large crowds of college students.
Sheriff Frank McKeithen tells WMBB-TV ( ) that a mobile jail unit will be stationed on the beach starting in March to process spring break visitors who break the law. He says that saves his officers a 30-mile trip to the Bay County jail. The Presidents Day weekend marks the official start of the spring break season in the Panhandle. Hotel and condo reservations show the second and third weeks in March likely will be the busiest in Panama City Beach.
“A lot of these kids forget their common sense, and that’s when they start hurting themselves or hurting other people. Alcohol is a problem. Drugs are always going to be a problem,” Chief Whitman said. “We look for that one group of kids or that one individual trying to ruin someone else’s fun because they’re breaking the law if they’re doing that.” When a student or young adult breaks the law this Spring Break, they will be taken to the Sheriff’s “Welcome Center.” He is bringing the “big house” to a smaller yellow town home on the beach once again.
Sarasota private eye Sarah Combs to go ‘undercover’ at Spring Break on Siesta Beach Fl to get the real story of sex, drugs and rock & roll.
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Private Investigator believes missing teen Zachary Byrd and wanted Grandfather Donald Byrd may be in Southwest Florida Or Panama City Beach.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013 

January 8th, 2013: Kidnapped Boy: Please share to locate Zachary Byrd (14) kidnapped on 9/2/2011 from Encino, California by his grandfather Donald Byrd (58) on 9/2/2011. A felony warrant is on file for Donald E. Byrd. If you have information to locate Zachary please call 1 800 THE LOST.

NAPLESNEWS.COM ..In California is a mother missing her only child. In Bonita Springs is a grandmother who says her daughter in California can’t be trusted. Somewhere in hiding is the child’s grandfather, who authorities believe abducted the teen last September 2nd, 2011. And at the center of it all is Zachary Byrd a face on a MISSING poster; a boy who presumably spent his 14th birthday away from all of them on Dec. 19. Both state and federal authorities continue to investigate the alleged abduction, which the Daily News profiled in late 2011.

Now, a local private investigator says he believes the teen and his grandfather could be back in Southwest Florida.  Victor Ortino, who was hired by Zachary’s mother, Stephanie Byrd, said he has seen the boy’s grandmother and other relatives frequently switching vehicles and engaging in strange behaviors, like circling the block several times before going home.”They’re very, very smart and very, very evasive,” Ortino said.

“If they weren’t trying to hide (Zachary and Donald) there, why would they drive around the block two or three times before they went home? If you’re not doing anything wrong, you just drive to your house and you don’t care if anyone’s following you.” At its essence, Zachary’s disappearance is the crescendo of a three-year guardianship dispute between his mother, Stephanie Byrd, and her parents, Joyce and Donald Byrd, who lived for years in Naples Park. Joyce Byrd now lives in Bonita Springs.

Missing Zachary Byrd and Kidnapper GrandPa Donald Byrd; Donald E. Byrd is a 58-year-old former Collier County schoolteacher. He faces a felony count of child abduction, and the warrant, signed on Nov. 18 by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge, demands his extradition to California.  While his mother Stephanie Byrd’s  pursued her education, Zachary Byrd lived for six years with his grandparents at 756 96th Ave. N in Naples Park, the house his mother also grew up in.

Neighbors said Zachary Byrd was a friendly boy, well-adjusted and smart, but, one added, he “seemed like a sheltered kid.”  Stephanie Byrd’s attorney, Stephen Fuller, said that when the deputies entered the house in the fall of 2011, the Byrds were on the road fleeing a court order. He says they stayed with friends or family as fugitives. Perhaps in the Panhandle, NorthWest Florida. 

The house at 756 96th Ave N, Naples, FL 34108 was/is owned by Byrd, Donald E & Joyce A.  Donald E. Byrd, DOB 6/26/1954, is linked to an address in Orlando and the wife, Joyce Byrd, is linked to an address in Panama City Beach Fl, they both have relatives that link to another address in Panama City Beach Fl, a good place to hide out.  Abductor: Donald Byrd, DOB: 6/26/1954, Sex: Male, Race: Caucasian, Height: 6’2”, Weight: 250, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Black, Other:Donald may wear glasses.

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Jail House Thugs Conspire to Reverse Their “Slice and Dice” Murder Conviction of Airman Rachel Carlson And Her Baby Alexis Stuart in Crestview Fl.

Sunday, January 29, 2012 

An inmate on Florida’s death row, Lamar Z. Brooks (left,) and his cousin Walker Davis Jr., who was sentenced to life, are appealing their convictions in the 1996slice and dice” murder of  Eglin Air Force Base airman Rachel Carlson and her 3-month-old baby Alexis Stuart in Crestview Fl.
Eglin Air Force Base airman Rachel Carlson was stabbed 70 times the night of April 24, 1996, while her daughter Alexis Stuart was stabbed once in the heart. The baby, Alexis Stuart, was mutilated after her death by Lamar Z. Brooks and his cousin Walker Davis Jr. according to news reports. The victims were found later in Carlson’s idling car on Booker Street in Crestview FL.
Lamar Z. Brooks argues that “newly discovered evidence” will prove his innocence in the death of Rachel Carlson and her baby, Alexis Stuart. That “evidence” is the testimony of Ira Ferguson (PHOTO ABOVE), who was imprisoned with Brooks’ cousin and codefendant Walker Davis Jr. at Wakulla Correctional Institution in 2010. Davis is also appealing his conviction and life sentence. Both men are requesting that their convictions be vacated, their trial verdicts set aside and that they get a new trial, according to Assistant State Attorney Bobby Elmore.
Rachel Carlson and Walker Davis, a married Eglin airman, were romantically involved at the time of the slayings. Prosecutors argued that Brooks and Davis conspired to kill Rachel Carlson and her baby Alexis Stuart to collect a $100,000 insurance policy Davis had taken out on the child.
Arguments for a new trial are scheduled for March 1 and 2, 2012 before Walton County Circuit Court Judge Kelvin Wells.  According to Elmore, Ferguson has come forward after nearly 16 years to say that he remembers seeing Carlson between 10:45 and 10:50 p.m. on the night she and her baby were killed. “I know this because I never leave home before 10:30 p.m.” Ferguson said in his written affidavit.
That statement, if true, would establish that Rachel Carlson was alive after evidence showed Davis and Brooks had left Crestview, according to Elmore. He said defense attorneys will have to convince Wells that Ferguson is a credible witness and that his testimony would have led to a different trial verdict for Davis and Brooks.
“We’ve got powerful evidence that would result in a conviction, anyway,” Elmore said. “I’m fairly confident that we’ll achieve the result we should, which is that neither of them are going to get a new trial based on the uncorroborated testimony of a convicted murderer.” MORE FROM THIS SOURCE…
Ira Ferguson, who has “Thug Life” tattoo’d on his back along with” R.I.P.” and LIVE BY BULET, D ZE BYE tattoo’d on his chest, is doing 18 years at the CROSS CITY C.I. for 2nd Degree Murder and Robbery with a gun.  This thug Ira Ferguson sure makes a credible witness, the uncorroborated testimony of a convicted murderer from a prison cell, get real.
I remember this 1996 murder case as we had just opened our private detective agencies in Panama City and Sarasota Fl and I had occassion to be in Crestview and at Eglin Air Force base.  On or about April 24, 1996, Rachel Carlson and her child, Alexis Stuart, were found dead in a car in Crestview, Florida.
Paula Freeman, Rachel Carlson’s supervisor at Eglin Air Force Base, arrived on scene and identified the bodies.Rachel Carlson had defensive stab wounds to her hands, was choked and was killed by multiple stab wounds, the baby Alexis Stuart died of a stab wound to the chest, injuring the heart, some wounds on baby Alexis Stuart were inflicted post-mortem.
Steve Mantheny was a Met Life insurance salesman. On February 20, 1996, Walker Davis, Jr. applied for life insurance.  Mantheny sold Walker Davis, Jr. a $100,000.00 life insurance policy, which named baby Alexis Stuart as the insured and Walker Davis, Jr. as the primary beneficiary.

David Johnston was a car salesman for Preston Hood Imports. In the first part of April of 1996, Johnston spoke with Walker Davis, Jr. about buying a Nissan Pathfinder. The automobile Davis was interested in cost approximately $32,000.00. Johnston said that Davis said that he would pay cash for the vehicle. Davis told Johnston that he was “coming into some money.”

Airman Rachel Carlson’s job was OR technician at the Eglin Air Force 96th Medical Group Hospital, Rachel Carlsons’ goal was to become a doctor. Rachel Carlson volunteered at work for the March of Dimes; cancer fund run; school physicals and beach cleanup, she volunteered for Special Olympics and a new emergency response team.


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Black Thug Fugitive Tyree Lincoln Smith Arrested in Hatchet Killing And Eating His Victim’s Brain, Could the Panama City Fl Area Be Any More Bizarre.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012.

Just last week, Five Druggies were Arrested in the Murder of 80 year Old Panama City Fl Man, the White Trash Dirtbags Partied While His Body Was in a Freezer. Bay County Sheriff’s Office in Panama City Fl announced the arrest of the fifth suspect wanted in connection to the homicide of Rayond Gsell whose body was found in a freezer.
Now today you have black thug Tyree Smith, 34, of Bridgeport, Conn killing a man with a hatchet and eating his eye and part of his brain and then getting on a bus and heading to the Panama City Fl area.
Tyree Smith, 34, of Bridgeport, Conn., told a family member that he killed the victim with a hatchet, police wrote in a news release. Smith, who was covered in blood at the time, added that “after he bludgeoned the victim he took pieces of brain matter and his eye, which he consumed,” police said.
After the confession, Smith took a bus and arrived Monday in Lynn Haven, (JUST NORTH OF PANAMA CITY FL), where he stayed with a female friend, officials said. Investigators were able to locate Smith at 7 p.m. Tuesday night at an apartment on Illinois Avenue SEE MAP CLICK HERE.
The woman he was staying with “was unaware of Smith’s actions and is cooperating in the investigation,” officials wrote. The Connecticut Post reported Smith is being charged in the death of Angel “Tun Tun” Gonzalez, 43.The newspaper reported Smith had gone to sleep on the back porch of a building, but Gonzalez later woke him and invited him in from the cold. Once in Gonzalez’s apartment, Smith killed Gonzalez, according to an affidavit the newspaper obtained, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE……
LYNN HAVEN, Fla. – A Florida man has been arrested for allegedly hacking to death a Connecticut man and eating the victim’s eye and part of his brain.  Police in Lynn Haven, Fla., said Wednesday that 35-year-old Tyree Lincoln Smith was arrested Tuesday night on a Connecticut warrant for murder. According to police in Bridgeport, Conn., Smith was covered in blood when he told a relative on Dec. 16 that he had killed a homeless man with a hatchet and eaten pieces of his brain and his eye.
The relative contacted authorities after the victim’s body was discovered Friday. Police say Smith left Connecticut that day on a Florida-bound bus. Lynn Haven police say federal, state and local law enforcement officers took Smith into custody at an apartment without incident.
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Five Druggies Arrested in Murder of 80 year Old Panama City Fl Man, White Trash Dirtbags Partied While His Body Was in Freezer.

Sunday, January 22, 2012 

Druggie….A person who uses illegal drugs daily, they can range from marijuana users to heroin users. Most “druggies” have two states of being: On drugs or Withdrawing from drugs. They are also usually “out of touch” with everybody or they do not enjoy being with non-drug users such as the five white tradh druggies who murdered Raymond Gsell in Panama City Fl.
Bay County Sheriff’s Office in Panama City Fl announced the arrest of the fifth suspect wanted in connection to the homicide of Rayond Gsell. BCSO Warrants deputies located Dale Emmett Hill, DOB 2/12/64, at a trailer located at June Avenue and 15th Street in Panama City FL. Hill was taken into custody without incident and was charged with Accessory After the Fact to Murder.
The Bay County Sheriff’s Office originally arrested four suspects in connection to the murder of Raymond Gsell. Gsell’s body was found Saturday morning, 1/21/2012, in a chest type freezer at his home at 3905 W. 27th Court Panama City Fl.
Investigators in the BCSO Criminal Investigations Division arrested Ashley Nicole Knowles, DOB 11/15/87, of 3706 W. 22nd Street, Panama City, on a charge of Accessory After the Fact Open Count of Murder; Judy Lynn Gsell, DOB 9/11/64 her photo above, of 3905 W. 27th Court, Panama City, on a charge of Murder; Dawn Ruthann Ross, DOB 1/20/85, of 3706 W. 22nd Street, Panama City, on a charge of Murder; and James Timothy Wilson, DOB 2/4/60, of 3706 W. 22nd Street, Panama City on a charge of Accessory After the Fact to Murder.
James Timothy Wilson was on felony probation, he had prior drug arrests and a prior arrest in April of 2010 for battery on a person over 65 years of age.

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Is Casey Anthony Hiding Out in Panama City Beach Fl Doing Online Video Blogs Getting Ready For Spring Break? New Casey Anthony Pic.

Friday, January 06, 2012 

Casey Anthony, the infamous “Tot Mom” as CNN’s HLN Nancy Grace has called her, has gone online, OCTOBER 1ST, 2011, with a Video Blog telling her “fans” how difficult her life is now, goog grief.  Casey Anthony is supposed to be on double secret probation in Florida, but here she is, SEE PHOTO ABOVE, looking like she is gettng ready for Spring Break in Panama City Beach Fl.  Looks like the notorious Casey Anthony wants to be found.

Panama City Beach, FL –Spring Break 2012 on Panama City Beach is going to hit us sooner than you think with MTV this year, college crowds start showing up the week of February 20-24, 2012 (Mon-Fri), see link for full list CLICK HERE.  Wonder if Casey Anthony will show up with the crowds?

Notorious party girl Casey Anthony would have no problem fitting in with the college crowd at spring break in Panama City Beach Fl, in the past Casey Anthony was the darling of the beer chugging parties in Orlando, PCB here she comes.

Casey Anthony’s acquittal on July 5th 2011 shocked and enraged many around the country who had been following the case since her 2-year-old daughter Caylee disappeared in 2008. Anger has spilled onto social media sites and elsewhere, with the big question now being, “Where is Casey Anthony?” since she was released early Sunday from an Orlando, Fla., jail.  Her legal team said on Friday it had received an emailed death threat with a manipulated photo showing the 25-year-old with a bullet hole in her forehead.

CASEY ANTHONY PARTY GIRL…..The day before CaseyAnthony was released from jail, according to, a website that tracks flights, the plane that Casey Anthony left on was on the ground in Orlando, Florida – the same city where Anthony stood trial for the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. 

The website shows the plane owned by attorney Todd Macaluso, then went to Panama City, Florida just four hours after Anthony’s release from jail, the plane then made several more stops before reaching California.  It is only a short trip from Orlando to Panama City Fl, it would not be necessary to refuel so soon.

FROM STATE OF FL DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS PUBLIC RECORDS; Casey Anthony is currently on probation in the State of Florida for CHECK FRAUD, the probation department in Panama City Fl is located at;
1013 Beck Avenue
Panama City, Florida 32401

204 N. Tyndall Pkwy.
Panama City, Florida 32404

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UPDATE: Sexual Predator Norman Bill Williams Released By DOC In Eastpoint Fl Woods Fled to Panama City Fl Area, Bill Williams Was Murdered Today May 12th 2014

Sunday, October 02, 2011

UPDATE: Sexual Predator Norman Bill Williams Released By DOC In Eastpoint Fl Woods Fled to Panama City Fl Area, Bill Williams Was Murdered Today May 12th 2014.  A 46-year-old Eastpoint man has been charged in the beating death Saturday night of a notorious sexual predator who once attracted nationwide attention when he fled the county after release from state prison to fend for himself in the woods. Bobby J. Bullock, Jr., 46, Eastpoint, was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after he turned himself in to the sheriff’s office following the altercation with Norman Bill Williams, 59, which took place sometime before 9 p.m. on 23 Washington Street, on property nearby Millender’s Trailer Park. Creamer said several people, many of whom were intoxicated, witnessed the violent incident but are reluctant to come forward to police.  The news release said an investigation determined Williams had been arguing with David Holstein over “Williams having inappropriately touched a woman at his home. “During that argument, Bobby Bullock struck Williams from behind with an ax handle just below his left ear, rendering him unconscious,” read the release. see

EASTPOINT FL — Florida Department of Corrections officials said Wednesday their decision to release a high-risk sexual predator into the woods outside Eastpoint on Saturday afternoon was prompted by an absence of other options. Norman Bill Williams, 56, left by state probation officials to camp on state land off Bear Creek Road, soon slipped off his ankle bracelet and absconded. Franklin County law enforcement officials said they believe he was transported to Panama City in Bay County that evening. He remained at large late Wednesday. Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen said his office was aware that Williams had gone missing and that his deputies were searching for him.

Jo Ellyn Rackleff, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Corrections, said Williams is one of 99 sexual offenders throughout the state unable to find a residence that conforms with rules, which are dictated not only by state law, but by a growing number of city and ordinances that restrict where sex offenders and predators may reside.

The state was duty-bound to release Williams because he had completed 85 percent of a seven-year sentence, begun Oct. 10, 2006, for sexual battery on a victim by one in familial authority, a crime that occurred Jan. 1, 1994. A second charge, sexual battery on a child under age 12, had been dropped in exchange for Williams’ no contest plea. A lawyer familiar with the case said prosecutors likely accepted the seven-year prison term because of the risk in securing a conviction on a crime that had occurred a decade earlier, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE…

Eastpoint Fl is at the southern tip of the Apalachicola National Forest on the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida  DOC dumps “Rambo” off in a tent with a ankle bracelet and expects a six time loser to stay put, what the hell?

Norman Bill Williams, DOB  03/07/1955, Has Been In And Out Of Florida Prisons 6 Times, charges range from car theft to armed burglary to sexual battery with victim under 12. Norman Bill Williams aka “Big Bill” is a very large and dangerous man, he is 6′ 4″ tall and weighs 245 lbs, this guy will go down hard.

Norman Bill Williams, 56, Scars, Marks, and Tattoos:

Norman Bill Williams, 56, DOC Incarceration History, SIX TIME LOSER:
Date In-Custody Date Out-of-Custody
09/17/1985… 06/23/1986
10/16/1987… 09/22/1988
03/14/1989… 09/07/1993
05/03/1996… 03/19/1999
10/19/2006… 04/01/2010

Norman Bill Williams Prior Prison History:
02/12/1985 GRAND THEFT MOTOR VEHICLE 08/23/1985 BAY 2YR 6M
12/08/1980 GRAND THEFT,$300 LESS &20,000 09/12/1985 FRANKLIN 1YR 6M
04/30/1987 ESCAPE 07/28/1987 FRANKLIN 8700065 4YR 9M
10/24/1988 AGG ASSLT-W/WPN NO INTENT TO K 03/13/1989 FRANKLIN 7YR 0M
12/24/1995 COCAINE – POSSESSION 04/19/1996 ST. LUCIE 9503175 3YR 6M
01/01/1994 SEX BATT VIC UNDER 12 FAM LIFE 10/10/2006 FRANKLIN 7YR 0M


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Sunday, October 02, 2011 

SPRING BREAK HAVEN OF PANAMA CITY FL HOME TO VAMPIRE CULT…A woman who cops arrested in Panama City, Fl for being an accessory to murder after she allegedly persuaded a group of men to attack a 16-year-old she claimed had raped her told WJHG-TV she’s a vampire who’s part werewolf, and that she even drank the blood of her fiancé.

Cops said the men who allegedly killed Jacob Hendershot in July were friends with Stephanie Pistey, 18, and they belonged to a cult of vampires. “Since I was like, 12… I know this is going to be crazy, but I believe that I’m a vampire,” she said. “Part of a vampire and part of a werewolf.” She’s one of five people facing charges of murder or being an accessory after the fact.


PANAMA CITY FL Oct. 2nd, 2011…Family grieves after son’s slaying.  The people who knew him best said Jacob Hendershot had little in common with the people accused of killing him. They believe it was the one person they had in common that might have lured him to his death. Some of the suspects in his death have described themselves in media reports as belonging to a “vampire cult,” and said they drank one another’s blood and hated God.

Jake, as he was known by friends and family, was a Christian who traveled to South America on a mission trip to dig wells in jungle villages. The experience made him a better person, said his mom, Tommae Hendershot. His dad, Melvin Hendershot, said the teenager returned excited. 

“He wasn’t a bad boy,” Tommae Hendershot said. “He was just an unhappy boy because his mom and dad got divorced.” He came to Florida over the summer because he wanted to spend time with his birth mother, Nancy Robinson, who gave Jake up for adoption shortly after his birth. She wasn’t ready to be a mom, Robinson said. Jake arrived in Panama City Florida on June 22. He was killed July 13, police said.

In the short time he was here, he met a (vampire) girl, Stephanie Pistey, and they struck up a brief romance, despite their differences. “Jake was a call-home type of kid,” Tommae Hendershot said. Pistey would say she lied to her parents about being at Jake’s when she was actually somewhere else. She was 18; he was 16. He wore a crucifix around his neck; she wore a pentagram around hers. Police believe Jacob Hendershot still would be alive if he’d never met her.

The Panama City vampire cult murder suspects of Jacob Hendershot are;
1.)  William Henry Chase, 17.
2).  Joel Millsap, 26.
3).  Stephanie Pistey, 18.
4). James Gay
5). Tammy Morris

The arrest affidavit against Millsap and Chase mentioned two unknown males who were involved in the attack on Hendershot, which occurred July 13 at Millsap’s apartment. Millsap invited Hendershot over, and four men jumped and beat him upon his arrival, investigators reported. Hendershot’s mother called police the next day to report that her son had not come home the night before. The affidavit says both men confessed to killing Hendershot, stripping him and putting his body in a stormwater culvert.

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Two Bay County Fl Female Jail Inmates Took Off Their Prison-Issue Tops And Fled Work Detail to Run Wild in Panama City.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 

PHOTO by Terry Barner / The News Herald

Two Bay County Fl Female Jail inmates took off their prison-issue tops and fled a work detail at the former Cedar Grove City Hall about 12:30 p.m. Monday, before a dozen Bay County Sheriff’s Office personnel recaptured them four blocks away after 30 minutes of freedom.

Janet Barefoot, her photo above, one of the two female prisoners who removed their outer shirts and fled from their Bay County Jail work detail Monday, is seen in photo above after recapture by about a dozen Bay County Sheriff’s Office personnel along Kensinger Place in the Cedar Grove FL community about 1 p.m. The inmates were cleaning at the former Cedar Grove City Hall four blocks to the east when they fled about 12:30 p.m., officials said.

CEDAR GROVE FL — Two women who walked away from a Bay County Jail inmate work program were apprehended within an hour of their escape attempt Monday afternoon, but not before four Bay District Schools were forced to lock down on their first day of the school year.


Students at Cedar Grove Elementary, Springfield Elementary, Everitt Middle and Rutherford High were locked down during the manhunt for 23-year-old Janet Barefoot and 38-year-old Michele Marcinkewicz, according to Bay District spokeswoman Karen Tucker. The schools returned to normal operations after the women were apprehended around 1:30 p.m., Tucker said.

Authorities said Barefoot and Marcinkewicz were members of an inmate work crew assigned to clean the Sheriff’s Office’s Crime Prevention Office at 2730 E. 14th Street in the Cedar Grove community when they took off around 12:30 p.m. They were located less than a mile away about an hour later between 13th Street and 15th Street, west of East Avenue, according to investigators.

“They will have an additional charge of escape,” Sheriff Frank McKeithen said in a release. “We are presently looking for a statute on stupid; however, we haven’t found one yet.


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Panama City Fl Woman, Machell Mayo, Keeps Tabs On Neighborhood Vagrants, Addicts, Hookers and Johns Off 19th Street Near Beck Ave.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 

If only there were more people like Machell Mayo who would take an interest in what happens just outside their front doors and call the cops when a crime is going down Florida would be a much safer place to live for all of us.

NEWSHERALD ..PANAMA CITYMachell Mayo saw a lot of teeth knocked out in car wrecks when she was an EMT, but she never saw anything like what happened to her when she crashed a car in 1998.  Mayo’s front teeth are still where she left them 13 years ago: embedded in the steering wheel of the car she was driving. She kept the steering wheel, but the procedure to replace her teeth was cost-prohibitive, so she didn’t replace them.

But that has its benefits off 19th Street. “Because of my appearance, I can walk into a situation, and buddy let me tell you, I’m getting told all kinds of stuff,” Mayo said. If you need to know about the woman slain a few blocks away last week, Mayo can find out. Her husband Michael, a long-haul trucker, calls her a multifaceted woman.

Mayo’s teeth, coupled with a personality that allows her to get along with just about anybody, allow her to form relationships with the people in her neighborhood many people wouldn’t associate with. Dealers, hookers and addicts find her easy to talk to.

There are about five active neighborhood watches in Panama City currently, most of them on the east side of town, said Sgt. Chris Edmundson with PCPD’s community service section. There is no formal neighborhood watch in Mayo’s neighborhood; she is unofficial when she strikes out on her own or with volunteers from a church to clean up the park.

Mayo has seen men beaten in the alley behind her home and will call the police for violent incidents. As far as the drug deals, she’ll notify authorities only if she sees a pattern, she said. The same man meeting with the driver of the same car over and over might warrant a call, she said, insisting she’s not a “snitch.” (SEE A CRIME REPORT IT, YOU GO GIRL)

She’s been robbed, she said — but so have the people in that house, and that house, and that one, too. But when asked why she doesn’t just move, she answered with questions. “Why move? Why not put your foot down? Why give them the neighborhood?”

This is the kind of thing we wanted to attract,” Mayo said as she passed a pair of women dressed in scrubs, eating from McDonald’s bags. “They don’t even live around here.”  In the day, the park seems friendly and safe. It closes at 9 p.m., and that’s when it gets busiest, Mayo said.

Mainly, the people in the park are vagrants, addicts, hookers or johns, she said. She looked crooked at a retirement-aged man leaving the park on a recent afternoon in dark glasses and a floppy hat. A john, she said.

This woman, Machell Mayo, is one tough, courageous lady.

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