Drug Trade Run by Black Thugs On North Trail of Sarasota Bad For Your Health Ask Amber O’Brien, Too Late for Murdered Nicole Rose Scott.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Amber O’Brien is as a known prostitute and drug user on the North Trail of Sarasota Fl, she has 13 arrests in Sarasota County. Amber O’Brien choice of drugs was via needle injections of “Roxy’s” to get high.  Drug users in her sphere are always looking for the next fix, are prone to share drugs and needles and thus spread Hep C, Aids, Herpes and a whole laundry list of afflictions and infections to their unknowing and stupid ”Johns”. 

Murdered Nicole Rose Scott was also known to frequent the North Trail of Sarasota Fl, reports indicate that she was in a hotel/motel in the 4900 block of North Tamiami Trl (North Trail) Sarasota Fl on or about Friday December 9th, 2011 just two days before her body was found at the East end of University Parkway on Sunday December 11th, 2011.  It appears that murdered Nicole Rose Scott also shot up with “Roxy’s” to get high. It appears that Amber O’Brien and murdered Nicole Rose Scott knew the same dealers on the North Trail.  Amber Obrien was arrested on prostitution charges in the 5000 block of North Tamiami Trl (North Trail) Sarasota Fl May 2012.

Roxycodone (Roxy’s) addiction…. Injecting roxycodone, HOW TO KILL YOURSELF, Roxycodone (or Roxycontin) is name brand for oxycodone, you will only need half or even a quarter of a normal dose when injecting because 100% of it goes straight to the bloodstream, overdose and you will die, crush it up, mix it with some warm water, stir, give it some time because oxycodone is much less water soluble than other opiates, and now you can ruin your life.

It appears that the black thug Newtown drug dealers, like Dexter V. Johnson, who run prostitution and drug sales on the North Trail of Sarasota Fl get young females hooked on Cocaine and Roxycodone (Roxy’s) addiction buy offering it for free at first, then once hooked force the girls to sell themselves on the street while they operate out of series of Hotels and Motels between 42nd street and University Parkway Sarasota Fl.

Drug dealer, pimp and rapist Dexter V. Johnson operated his business out of a series of motels in the 4900 block of North Tamiami Trl (North Trail) and the 5000 block of North Tamiami Trl (North Trail) Sarasota Fl, see photo above.

Newtown black thug Dexter V. Johnson, 51, had been at living at 2749 Leon Ave, SEE MAP in the heart of Newtown where he ran a car detail business.  Dexter V. Johnson has been arrested 43 times in Sarasota County Fl, see his list of 43 crimes, CLICK HERE. Dexter V. Johnson, DOB 4/11/1961, did time in the Florida State prison system on drug charges, Dexter V. Johnson is a cocaine dealer and a low life pimp. Dexter V. Johnson is currently in the Sarasota County Jail awaiting trail on a violent rape charge, good place for him.  Dexter V. Johnson, and others in his crew, appears to have had dealings with both Amber O’Brien and murdered Nicole Rose Scott, small world again.

SARASOTA PROSTITUTION SWEEP, Early Summer 2012- The Street Crimes Unit with the Sarasota Police Department made eight arrests for prostitution during an undercover operation. The arrests were made along the North Tamiami Trail area and at the intersection on 8th Street and Apricot Avenue between 10am and 4pm, broad daylight. SPD says the operation was conducted in response to community concerns. Arrested during the operation were:
1). 24-year-old Catherine LaChance; arrested at 10:15am at 777 N. Tamiami Trail and charged with felony Prostitution.
2). 23-year-old Rachelle Tocco; arrested at 10:35am at 7000 N. Tamiami Trail and charged with misdemeanor Prostitution.
3). 29-year-old Darlene Debord; arrested at 11:25am at 8th and Apricot and charged with felony Prostitution.
4). 29-year-old Lisa Willis; arrested at 1:15pm at 8th and Apricot and charged with felony Prostitution.
5). 20-year-old Dezzeray Smith; arrested at 2:20pm at 10th Street and N. Tamiami Trail and charged with misdemeanor Prostitution and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.
6). 34-year-old Elizabeth Matson;arrested at 2:50pm at 8th and Apricot and charged with felony Prostitution.
7). 29-year-old Jessica Chapman; arrested at 3:22pm at 10th Street and N. Tamiami Trail and charged with felony Prostitution.
8). 22-year-old Amber O’Brien; arrested at 3:57pm at the Comfort Inn 5000 N. Tamiami Trail and charged with felony Prostitution.
9). 27-year-old Melissa Cowie, for Prostitution (misdemeanor), and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
10). 36-year-old Sally Mertens, for Prostitution (Felony). Arrested at 1:50pm on North Tamiami Trail just north of University Parkway
11). 31-year-old Jessica Palmer for Prostitution (Felony). Arrested at 1:30pm at same location as Mertens.
12). 19-year-old Dezzerray Smith, for Prostitution (misdemeanor), Contempt of Court – Failure to Appear, and Possession of Narcotics Equipment. Arrested at 1:10pm at the intersection of 10th Street and Cocoanut Avenue.
13). 33-year-old Elizabeth Matson, for Prostitution (Felony). Arrested at 11:20am on 9th Street just east of U.S. 301.
14). 38-year-old Jennifer Dougal for Prostitution (Felony). Arrested at 11am at the intersection of Lemon Avenue and 6th Street.

Amber O’Brien made headlines in Sarasota County when she was spotted in the car of Newtown Youth Director Jerry Fogle on October 8th, 2011…. Sarasota He Said-She Said, Hooker Amber O’Brien Back In Jail On “Contempt Of Court” Charge She Claims Newtown Youth Director Jerry Fogle Is One of Her “Johns” Who Faves Oral Sex.  Known prostitute Amber O’Brien, 21, was stopped later in the parking lot of the Sarasota Court Motel and asked about the incident in Jerry Fogle’s car. Amber O’Brien said Jerry Fogle had been seeking oral sex and that she has performed that sexual act for him in the past.


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