Trial of Charles Manson Was a Frame Up Claims Book ‘The Retrial of Charles Manson’ by Journalist Daniel Simone and Sarasota’s Heidi Ley.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Trial of Charles Manson Was a Frame Up Claims Book ‘The Retrial of Charles Manson’ by Journalist Daniel Simone and Sarasota’s Heidi Ley. Charles Manson Trial Was a Frame Up Says Sarasota “Charlie’s Angel” Heidi Ley and she intends to prove it in her new book, but she does not like to be taken to task for her stance. Heidi Ley told me a while back that “Today I am contacting authorities regarding your harassment.” Heidi Ley goes public about how serial killer Charles Manson’s conviction was a “frame up” in the Sarasota Herald Tribune and for some bizarre reason does not think that others, like me, just might disagree with her and when they do she claims harassment, get real.

“Sarasota woman telling Charles Manson’s story in new book”
“A biographer who thought he was losing his mind during his own Manson odyssey years ago expresses reservations over Heidi Ley’s zeal. He says, “She’s fallen a little bit under his spell, I fear.” When she brought that critical eye to bear during a random re-reading of “Helter Skelter,” Bugliosi’s scenario didn’t make sense the second time around. Bottom line: She’s convinced the satanic mystique is overblown. “I don’t think Charlie’s a nice guy — he’s not,” says Ley. “But is he the monster the DA made him out to be? No. The evidence doesn’t add up.”

“Morally, he’s probably responsible for what happened out there, but legally he may not even be guilty of murder. So many people involved in the Tate-LaBianca killings have changed their stories since that trial, but Manson is the only one who’s stayed consistent.” I don’t think he should be released from custody,” Heidi Ley says. “But I don’t think he belongs in prison, either.” Ley says her primary goal is to prove Bugliosi’s helter-skelter theory was a frame-up. “He gave the polygraph test to every suspect but wouldn’t give one to Manson. He knew Manson would pass.”

In a series of voice-messages left with the Herald-Tribune, Bugliosi argues subjecting Manson to a polygraph test would have been counterproductive. “Manson was a sociopath, and sociopaths don’t normally respond to lie detector tests because they don’t feel they’ve done anything wrong,” he says. MORE FROM CARAZY TOWN.

Convicted Serial Killer Charles Manson Trial Was a Frame Up Says Sarasota “Charlie’s Angel” Heidi Ley. Taking up her role in the “family” of serial killer Charles Manson is Sarasota jailhouse groupie Heidi Ley, she now plans to prove “Charlie” is not the monster the L.A. DA Vincent Bugliosi made him out to be, the book ‘The Retrial of Charles Manson’ by journalist Daniel Simone and Heidi Ley.

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Sharon Tate and Her Friends Slaughtered By Charles Manson Family August 9 1969 in Benedict Canyon Los Angeles CA. Has Sarasota Fl gone from “Cougar Town” to Crazy Town”? The Charles Manson Fan Club in Sarasota continues to send me emails complaining about my articles on Charles Manson and his Family who slaughtered pregnant actress Sharon Tate and four of her friends 44 1/2 years ago today.

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