Mort Zuckerman The Evil Weasel of NY Daily News Slams GOP Front Runner Donald Trump on His New Hampshire Huge Win.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

mort zuckerman evil weasel

“Tit for Tat Morty”. This morning, Trump also joined Fox and Friends to respond to his haters. A number of liberal media outlets have been taunting the GOP front-runner and his supporters, not least with today’s front cover of The New York Daily News by publisher Mort Zuckerman ‘The Evil Weasel’. The New York Daily News printed another vicious front-page about its dislike for Donald Trump on Wednesday — and the GOP presidential front-runner quickly fired back, attacking the evil weasel Mort Zuckerman as the “dopey” owner of a “worthless” tabloid nobody else wants to own.


Dopey Mort Zuckerman, owner of the worthless , has a major inferiority complex. Paper will close soon!

The Daily News’ Wednesday cover showed Trump wearing clown make-up alongside a mob of “brain dead” zombies. Previous covers depicted Trump decapitating the Statue of Liberty and as a “dead clown walking.” GOP front runner Donald Trump told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday that NY Daily News boss Mort Zuckerman is “jealous as hell” of Trump’s campaign. “They use my name. They do the clown thing every week. I’m on with a clown picture,” he said. “Maybe it sells, maybe it doesn’t sell. But the NY Daily News paper is going bad.”

The Sarasota Herald Tribune newspapers political corespondent Zac Anderson recently visited the State Headquarters for the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign at 1517 State Street Sarasota and posted his article as “Team Trump ramps up Florida push“. Apparently Herald Tribune newspapers political corespondent Zac Anderson did not find a bevy of activity during the afternoon lull. “The Trump campaign’s Florida headquarters opened in mid-January in downtown Sarasota. It occupies the entire third floor of a building near upscale restaurants, an art gallery and other shops. Across the street is a boutique car dealer that sells Bentleys and Ferraris. Awnings printed with the Trump name and “Make America Great Again” slogan advertise the location to anyone passing by. Inside the sparsely decorated space, volunteers call prospective Trump voters from cubicles that line the perimeter walls. The office was largely empty when the Herald-Tribune stopped by one afternoon this week, but Edna Gingerich said a handful of paid staffers are based there and at least three dozen volunteers regularly take shifts working the phones”, (this would usually be done in late afternoon and evening when people are home, Zac).

FYI  Sarasota Herald Tribune newspaper political corespondent Zac Anderson, there is usually a bevy of activity in the afternoon and early evening hours and the 3rd floor office space has been left open in the center (sparsely decorated space) on purpose to accommodate large crowds that show up on rally days. I have been there several times to witness such activity and there are many, many highly qualified people working everyday at the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign Headquarters at 1517 State Street Sarasota, like Deputy State Director Jennifer R. Locetta and District Managers Ashley Byers and Alicia Byers.


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