WWSB TV News: Questions Linger in North Port Police Scandal As One Cop Kills Himself and Cop Melanie Turner’s Sex History Surfaces.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE UPDATE: North Port officer lied to investigators, report says…..More than two months after a sexually themed party led to the suicide of one officer and the resignation of another, the North Port Police Department released an internal investigation into its officers’ conduct at the March 1 event. An eight-page summary shows how Officer Melanie Turner, who resigned shortly before the investigation was complete, lied to investigators, used an on-duty officer’s handcuffs for a sexual act and affected the “good order and reputation” of the North Port Police Department. SEE MORE AT http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20140606/ARTICLE/140609754/2416/NEWS?Title=North-Port-officer-lied-to-investigators-report-says



March 22nd 2014 WTSP Cop Party: People were drinking, women were friendly flashing their (breasts) to Ricky and other men. The victim jumped up and kissed him as soon as he came in the door. These types of parties (swingers?) go on all the time, is my understanding,’ says Melanie Turner’s attorney Eric Reisinger. “Ms. Turner had a prior relationship with the alleged victim for many years. Ms. Turner and the alleged victim have been intimate before is my understanding, says Melanie Turner’s attorney Eric Reisinger.”

March 25th 2014 MySuncoast TV WWSB Sarasota Fl: NORTH PORT, Fla. — Details continue to come to light in the shocking case of Melanie Turner and Rick Urbina, two North Port police officers accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a party. Many in the community are now raising questions about a possible police cover up. Especially noteworthy to the public are the courtesy calls Turner and Urbina received informing them that they were going to be charged with sexual assault and false imprisonment, and that they were about to be arrested.


We reached out to private detective Bill Warner, who says courtesy phone calls aren’t uncommon when dealing with law enforcement. “One thing you have to keep in mind is that he’s armed and he has a weapon,” Warner says. “You have to make some kind of arrangement when you go and arrest an officer to make sure its going to be a peaceful adventure.” But Bill Warner did find other discrepancies. “The other officer, Melanie Turner, had known the victim and had been in a prior relationship with the victim. That fact alone gets me wondering about [if] this happened before, [and] who gave the okay signal to have sex with the victim,” Warner says. According to reports, the off-duty Turner contacted the on-duty Urbina and invited him to the party. Shortly after Urbina’s arrival the two officers handcuffed the victim and escorted her to a bedroom where the assault took place. read more at http://www.mysuncoast.com/news/local/questions-linger-in-north-port-police-scandal/article_c21735c6-b396-11e3-b395-0017a43b2370.html

March 20th 2014 ABC Action News WFTS Tampa: Melanie Turner removed the victim’s pants without her consent and Urbina sexually battered the woman while Turner kissed her, according to the report. The victim saw the window blinds open and said her boyfriend is “going to kill you both” if he saw what was occurring.Turner put the woman’s pants back on and Urbina removed the handcuffs.The victim told a friend what occurred and an off-duty officer at the party contacted a police supervisor. Melanie Turner was interviewed four hours after the incident, but deputies redacted a summary of her statement from the report.

March 21st 2014 Sarasota Herald Tribune: Shortly after Urbina arrived (in uniform and on duty), the woman saw one of her guests handcuffed. Then, the woman claimed, the officers cuffed her. The woman told investigators that Urbina and Turner, who had been drinking, led her into a bedroom. Minutes later, she emerged from the bedroom crying and told a friend that she had been “violated.” The friend told off-duty North Port Officer Keshia Veigel, who was at the party, the report said. Veigel, in turn, told another officer, Jeff Wilson, who was there and off duty. And Wilson “immediately” contacted a North Port police supervisor.

March 21st 2014 WSMV TV News Nashville TN: Friday in court, Melanie Turner was issued $200,000 bond. Turner’s attorney, Eric Reisinger says she had a prior relationship with the victim, and everything that happened that night was consensual. Reisinger also represented Rick Urbina, Reisinger was hired to represent Urbina and coordinate a defense with Turner and her attorney. He says both officers were shocked at the allegations. Reisinger said Urbina took a polygraph test shortly after the incident and the polygraph proved the incident was consensual. Supposedly Melanie Turner and officer Rick Urbina also were involved in a relations ship.

November 29th 2006 Sarasota Herald Tribune ‘North Port Police officers Melanie Turner and Sgt. Patrick Sachkar punished for relationship‘. A North Port police officer and her former supervisor were reprimanded after an internal investigation found they began their relationship while on the same shift, according to an internal report released this week.The inquiry was launched after Officer Melanie Turner’s former roommate told police that Melanie Turner had threatened to hang herself under the tree where she and the patrol sergeant first kissed, records show. The roommate also said Turner had threatened to shoot herself with her department-issued gun, and had abused alcohol and prescription drugs. Investigators could not substantiate any of the claims about Turner being suicidal or abusing drugs or alcohol, but agreed she needed to undergo psychological evaluation and seek substance abuse counseling. Turner also was given a written reprimand for handcuffing her then-roommate and putting her in the back of her patrol car. Turner said it was a joke; her 20-year-old roommate didn’t think so.


Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota Fl at www.wbipi.com