Top ten 10 Sexiest Small Cities In USA Has Sarasota Fl at #1 and Bradenton Fl at #3 Gotta Love Sex On The Beach, Nightlife and Strip Clubs.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

If someone mentions the word “sexy,” what cities do you think of? Las Vegas, maybe. San Francisco with its Folsom street Fair. Or perhaps you think of New York City and its chic and often revealing fashions. Basically, you think of big cities. Instead, imagine someone asked you to think of sexy small cities. Not so easy, is it? Well, the Movoto Real Estate Blog is here to help you out, and we’ve made a list of the 10 hottest and sexiest small cities out there. These spicy little spots were:
1. Sarasota, FL
2. Pensacola, FL
3. Bradenton, FL
4. Marietta, GA
5. Carson City, NV
6. Ocala, FL
7. Grand Junction, CO
8. Lancaster, PA
9. Chapel Hill, NC
10. San Marcos, TX
Some of these might not be much of a surprise, and seeing so much Florida on there is probably to be expected. But how exactly did we determine what makes a place sexy? SEE

All of these might be small cities, but it’s pretty apparent that they know how to live it up and flaunt what they’ve got. Don’t even try to shame any of these places for being sultry and sexy—they just know where the party’s at better than the rest of the U.S. and aren’t afraid to show it. SEE

Sexiest Small Cities In America

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