Local Sarasota Private Detectives Derek Jones and Bill Warner Take on Hunt for Missing Jabez Spann & Seek Links to Murder of Travis Combs

Monday, October 09, 2017

Working Independently Local Sarasota Private Detectives Derek Jones and Bill Warner Take on Hunt for Missing Jabez Spann & Seek Links to Murder of Travis Combs. Sarasota Private Investigator Derek Jones wrote today regarding the scheduled search for Jabez on Sunday October15th, 2017: LET’S MAKE IT A COMMUNITY EFFORT!!! IF ANYONE HAS ANY KNOWLEDGE OR WHEREABOUTS OF JABEZ PLEASE CALL ME DEREK JONES AT MY OFFICE 941 359-3330. LET’S FIND THIS YOUNG MAN…..I’VE PUT MY INVESTIGATORS ON THE CASE FOR A WHILE NOW…. PLEASE SHARE!!!! WE NEED SOMEONE TO STEP UP AND HELP WITH THIS COMMUNITY EFFORT….”FIND JABEZ”.

UPDATE: Monday October 9th, 2017….Here’s the deal, yes, I am getting calls about the murder of Travis Combs and a link to missing Newtown teen Jabez Spann, keep calling. You do not have to ID yourself, yes do call from a blocked number if you want, it don’t matter to me, I will forward any info to SPD Detective Kim Kim Laster at 941-364-7327. I am not law enforcement and I will not trace your call. I got a voicemail from someone today who told me that Jabez did actually witness the shooting of Travis Combs on August 28th, Jabez was in the area and near the shooting. My informant told me that on September 3rd Jabez told a ‘guy he knows’ that he saw who shot and killed Travis Combs, the very next day on September 4th Jabez goes missing. “Better Call Bill 941-926-1926.”

Do you believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy or just plain old coincidences, well I don’t especially when it involves a missing teen who just happened to live a 2 minute walk from where a guy involved with the sale of drugs in Newtown was found dead (most likely shot). SARASOTA — The death of Travis Combs whose body was found Monday, August 28, 2017 is now being called a homicide. My article is published in the attempt to produce any leads that I could pass onto the Sarasota Police Department (SPD). If you are afraid or do not want to contact the SPD you can text me at 941-926-1926 or email me at wbipi@verizon.net and I will pass on any leads as to what happened to Jabez Spann to the SPD.

SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) – October 4th, 2017 The Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed that it is helping in the search for Jabez Spann. The Sarasota teen vanished without a trace on Labor Day. A spokeswoman said the FBI is assisting state and local law enforcement partners in this investigation. A month later, Spann’s family, friends are still searching and spreading word of the 14-year-old’s disappearance as detectives try to figure out the exact circumstances that led to it. The Sarasota Police Department says it is not ruling out foul play in the case, but has not received any indication that Jabez was injured.

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