Sarasota Will Be Ground Zero For the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign in Florida With the State Headquarters Located At 1517 State Street Sarasota Fl

Saturday, October 24, 2015

UPDATED February 21st, 2016

UPDATE: February 23rd 2016…Note from Karen R. Giorno, Florida State Director, Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., our State Headquarters is open EVERYDAY from 9am to 9pm.  Please come in at anytime for phone bank or door-to-door training. Please contact Ashley Byers at or at for any questions about volunteer activities at our State Headquarters in Sarasota Fl.  We encourage everyone in the Greater Manasota Area to stop by and volunteer!
Donald Trump has won the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries by HUGE margins he appears to be unstoppable. Donald Trump is hoping to maintain that advantage with a heavy investment in Florida, even though it doesn’t hold its winner-take-all primary until March 15. Trump’s team announced Friday that Joe Gruters, the vice chair of the Florida Republican Party, will serve as his Florida campaign chair, while Susan Wiles, who managed Gov. Rick Scott’s winning 2010 campaign, will serve as co-chair.
The campaign is also going to open a Sarasota office in early November 2015 at 1517 State Street said Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Gruters was instrumental in bringing Trump to Sarasota for the 2012 Statesman of the Year fundraiser, which packed the Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota with more than 1,000 attendees in 2012.
The Sarasota GOP again honored the real estate mogul with the award earlier this year. Gruters, a local Sarasota CPA who is currently running for the state House of Representatives, said he is looking at high-viability location and decided on Donald Trump Campaign Headquarters at 1517 State Street Sarasota Fl

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign announced Friday, 10/23/2015, that it will open an office in Sarasota and that local GOP chairman Joe Gruters is joining the Trump team as the Florida chairman. “My message is clearly resonating in Florida,” Trump said in a statement. “We have tremendous support from so many great people in the state. I am proud to watch that support grow, to see our team expand and to be leading in the polls here.” The move is a big opportunity for the highly-ambitious Gruters that also comes with some risks. As Trump’s top man in Florida, Joe Gruters will be the face of a campaign that has rocketed to the top of the polls and is upending the GOP establishment.


Gruters said he expects to be intimately involved with all aspects of the Trump campaign in Florida and that the Sarasota office will be the state headquarters. “The opportunity to lead a campaign that’s in the lead and going to win is really incredible,” he said. The position will give Gruters statewide exposure and could create opportunities for him to advance in politics, especially if his candidate wins.

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Sarasota Office State Headquarters for Trump Campaign
Monday through Saturday (Office opens at 10:00 am)
1517 State Street
Suite 300 -3rd Floor
Florida 34236
(941) 955-6300
Donald Trump ramped up his Florida operation with Sarasota GOP chairman Joe Gruters and former Rick Scott campaign manager Susie Wiles as Trump’s state co-chairmen. Gruters has opened a Sarasota office for Trump that will serve as the billionaire business mogul’s Florida campaign headquarters at 1517 State Street.

There is usually a bevy of activity in the afternoon and early evening hours at the State Headquarters 1517 State St Sarasota Fl, the 3rd floor office space has been left open in the center on purpose to accommodate large crowds that show up on rally days. I have been there several times to witness such activity and there are many, many highly qualified people working everyday at the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign Headquarters at 1517 State Street Sarasota. Donald J. Trump added four staff members for his operation in Florida as he continues to lead all state polls by wide, double-digit margins. Jennifer R. Locetta will serve as Deputy State Director in Sarasota along with District Managers Ashley Byers and Alicia Byers, Ken Mayo has been named Director of Field Operations Sarasota, John Ross Pughe is joining as the Southeast Regional Field Director, and Craig Bachler will serve as Director of Coalitions.

A former staffer from Gov. Rick Scott’s administration has been named Florida state director for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Karen R. Giorno owns her own New York-based public relations firm, but prior to that worked in both Scott’s office and was in Florida during the 2012 presidential election. She was Scott’s director of external for his first year as office.


From there, she became Florida state director for American Commitment, a conservative 501c(4), during the 2012 presidential election cycle. Giorno has also served as Florida director of conservative group American Commitment. Before that, she worked for Meg Whitman’s gubernatorial campaign in California and in President George W. Bush’s administration, handling scheduling, advance work and other matters for the president and First Lady Laura Bush.

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