TRUMP MEDIA BIAS AND THEY ALL FELL FOR IT: Muslim Yasmin Seweid claimed 3 drunk Trump supporters harassed her on NYC subway train now admits she lied to cops who arrested her Wednesday

Thursday, December 15, 2016

 TRUMP MEDIA BIAS AND THEY ALL FELL FOR IT: Muslim Yasmin Seweid claimed 3 drunk Trump supporters harassed her on NYC subway train now admits she lied to cops who arrested her Wednesday, December 14th, 2016. Muslim college student Yasmin Seweid, 18, made up Trump supporter subway attack story to avoid punishment for missing curfew and dating a Christian boy.

Yasmin Seweid (r.) was allegedly forced by her parents to shave her head over the incident because they were upset she was dating a Christian. Pictured with Yasmin Seweid (R.) is her father Sayeed Seweid (l.).  Her Egyptian father, Sayeed Seweid, 55, of New Hyde Park, L.I., said he was also angry that no one else stepped in to defend his daughter……what a load of crap Yasmin Seweid and her father Sayeed Seweid were shoveling.

The fake news story about the Trump supporters and Muslim teen Yasmin Seweid went viral before anyone looked at the surveillance tapes at the 23rd Street subway station where Yasmin claimed she was attacked, and guess what, when the NYPD searched all surveillance tapes in and around the 23rd Street subway station there was no Yasmin and no drunk Trump supporters harassing anyone!

FAKE NEWS STORY IN NEW YORK: The missing Muslim teenage girl, who claimed in a Facebook post of Dec 1 that she was harassed by supporters of President-elect Donald Trump in a New York City subway train, has been found. A website called Gramercy Patch said that according to Nassau County Police, Yasmin Seweid, 18, of New Hyde Park, was located around 2am, Saturday. No further details were forthcoming. However a Bernama report said Seweid was missing since Wednesday when she was last seen leaving her home on Dec 1 at 8pm in New Hyde Park, Long Island. She was clad in a black jacket, a hijab (head scarf), and yoga pants with a blue sweater, according to police information.

According to Yasmin Seweid’s Facebook post, she was reportedly harassed around 10pm on Dec 1 on the 6 train that operates on the busy Lexington Avenue route. Seweid claimed that three men tore apart the straps of her bag and shouted: “Look, it’s a f***ing terrorist”. She was also told to “take that rag off your head”. She was terrified and left the train, as they tried to forcibly remove the hijab from her head. Seweid’s Facebook post, which claims she was harassed by the three men at the 23rd Street subway station on Dec 1, has gone viral. She wrote she was called a “terrorist” and also told to “go back to your country” by the men who repeatedly mentioned President-elect Donald Trump’s name. Her Facebook post, which fetched over 2,700 reactions, described in detail the “traumatising” experience of having the straps ripped off her bag before they tried to pull the hijab off her head. “No matter how ‘cultured’ or ‘Americanised’ I am, these people don’t see me as an American,” she wrote. But the teenaged girl was equally bitter about the other passengers who merely watched but did nothing to help her. “It breaks my heart that so many individuals chose to be bystanders while watching me get harassed verbally and physically by these disgusting pigs,” she wrote. ALL OF HER FACEBOOK POSTS WERE A LIE SHE IS THE DISGUSTING PIG!

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