Deep South KKK Democrats Firebomb North Carolina Republican party office Spray paint Nazi Republicans get out of town or else

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Deep South KKK Democrats Firebomb North Carolina Republican party office Spray paint “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else ” on nearby building. Hillsborough police are investigating the overnight attack on the Orange County Republican Party office that one GOP official called an “act of political terrorism. The county is overwhelmingly Democratic. Democrats and independents outnumber Republicans 5-1. Gov. Pat McCrory Sunday called the weekend firebombing of a North Carolina Republican headquarters “an attack on our democracy,” while one GOP official called it an act of “political terrorism.” This is KKK stuff, firebombing is the Klan calling card.

Hate fliers from the KKK have shown up on lawns in Greensboro, Roxboro, Durham, Raleigh, Hillsborough and elsewhere in North Carolina since July of 2016. The flyers are attributed to the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which calls itself “the most active and biggest Klan in America.” That group’s leader, Chris Barker, told the AP in a recent story that his group has around 2,300 members. According to the group’s website, the phone number listed on the flier 336-432-0336 is its “national hotline,” and is registered in the Rockingham County town of Reidsville, about a half an hour north of Greensboro. The state headquarters for the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina is in the small town Pelham just north of Hillsborough the site for the Trump HQ firebombing. The Southern Poverty Law Center said that the Klan has SIX active chapters across North Carolina: Hickory, Pelham, Leasburg, Holly Springs, Norlina and Moylock, most all of them centered around Hillsborough.

In a tweet, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blamed “Animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina.”Hillsborough police said somebody threw a bottle of flammable liquid through the window of Orange County’s GOP headquarters, setting campaign signs, supplies and furniture ablaze before burning itself out.  “The firebombing of a local political headquarters in Orange County is clearly an attack on our democracy,” McCrory said in a statement. “Violence has no place in our society – but especially in our elections. … I will use every resource as governor to assist local authorities in this investigation.”

KKK fliers were placed on lawns in Hillsborough, Durham, Raleigh and all over North Carolina starting in 2014 and continuing through to present time in 2016. The fliers from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan bears the slogan, “Save Our Land Join The Klan.” It also includes a website address and “Klan Hotline” phone number to the Loyal White Knights’ headquarters in Pelham, N.C. which is just north of Hillsborough where the firebombing of Trump HQ took place on Sunday. The Loyal White Knights in Pelham N.C. are the largest Klan organization in the nation. KKK votes Democrat always has since the end of the Civil War in May of 1865, they hate Republicans.

Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens said, “This highly disturbing act goes far beyond vandalizing property; it willfully threatens our community’s safety … and its hateful message undermines decency, respect and integrity in civic participation.” Hillsborough police and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were continuing to investigate. The incident took place in Orange County, home of the University of North Carolina in nearby Chapel Hill.

The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan have their state offices located in Pelham North Carolina and they have a strong prescience in and around Hillsborough North Carolina the location of the Firebombing of the North Carolina Republican party office. It is only a 45 min drive from Pelham North Carolina to Hillsborough North Carolina, population 6,000. Fire bombing is the trademark of the Ku Klux Klan. The KKK was founded in Tennessee immediately after the end of the Civil War as a sort of social club for former Confederate Soldiers and Democrats whose influence quickly spread through the decimated Southern states.

As Columbia professor Eric Foner wrote in his A Short History of Reconstruction, in its early days, the group was loosely bound by one main principle: launching a reign of terror against Republican leaders black and white. Racism was, of course, a guiding principle, but not quite as guiding as the hatred of the Republicans, the party of Lincoln, the Yankees who early Klansmen believed destroyed their homeland through what they termed a “war of northern aggression.”

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