Is Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine Member Osama ‘Sam’ Mustafa in Gaza a Target For Assassination For Threatening to Kill an Israeli Intelligence Agent.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Tampa’s Osama Sam Mustafa stole $17.8 Million form the IRS with his bogus refund check scam, he got a 20 year Federal prison sentence but cut off his ankle monitor and fled in 2013 before surrendering, he most likely is now in Gaza living it up like a king with his ‘guys’ and pumping millions into the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine a terrorist organization. Tampa’s Osama Sam Mustafa is a Member of Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine a terrorist organization, he has been getting away with it since 1991 after he told a police officer that the US needed another Pan AM 103 bombing attack December 21st 1988 and that he could be the one to carry out the attack. Thirty-five of the passengers were students from Syracuse University returning home for Christmas following a semester studying in London at Syracuse’s London campus. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has a long history of hijacking passenger aircraft. The PFLP gained notoriety for a series of armed attacks and aircraft hijackings, including on non-Israeli targets. PFLP is described as a terrorist organization by the United States, Canada, Israel and the European Union.

Palestinian terrorists from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) take part in a military demonstration above in Gaza a week ago. GAZA CITY, Gaza — The relationship between the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Islamic Republic of Iran has gone from an impasse — when Iran was supporting Islamist movements in the Arab region during the past two decades — to Iran giving financial and logistical support for the PFLP’s political and military wings. The warming of ties has come as a result of Hamas moving away from Iran due to differing positions on the Syrian crisis. The PFLP has come out in support of the Syrian regime and Hezbollah’s position on the Syrian crisis. PFLP officials have made pro-regime statements and held Gaza rallies in which participants raised pictures of Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. Abu Ahmad Fouad, a PFLP political-bureau member and former PFLP military official, said that the group will retaliate toward Israel when the United States bombs Syria.
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Gaza Strip organized a rally in solidarity with Venezuela, in defense of Venezuela against the U.S. imperialist targeting of Venezuela’s Bolivarian project, in particular a recent decree by the U.S. administration imposing new economic sanctions on Venezuela and labeling the country a “national security threat” to the United States, a move that is a clear threat of escalated U.S. intervention against Venezuela and its elected government.

Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine member Osama Sam Mustafa was first investigated by the FBI in 1991. Osama ‘Sam’ Mustafa said all Americans should be killed because of the 1991 Iraq War. In 1994, he was investigated for being a member of the Palestinian organizations PFLP and PLO and for threatening to kill an Israeli intelligence officer living in San Diego. On 6 September 1970, the PFLP hijacked four passenger aircraft from Pan Am, TWA and Swissair on flights to New York from Brussels, Frankfurt and Zürich, and failed in an attempt to hijack an El Al aircraft which landed safely in London after one hijacker was killed and the other overpowered; and on 9 September 1970, hijacked a BOAC flight from Bahrain to London via Beirut. The FBI terrorism investigation was reopened again in 1997 when Osama Sam Mustafa was tied to a possible terrorist plot in North Carolina.

It appears from a Bail Forfeiture hearing that Osama Sam Mustafa’s GPS tracking device had been tampered with on or about August 28, 2013 and appeared idle in a wooded area off of Interstate 10 in North West Florida. Osama ‘Sam’ Mustafa fled from his 20 year federal prison sentence in a car or truck loaned to him by ‘associates’, the Federal government has been unable to find any of the $17.8 Million Mustafa stole from the IRS, did this cash go to the terrorist organization Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) located in Gaza/West Bank that Osama Sam Mustafa is a member of, hell yeah!

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