Horn Dog Bill Clinton’s 5,000 sf ‘Love Shack’ on Top of His Little Rock Ark Library He Plans to Have Naked Pool Parties and Wet T-shirt Contests.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Horn Dog Bill Clinton’s 5,000 sf ‘Love Shack’ on Top of His Little Rock Ark Library He Plans to Have Naked Pool Parties and Wet T-shirt Contests. NY POST: Bill Clinton was getting a foot massage. “We were on the terrace of his apartment,” recalled the 20-something intern at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum who was massaging Bill’s feet. “We had a meal served from 42 [the restaurant in the Little Rock library] — ­vegan stuff like kale salad. “He often invites girls like me who work at the library to his apartment for a glass of red wine and a massage,” the intern said in an interview for this book. “He likes his neck and shoulders massaged because he gets knots in his muscles. But what he really likes is to have his feet massaged. He just kicks off his loafers and socks and puts his feet on the coffee table. That really makes him happy. In the midst of the massage, the phone rang. Clinton listened for a moment, then put down the receiver. “Damn!” he said, according to the ­intern’s recollection. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “Hillary just told a bunch of Iowa Democrats she’s on Snapchat,” Clinton said. “So what?” the young intern said. “I’m on Snapchat. Everybody’s on Snapchat.”
“Yeah, but she said she loves Snapchat because all her e-mails disappear by themselves,” Clinton said. “I still don’t understand,” the intern said. “Just keep doing what you’re doing,” Clinton said. While the intern went back to massaging his feet, Clinton made another call. He informed the person on the other end of the line that Hillary had cracked a joke about her disappearing e-mails at the Wing Ding dinner in Clear Lake, Iowa. “I was with him at the apartment in Little Rock after a long telephone conversation with Hillary in which he held the phone away from his ear because she was shouting that he was interfering with her campaign. Finally, he cut her short and said he would call back later. He didn’t exactly hang up on her, but it was very close. “Afterward, he slumped down in a chair and shook his head. He looked old and defeated. Then he got up, went out to his rooftop putting green, and started chipping shots into the Arkansas River. When he was done, he looked like his old self again. ‘He served champagne and cold beer and handed out roses…At one point, he got out a hose and sprayed some of the girls.’ .

“He said, ‘She can do whatever the f–k she wants,’ and he started talking about his plans for building a swimming pool on the roof of the library. He wants to have naked pool parties the way JFK had pool parties when he was in the White House. “He had an architect give him a feasibility report on building a pool, and it turned out that it would have been very expensive to build and disruptive to the functioning of the library. Anyway, the National Archives, which administers presidential libraries, probably would have vetoed the idea. So he dropped the plan. But for a while, he thought about getting an above-ground pool for the girls to splash around in. “Bill has a bunch of women he regularly invites to his apartment. Most of them are young and good looking. He loves being surrounded by pretty girls. The place is completely secure, so he knows there’s no chance any photographers can get in. “I was there at one of his parties on a hot, steamy day. He served champagne and cold beer and handed out roses, which he grows on the terrace and which are named after his mother, Virginia Kelley. At one point, he got out a hose and sprayed some of the girls. “‘Keep that up,’ I told him, ‘and you’re going to have the first wet T-shirt contest ever held at a presidential library.’ ”

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