UPDATED: American teacher Ibolya Ryan stabbed to death with large kitchen knife in Abu Dhabi Bathroom By Muslim Terrorist wearing a Burqa

Wednesday December 3rd, 2014

Mom: Ibolya Ryan, 47, named as the victim by CNN, was the mother of 11-year-old twin boys. She was previously married to Paul Ryan, and the couple had lived in Denver, Colorado
American teacher Ibolya Ryan stabbed to death in Abu Dhabi Bathroom By Muslim Terrorist wearing a Burqa, the attacker’s gender is not known due to the full Burqa, this was a planned Muslim terror attack on a American citizen, see the large knife this Muslim terrorist was carrying below. . UPDATED: A local woman has been arrested in connection with the slaying of an American teacher in an Abu Dhabi mall’s bathroom, officials said Thursday. Saif Bin Zayed, minister of the interior for the United Arab Emirates, told a press conference that the “face covered” suspect seen in security footage fleeing the scene of the crime is an Emirati national now in police custody. The woman in custody is also suspected of planting a bomb outside an American doctor’s home in Abu Dhabi, according to police. Investigators allegedly found bomb-making materials at the suspect’s home.

An American kindergarten teacher was fatally stabbed in a public restroom at a shopping mall in Abu Dhabi by a suspect wearing a black robe and full-face veil, police said The victim was identified as Ibolya Ryan, 47, by Ben Glickman, CEO and founder of Footprints Recruiting, which helped her get the teaching job in Abu Dhabi.

The murder weapon was found near the woman’s body where it had been abandoned by her killer. The attack on Reem Island in the United Arab Emirates on Monday came a little more than a month after the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi warned Americans of an online posting that encouraged attacks against teachers at American and other international schools in the Middle East.

As security guards rushed to the scene of the killing, her attacker calmly got in an elevator and walked out into the car park. The assailant wearing a burqa  left behind the weapon a large kitchen knife.

She entered the mall from the car park at 1.12pm, and a minute later was on the mall level where she got out of the elevator where she approached a security guard, see above. After apparently asking for directions – there is no audio footage – she moved towards the restrooms, picking up a free newspaper on the way.
Trail of blood: The crime scene was covered in the victim's blood in images revealed by police in Abu Dhabi
An hour and a half later he/she left the toilets (this WOMAN was waitng in the bathroom with a butcher knife for 90 minutes to get an American woman) – at precisely the time people are scene reacting to the horror in the hallways. This was a terrorist attack.

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