MICHIGAN Univ MUSLIM STUDENTS: Chris Kyle was a racist and his movie ‘American Sniper’ promotes anti-Muslim and anti-MENA rhetoric and sympathizes with mass killer Chris Kyle.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

FOX NEWS: Muslim, Middle Eastern and North African students at the University of Michigan were successful in their mission to cancel a campus screening of “American Sniper” – claiming the film promotes anti-Muslim rhetoric and made them feel unsafe. The university had planned on showing the critically-acclaimed film about the life of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle on Friday. Instead, students will be treated to “Paddington” — a PG rated flick based on the children’s book about a stuffed Teddy bear.The abrupt change came after several hundred students and their supporters filed a protest – attacking both the film and Chris Kyle.

“The movie ‘American Sniper’ not only tolerates but promotes anti-Muslim and anti-MENA rhetoric and sympathizes with a mass killer,” wrote the group of Muslim, Middle Eastern and North African students (MENA). “Chris Kyle was a racist who took a disturbing stance on murdering Iraqi civilians.” The College Fix reported that members of the Muslim Students’ Association and a Palestinian solidarity group also joined the protest. “Watching this movie is provocative and unsafe to MENA and Muslim students who are too often reminded of how little the media and world value their lives,” the students wrote in their letter. The Center for Campus Involvement (CCI) took one look at the letter, freaked out and immediately pulled the plug on the highest grossing film of 2014. They promised to reschedule the film “in a forum that provides an appropriate space for dialogue and reflection.” Yeah right, screw them!

UPDATE….University of Michigan reverses decision, will show ‘American Sniper’ as scheduled. The University of Michigan said late Wednesday that it will show the film “American Sniper” as originally scheduled after a protest by students and staff caused the screening to be scrapped. University Vice President for Student Life E. Royster Harper called the decision to cancel the Friday night showing a “mistake” in a statement

Chris Kyle was an American hero who killed Muslim terrorists who were in the process of trying to kill American Soldiers and Marines. There is a ‘War on Terrorism’ that started when the Michigan Univ Muslim students hero Osama bin Bin Laden issued a joint declaration with the Islamic Group, Al Jihad, the Jihad Movement in Bangladesh and the “Jamaat ul Ulema e Pakistan” under the banner of the “World Islamic Front,” which stated that Muslims should kill Americans including civilians–anywhere in the world so stated in February 1998. I suggest that the Michigan Univ Muslim students who hate this movie move to Syria or Iraq and join up with their heroes in ISIS and AQIM.

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