CALL TODAY FROM YELP NY: 212-377-6724 Yelp is the Internet Extortion Racket That Gives ‘Trolls’ a Voice to Ruin Your Business With Fake Negative Reviews

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

 CALL TODAY FROM YELP NY: 212-377-6724 Yelp is the Internet Extortion Racket Run by CEO Jeremy Stoppelman That Gives ‘Trolls’ a Voice to Ruin Your Business With Fake Negative Reviews. Thanks but no thanks, I will not pay Yelp to remove fake negative reviews from the profile page they set up for me, take it all down Yelp I do not need your help! 

BUSINESS OWNERS: Call 212-377-6724 to complain about fake negative reviews on your Yelp page, it is a landline number so no text messages. YELP: in 2015 the San Francisco-based company moved into a new office space located at 11 Madison Avenue New York City NY in the flat-iron district, it is 153,000 square feet. Yelp currently has 547 employees, but plans to drastically expand to more than 900 by the end of the year.
Billion Dollar Bully: An upcoming documentary describes Yelp as the internet’s equivalent to the mafia, and the publicly-traded company is doing everything in its power to discredit the film before it is released. Yelp, founded in 2004 by two former PayPal employees, is a website that lets users write their own reviews of businesses like restaurants and doctor’s offices. However, like many web businesses, Yelp’s revenue comes mainly from advertising and the businesses that buy ads are often also rated and reviewed on the site.

Kaylie Milliken is the filmmaker behind Billion Dollar Bully, an ongoing documentary focused on Yelp’s impact on small businesses. While she hasn’t finished the documentary yet, Milliken tells Daily Mail Online her research so far has indicated Yelp’s advertising structure appears to punish businesses that choose not to advertise on the site. ‘Businesses feel extorted,’ Milliken told Daily Mail Online. ‘After they decline advertising services from Yelp they feel like their good reviews get filtered out and their negative reviews come to the front.’ And at hundreds of dollars a month ($299) for advertising, the price to work with Yelp is too big for many mom and pop shops, it is extortion!

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