Canadian Aaron Yoon a Muslim convert had been in a Mauritania Prison on terrorism charges was recruited for jihad by a radical cleric

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Canadian in who had been in Mauritanian custody on terrorism charges was recruited for jihad by a radical cleric: Mauritania official. A city in Mauritania’s southeastern desert, Boutilimit is known as the hometown of the country’s first president and a centre of Islamic learning that has attracted students from not only Africa but also the West. The official identified Yoon’s recruiter as Mohamed Hafez Ould Cheikh, who is allegedly connected to Al Qaeda through his cousin, Hassan Ould Khalil, a.k.a. Jleibib, an associate of AQIM regional terrorist leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar, his photo above. On the outskirts of the city, in a village called Naim, Aaron Yoon, a 24-year-old Muslim convert from London, Ont., lived and studied at a Koranic school, according to a Mauritanian official familiar with the case. Exactly what happened in the hamlet is a matter of dispute. Yoon, who was imprisoned in the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott. Arrested in 2011 on charges of conspiracy to join a terrorist group, AQIM, Yoon was convicted and received a two-year sentence. Yoon has maintained he went overseas to Mauritania to study the Qur’an and learn Arabic.
Dave Chidley/The Canadian Press; Geoff Robins for National Post

Dave Chidley/The Canadian Press; Geoff Robins for National PostXristos Katsiroubas (L) and Ali Medlej (R) died during a terrorist attack in Algeria, while classmate Aaron Yoon (C) was detained in Mauritania.
Foreign Affairs and RCMP officials are keeping all details surrounding the return of Aaron Yoon secret, including whether the government helped secure his release, paid for his plane ticket or even took him in for questioning. The 24-year-old London, Ont. man spent 18 months in a Mauritanian jail after being convicted of terrorism-related ties. He was released nearly six months before his sentence was to end and deported from the North African nation. Federal officials have since refused to divulge any information about his return, and won’t even refer to him by name. With links to Ali Medlej and Xris Katsiroubas, the two London Ont men who went to Mauritania and who died in a AQIM terrorist attack in January 2013 at an Algerian gas plant where 37 hostages were killed, Yoon’s return also raises questions about whether the Mounties consider him a threat to public safety. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is a Salafi-jihadist militant group and U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization (FTO) operating in the Sahara and Sahel where Mauritania is located. The flow of militants from the Sahara and Sahel where Mauritania is located to Syria and Iraq, where thousands of Moroccan and Tunisian citizens have joined the ISIS terrorist group, is raising concerns about battle-hardened fighters returning home to continue terror attacks. According to the New York Times Ninety percent of AQIM are young men from Mauritania. They are young men without hope, so now they sign up to fight with AQIM. Mauritania has an unemployment rate of 40 percent.

Orlando/New York Thug Marcus Dwayne Robertson was Blind Sheik Rahman’s Bodyguard And Set up Terrorist Camps in Mauritania for ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram. Muslim Cleric Abu Taubah aka Marcus Dwayne Robertson was running the Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary (F.I.K.S.) out of his home (mosque) in Orlando Fl with a BRONX New York website location, see their website click here, where he trys to get recruits to go to Mauritania, Africa. FROM F.I.K.S. WEBSITE…Mauritania, classically know as Chinguetti, is located in West Africa. It’s south of Morocco and north of Senegal. It also shares a border with Mali at its east and Algeria at its northeast. October 6th, 2011…Mauritania Islamists Linked To Nigeria Terror Group, A self-proclaimed leader of Nigeria’s Boko Haram recently alleged that some of the terror group’s militants were once trained in Mauritania. Mellam Ali Tshau told a Nigerian TV station that Mauritanian Islamists trying to overthrow the government of President Maaouya Ould Sid’Ahmed Taya in 2004 recruited Nigerians to their cause, providing them training before they returned home.

TRAC: Mauritania is on the edge of becoming the transit point of not only for training and radicalization for transnational attacks but also for attacks within the nation’s borders. Although the unchecked slavery market has always burdened the nation, between the recent prison releases, combined with al Qaeda in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) interest in the region and Salafist adult radicalization madrasas, the “Islamic Republic of Mauritania” is undergoing jihadist activity at an accelerated rate.

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