VIDEO I-4 Serial Killer FBI’s Highway Serial Killings Initiative Tracks Unsolved Murders PI Bill Warner reveals how interstate truckers moonlight as serial killers

VIDEO I-4 Serial Killer Florida…FBI’s Highway Serial Killings Initiative Helping Track Other Unsolved Murders. UNSOLVED MURDERS ALONG I-4 FLORIDA: A&E Killing Season ‘I-4 Killer on the Road’ segment features Sarasota PI Bill Warner. Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner reveals how some interstate truckers moonlight as serial killers, FBI confirms with “Highway Serial Killings Initiative”.

After private investigator Bill Warner’s alarming revelation that there exists long haul truckers moonlighting as serial killers terrorizing America’s interstate system, A&E investigative journalists Josh and Rachel begin a cross-country journey to research these killers on wheels. While hitchhiking, the filmmakers encounter women who work truck stops, despairingly referred to as “lot lizards,” and hear first hand accounts of the dangers they experience everyday. As Josh and Rachel delve deeper, they uncover systemic failures in law enforcement allowing these mobile killers to run wild. A disturbing confession by a former trucker, serving a life sentence for murder, propels Josh and Rachel on a hunt for his accomplices.


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