Muslims to Protest at Donald Trump Rally USF Sun Dome in Tampa a Hot Bed of Islamic Terrorism Security is Secretive and Tight Multiple Agencies Assisting

Friday, February 12, 2016

Watch your back Donald: Muslims to Protest at Donald Trump Rally USF Sun Dome in Tampa which is a hot bed of Islamic terrorism, security is secretive and tight as multiple agencies are assisting the USF Police. Tampa Fl has been terror central in the south for decades with multiple arrests and convictions of Muslims for support of terrorism, the long list includes several teachers and students at USF Tampa Fl. Terrorists Sami Al-Arain and FBI most wanted Ramadan Abdullah Shallah both taught at USF. University of South Florida student Ahmed Mohamed, an Egyptian student in the United States to attend the University of South Florida (USF), was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to providing material support to Al-Qaeda terrorists by making and posting on the Web site You Tube a video in which he shows how to use a remote-controlled device to detonate a bomb under US military vehicles in Iraq.
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I have received threatening and very sexually explicit Text messages and vulgar Facebook messages from a Kevin Siffermann in the Parrish/Bradenton Fl area today concerning my articles about Donald Trump and Joe Gruters. I cannot print all the violent sexually explicit threats I received today from Kevin Siffermann in text messages but Kevin Sifferman stated: “I will pissed all over you, I am going to expose you as the bitch you are. Tell Joe (Gruters) no house senate seat…stay out of Manatee. I will be making sure he loses state senate seat, Team Vernon is on you. There is a Kevin Sifferman linked to the Manatee Republican Party. I had to block Kevin Siffermann’s phone number 941-799-1226 and block him on Facebook, next step will be to file a criminal complaint with the Manatee County Sheriff, guy is unhinged. The phone number for Integrity Estate Planning is (941) 799-1226. Kevin Siffermann claims link to a “Team Vernon”, the violent political rhetoric begins today for my stand on Trump. The phone number 941-799-1226 also links to a post on Bayside Community Church, Next meeting Sat. February 13, 2016, 8:00 AM Contact: 941-799-1226 or Every other Saturday morning, 18 holes of golf & fellowship.

FBI Most Wanted Terrorist Ramadan Abdullah Shallah taught an undergraduate course in Middle Eastern politics at USF Tampa in 1994 and the spring of 1995. Ramadan Abdullah Shallah is wanted for conspiracy to conduct the affairs of the designated international terrorist organization known as the “Palestinian Islamic Jihad” (PIJ) through a pattern of racketeering activities such as bombings, murders, extortions, and money laundering (TAMPA FL). Shallah was one of the original founding members of the PIJ and is presently the Secretary-General and leader of the organization, which has its headquarters located in Damascus, Syria. There is a huge support base for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Tampa Fl.

Thousands are expected for Trump’s event tonight – as well as hundreds of protesters. Word of detractors planning to show up outside the Sun Dome has been spreading this week on social media. One student group even drafted a letter to the University asking the event be cancelled because of Trumps’ remarks about women, Muslims and Latinos. Some students at USF have taken the next step to organize a protest outside of the Sun Dome before and during the rally. One of the students participating, Eaman Zayed, is a Palestinian-American who rejects Trump’s often fiery rhetoric. “We have a right to say no to him just like he has the right to be there and say that I have these plans for one of the strongest nations in the world,” Zayed said. As a Palestinian Muslim Eaman Zayed said she’s felt marginalized and called Trump’s speeches hate speech “I do not welcome him.

Secret Service agents assigned to protect Trump since Nov. 11 may be working overtime in the wake of his comments on halting Muslim immigration into the U.S. A slew of death threats against the billionaire were tweeted after a campaign stop in South Carolina. Trump’s extreme critics saw no irony between his statements on Islamic radicals and their calls for his assassination. “Can we kill Trump?” Someone really needs to kill trump ASAP! The billionaire Trump defended his position during an appearance on CNN, telling host Chris Cuomo that a rejection of his plan is tantamount to putting “blinders” on. “You’re going to have many more World Trade Centers if you don’t solve it – many, many more and probably beyond the World Trade Center.GOP Front Runner Donald Trump is heading to Tampa Fl this week which has been a hotbed of Muslim extremism for over 20 years with direct links to Palestinian Islamic jihad and Al-Qaeda terrorists. Donald J. Trump and team will be coming to Tampa, Florida on Friday, February 12th, 2016 for a Donald J. Trump for President Rally at the USF Sun Dome. The venue is located at 4202 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33620. Doors will open at 5:00 p.m. and the rally will start at 7:00 p.m..

ABC ACTION NEWS TAMPA: Zaid Dubos was among one of the first to secure a free ticket for Donald Trump’s Friday rally in Tampa. “There were 10,000 students who signed up immediately,” Dubos said. The sophomore is not a supporter. He is surprised Trump would choose the USF Sun Dome for his appearance. “It is a very multicultural university, and all the awful stuff he says about various groups that is why (I don’t support Trump),” Dubos said. Close to 6,000 of the more than 40,000 students who attend USF are from other countries. Many, like Dubos, are incensed over Trump’s polarizing comments but curiosity trumps contempt. “If he says anything ridiculous, have that in mind,” Dubos said. All entrants will be screened upon arrival and attendees are asked to limit personal items to expedite the screening process. “It is safe to say even if you are not on duty you’ll be there,” said Lt. Charlotte Domingo with the USF Police Department. Trump is the first and so far only presidential contender to book the venue in this election cycle.”It will certainly have a great impact. We are working very hard to communicate that to the community,” said Lt. Domingo.They are urging people to avoid the area if possible. USF borders some of the county’s busiest roadways.

TAMPA TERROR CENTRAL – Prosecutors said terrorist Sami Osmakac was acting on his extreme Muslim religious beliefs when he tried to launch a terrorist attack in Tampa. He was arrested in January 2012. The jury found Osmakac guilty of having an unregistered automatic weapon and trying to use a weapon of mass destruction. Agents said possible targets included night clubs in the Ybor City area, the Operations Center of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Ybor City and the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. Muslim Terrorist Sami Osmakac was shipped off to Federal prison for 40 years, Abdul Dabus aka Abdul Dubos worked as a ‘supposed’ informant in the Osmakac sting. “You Cannot Escape Death!” says Abdul Samia AKA Sami Osmakac. My pal Abdul R. Dabus in Tampa Fl was linked to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization boss Sami al-Arian that is why the FBI used him to play Sami Osmakac, Abdul Dabus was a known associate of terrorist Sami Al-Arian. According to the FBI Abdul R. Dabus aka Abdul Dubos had provided information on other terror related investigations, Dabus was a confidential informant (CI), Dabus disputes the FBI’s claim in court records that he was known to provide reliable information in the past.


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