Al-Qaeda Terror Threat Remains 13 Years After 9/11 For New York City Says NYPD As Times Square Goes On High Alert.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

DETROIT FREE PRESS….The bridges of New York City — landmarks of the Big Apple’s skyline and symbols of the nation’s multibillion-dollar transportation system — are a major focus for security officials as the anniversary of 9/11 looms. The target of terrorist plots in the past decade that range from severing suspension cables on the Brooklyn Bridge to blind sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman’s plot to obliterate the George Washington Bridge during rush hour, the bridges are difficult to protect because of their highly accessible spans across prominent waterways.

Two recent breaches on the Brooklyn Bridge and one on the nearby Manhattan Bridge have brought heightened security alerts. And, 13 years after the World Trade Center attacks, the incidents have shown that it’s not impossible for people to find ways to go where they are forbidden. The more iconic crossings such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the George Washington Bridge could be targets because they represent Americana, much like Yankee Stadium. “Al Qaeda needs to prove it is still viable and relevant in light of ISIS’ success. And ISIS will be universally recognized as having eclipsed Al Qaeda if it can strike inside the U.S.”

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) – Police in New York City have beefed up security at iconic locations like the Empire State Building, Times Square and World Trade Center amid online “chatter” about terror threats. The NYPD also is increasing counterterrorism staffing. There’s still a substantial threat out of Yemen and within the United States with the continuing growth of homegrown Muslim extremists who are radicalised on the Internet and then get their instructions for developing explosives from Jihad websites like the Al-Qaeda online terror magazine ‘Inspire”.
While planning and executing a coordinated attack on the U.S. remains a major challenge for any terror group, inspiring “lone wolf” sympathizers to conduct attacks is much easier for terror groups, and not just Al Qaeda and Islamic State. Somali-based al-Shabaab, the Pakistani-based Taliban/Haqqani Network, Al Nusra, which is operating in northern Syria and Nigeria’s Boko Haram have all tried to radicalize U.S. citizens. The greatest bombing threat in NYC is from a sympathizer of Islamist terrorists already here in the USA.



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