$12K Reward For Info on Black Bloc Members Wanted for Assaulting 2 NYPD Lieutenants on Brooklyn Bridge.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Recognize any of these dirtballs? Wanted for assaulting 2 NYPD ieutenants on BKLYN Bridge. Call 1-800-COP-SHOT. $12K Reward. Chief Robert BoyceVerified account@NYPDDetectives

ON BLACK BLOC: Police Commissioner Bill Bratton didn’t hold back as he called the suspects “agitators and anarchists.” “Their world is a very different world often times than the world the rest of us live in. They don’t like government, they don’t society, they don’t like anything,” Bratton said at Police Headquarters. “So they’re seeking to take advantage of it.” Bratton, who announced a $12,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the unidentified suspects, said the images were copied and enhanced from a two-minute video posted on YouTube.

NYPD Deputy Chief William Aubry said the three female suspects and a man identified as “Male Number 1” were the first to set upon Lt. Patrick Sullivan and Lt. Philip Chan. “Male Number 2” was later seen pulling Linsker away from Sullivan, then kicking Sullivan as he lay on the ground, Aubry said. “Male Number 3 is the most disturbing, as well as Male Number 2. In that the latter part of the video you’ll see him going in and out of the confrontation . . . and pulls the officers down to the ground, and then he proceeds to run away as Linsker got away from the officers,” Aubry said. “He then goes back into the crowd and you’ll see at the very end of the video, punches Lt. Chan.” Chan’s nose was broken, and both he and Sullivan sustained cuts and bruises — but both cops were back on the job Tuesday after taking Monday off only reluctantly, sources said.

Black Bloc on NYPD: What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now! Black Bloc is Behind Violent Protests in New York City and Across USA in Retaliation For no Indictments in Michael Brown and Eric Garner Deaths. “Black Bloc” is a collection of far left anarchists and anarchist affinity groups that organize together for any particular protest action, they fight with the cops and destroy public property and local businesses and have done so since at least 1991 in the USA most recently under the name “This Stops Today“. FOX NEWS…Bill O’Reilly said the Factor has learned that the New York City protests are being coordinated by “hardcore, far-left activists,” calling out a group called “This Stops Today” (Black Bloc) and other “grievance organizations.” “These demonstrations you’re seeing are not spontaneous descent from regular folks. Rather, they are well planned disruptions from professional anti-establishment provocateurs.


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