Cleveland Truck Driver Robert Rembert Jr is a Serial Killer He Shot Some Victims in the Head Execution Style Any Link to I-4 Serial Killer?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

TODAY: Truck driver is a serial killer, Cleveland OH. “Robert G. Rembert Jr., DOB 3/15/1970, is a serial killer”. So far, we know he’s purposefully executed five people, some shot in the head,” Prosecutor Timothy McGinty said. “An investigation of his activities as an over-the-road truck driver is currently underway.” Indicted by a grand jury Tuesday 10/14/2015 is Robert G. Rembert Jr. age 45. Robert (Bobby) Rembert was arrested after taking a shower at a truck stop near Seville, Ohio in Medina County on Sept. 21, 2015. NBC News

An Ohio truck driver who served time for killing a man nearly two decades ago is now facing charges in the deaths of four other people. Robert G. Rembert, Jr. was indicted by a grand jury Tuesday for the aggravated murders of three people this year and a separate murder in May 1997, according to a press release from Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty. Rembert, 45, already served six years in prison after being convicted of voluntary manslaughter in the December 1997 shooting of Dadren Lewis, 24, in a Cleveland parking lot. Tuesday’s indictment included multiple charges — including murder, rape and robbery. “Robert Rembert is a serial killer. So far, we know he’s purposefully executed five people,” McGinty said. “An investigation of his activities as an over-the-road truck driver is currently underway.”

Rembert was arrested after taking a shower at a truck stop in Medina County on Sept. 21, a day after Morgan Nietzel, 26, and Jerry Rembert, 52, were found dead with gunshot wounds to their heads in their Cleveland home. Rembert had been living with them — Jerry Rembert was his cousin, and Nietzel was a longtime family friend, according to — and he had been driving Nietzel’s car at the time of his arrest. DNA samples taken in September opened up a trove of ties to other cases, prosecutors said. For one, the samples matched DNA evidence found in the murder of Kimberley Hall, a Cleveland woman whose body was found near an open field on June 10 by two workers. She had been strangled, beaten and raped, and the last phone calls on her cell phone were to Rembert.

Serial Killer Suspected as 11 Young Women Missing or Murdered from Chillicothe to Cincinnati Ohio, Cleveland is to the north east on the map above up I-71.  Chillicothe’s missing women”: As women keep washing up dead Chillicothe Ohio fears a serial killer is on the loose. Chillicothe is no longer just another Rust Belt town. Now it’s the place where women go missing and wash up dead. In little over a year, at least six women have disappeared from the town of only 21,000. Four of their bodies have been found, almost all of them dumped in creeks or streams flowing away from the town. The women have similar stories. 

I-4 Serial Killer and Dayton Beach Serial Killer Same Guy a Long Haul Trucker Over 30 Cases Near I-4 and I-95 Says FBI.  I had just recently, in the last 30 days, filmed a Documentary with A&E on the “I-4 Serial Killer”, we shot our sequence inside the Truck Stop in Orlando at the Red Rooster Diner 9565 S. Orange Blossom Trail, release of the A&E “I-4 Serial Killer Documentary” is scheduled for sometime this fall, now sure would be a good time to release the “I-4 Serial Killer Documentary” to tie in with the arrest of Cleveland Truck Driver Robert Rembert Jr. who Prosecutor Timothy McGinty claims is a over-the-road serial killer.

The FBI claims a serial killer is working I-4 corridor in Florida from Daytona Beach to Orlando to Tampa Fl with over 29 unsolved murders of females with bodies left near the interstate. Dayton Beach police are working a series of unsolved murders of 4 women linked to prostitution and acknowledge that they have a serial killer, but the Sheriff Department in Orange County and the Sheriff Department in Polk County and the Sheriff Department in Hillsborough County have no active serial killer cases that they are working, none could explain where the FBI got its information, so Who’s Zoomin’ Who? Don’t you think the FBI should clue in local law enforcement? See FBI link to map

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