A&E’s ‘The Killing Season’ says it will link bodies on Gilgo Beach Long Island to serial murders in other states like Florida

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

NEWSDAY: A&E’s ‘The Killing Season’ says it will link bodies on Gilgo Beach Long Island to serial murders in other states like Florida. To TV’s sudden interest in the bodies found at Gilgo Beach and Oak Beach, now add this: People magazine will launch a new series on Investigation Discovery early next week which will begin with a two-hour telecast titled “The Long Island Serial Killer.” The first hour of the 10-part “true crime” series “People Magazine Investigates” (9 p.m. Monday, Nov. 7) is an overview, with dramatic re-enactments, of the death of Shannan Gilbert on May 1, 2010 in Oak Beach.

Meanwhile A&E will launch the more substantive investigation into the bodies found at Gilgo Beach and Oak Beach beginning Saturday, Nov. 12 at 9 p.m. with the docuseries, “The Killing Season,” produced by Oscar winner Alex Gibney — one of TV’s most prolific and influential nonfiction producers — in association with Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills. As opposed to being an “overview,” the A&E eight-parter claims to have established connections between the Long Island incidents and unsolved murders “in Atlantic City to Daytona Beach and beyond — revealing that serial killers are targeting sex workers in record numbers, while using the internet as their virtual hunting ground.”

I-4 Serial Killer and Dayton Beach Serial Killer Same Guy a Long Haul Trucker Over 30 Cases Near I-4 and I-95 Says FBI. I filmed a Documentary with A&E “The Killing Season” on the I-4 Serial Killer, I shot our sequence inside the Acme Truck Stop in Orlando at the Red Rooster Diner 9565 S. Orange Blossom Trail with Rachel Mills and Josh Zeman. Release of A&E’s 8 Part docu-drama”The Killing Season” is scheduled for it’s premiere on Saturday November 12th, at 9:00 PM.
I will be featured in Part 6 “The Killing Season” on the subject of the I-4 Serial Killer, which has been investigated by the FBI. I have done extensive research into multiple unsolved murders, (mostly young women involved with drugs and prostitution), of victims whose bodies have been found along the interstate highways of the USA especially in Florida. 

FBI Report Highway violence; In the past four decades, over 500 unsolved deaths and 41 attempted homicides are believed to be linked to serial killers who are using the nation’s highways as truckers to find and dispose of their victims, 33 bodies n Florida, 38 bodies in Texas and 37 bodies in California are the top 3 in the body count nation wide. The FBI’s breakdown by state, click link to see interactive FBI: http://i.usatoday.net/_common/_flash…&preview=false

FBI Highway Serial Killings Map New Initiative on an Emerging Trend: FBI claims a serial killer is working I-4 corridor in Florida from Daytona Beach to Orlando to Tampa Fl with over 29 unsolved murders of females with bodies left near the interstate. Dayton Beach police are working a series of unsolved murders of 4 women linked to prostitution and acknowledge that they have a serial killer, but the Sheriff Department in Orange County and the Sheriff Department in Polk County and the Sheriff Department in Hillsborough County have no active serial killer cases that they are working, none could explain where the FBI got its information, so Who’s Zoomin’ Who? Don’t you think the FBI should clue in local law enforcement? See FBI link to map https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2009/april/highwayserial_040609

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