Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Possible Hijacking by Al-Qaeda linked Abu Sayyaf Which Has a Base of Operation in Sabah Malaysia.

Friday, March 14, 2014

ABC NEWS….Al-Qaeda linked Abu Sayyaf has a base of operation in Sabah Malaysia. Abu Sayyaf a terror group from Malaysia plotted in the weeks after 9/11 to attack an airplane using explosives hidden in their shoes, according to a former terrorist who claimed to have supplied the bomb. Saajid Badat, a British national and terrorist-turned-government witness, told a New York court Tuesday that he met the group of Malaysians, which included a pilot, in late 2001 and claimed they planned to blow open a plane’s cockpit door in order to carry out a 9/11-style hijacking. Badat said he had two shoe bombs for his own terror plot before he gave one to the Malaysians for their “operation.” Badat wore the other as he flew from Karachi, Pakistan to Holland and from there to England in December 2001. He did not detonate the device on those flights, he said, because he wanted to save it for an attack on an American airline – an operation he was planning with now-convicted shoe bomber Richard Reid. Once in the U.K., however, Badat said he backed out of his operation after speaking with his parents, leaving Reid to go it alone. Reid was arrested after he failed to detonate explosives hidden in his shoes while aboard American Airlines Flight 63 on Dec. 22, 2001. Badat was arrested in England in 2005 and pleaded guilty to a count of “conspiracy with others to destroy a passenger airliner whilst in flight by igniting a high-explosive device,” according to British authorities.
WASHINGTON (CNN) May 14th, 2004 — Citing terrorist activities in Southeast Asia, the U.S.  State Department has restated concerns of possible terrorist attacks against  American citizens and interests in Malaysia, especially in the eastern state of  Sabah. The State Department advises U.S. citizens traveling to the islands and in the coastal areas of eastern Sabah to exercise extreme caution and to be aware  of threats from the Abu Sayyaf, a terrorist linked to Al-Qaeda. Sabah Malaysia is close to the southern end of the Philippines. Americans planning travel to that region are encouraged to call the American  Embassy in Kuala Lumpur before leaving.
Al-Qaeda linked Abu Sayyaf Has a Base of Operation in Sabah Malaysia. Abu Sayyaf: U.S. officials believe there are strong historic links between the al Qaeda terrorist network and the Philippines’ decades-old Abu Sayyaf rebel group. The al Qaeda-Abu Sayyaf links are believed to go back to the origins of Abu Sayyaf. And a U.S. official told The Associated Press that the links continued in recent years as the two groups exchanged money, equipment and people  —  including Abu Sayyaf fighters being sent for training at al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan. The United States is arming the Philippine military in its battle against Abu Sayyaf, and the group is on the State Department list of known terrorist organizations.
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