Honor Killer Yaser Said Could Be Driving ‘Black Car Limos’ In NYC Based out of ‘Little Eqypt’ Astoria Queens NY.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

NY DAILY NEWS REPORTED..An alleged killer may be at the wheel of a New York City taxi cab or a Black Car Limo. A private eye searching for Yaser Said, a Texas man accused of gunning down his teenage daughters for dating non-Muslim boys, says he suspects the fugitive is driving a hack. “It’s all he knows and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he’s there working as a taxi driver under the table,” Bill Warner told FOX News. “He could blend in at a metropolis like New York.” An Egyptian immigrant, Said was placed on the FBI’s most-wanted list after the alleged “honor killing” of daughters Amina, 18, and Sarah Said, 17, on New Year’s Day, January 1st 2008. Yaser Said is 6’2″ tall and probably about 200 lbs by now.

Yaser Said could easily rent a licensed car under the table or simply use his own vehicle to pick up fares illicitly, according to Fernando Mateo, president of the New York State Foundation of Taxi Drivers. “There are 10,000 illegal drivers in New York City,” Mateo said. “It’s as easy as getting in your car and driving to one of the NY Metro airports, Newark Liberty, JFK or LaGuardia or picking up illegal street hails.” Yaser Said is an Egyptian National and he could blend into a neighborhood like ‘Little Eqypt’ in Astoria Queens NY.

TIMES SQUARE NY: Honor Killer Yaser Said FBI Wanted Billboard Up in Lights in Times Square NY Call 212-384-1000 With Tips, Told You So. The FBI thinks Yaser Said might have altered his appearance to avoid detection. He may or may not wear a mustache or shave his head, they said. “Said was born in Egypt and may seek shelter in communities with Egyptian ties,” the FBI said. “He frequents diners including Denny’s and IHOP, and smokes Marlboro Lights 100’s cigarettes. He may work as a taxi driver in New York City.”

Why is the FBI all of a sudden putting cash on the table for info about Yaser Said?
CBS 19 NEWS DALLAS…The FBI has announced a $20,000 reward for information leading to the capture of Yaser Abdel Said, accused of slaying his two teenage daughters in 2008 in Irving. “He is believed to have ties to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the New York City area, Canada and Egypt,” Katherine Gilkinson Chaumont, FBI Public Affairs for the Dallas region, said. The FBI contends Said took his daughters Amina and Sarah for a ride in his taxi cab, under the guise of taking them to get something to eat on Jan. 1, 2008. He drove them to Irving, Texas, where he allegedly shot both girls to death inside the taxi cab. Chaumont said the girls died of multiple gunshot wounds. In January 2008, based on an investigation by the Irving Police Department, a capital murder-multiple warrant was issued for Said’s arrest.

Yaser Said, who uses multiple aliases and is believed to be either 52 or 56 years old, is known to wear a thick mustache and dark sunglasses, including while indoors. He also prefers Denny’s and IHOP restaurants and is known to carry a weapon with him at all times, according to Said’s FBI wanted poster. Said, of Sinai, Egypt, has passports from the United States and his country of birth. He also has ties to New York and Texas. FBI officials in Dallas and New York told FoxNews.com that the hunt for Yaser Said is ongoing, declining further comment.

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