Sarasota Asolo Employee John Wyczlinski Charged in American Front Neo Nazi Plot to Bomb Buildings in Orlando.

Thursday, May 17, 2012 

HERALD TRIBUNE SARASOTA COUNTY – A Venice man who works at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota was arrested this week by state and federal authorities who say he was part of a paramilitary group bent on a race war and plotting to blow up public buildings in Orlando, according to arrest records.  John Wyczlinski, 33, of the 1300 block of Pine Lake Drive in Venice, is charged with three felonies: violating the Florida anti-paramilitary training act, criminal conspiracy and committing a hate crime. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE. John Thomas Wyczlinski, DOB 6/02/1978, was the Asolo Call Center Supervisor.  Asolo Theater sure needs to do a better job when and if they do any kind of background checks of their employee’s.

Melbourne, Florida (FL Today) — A dozen alleged white supremacists, including six current and former Brevard County residents, face hate crime and criminal conspiracy charges stemming from an alleged plot to attack a rival, anti-racism group at a rally they expected to happen in downtown Melbourne. Authorities have arrested another alleged white supremacist in connection with the case broken this week by the FBI’s counter terrorism task force and local police, and they’re still searching for a 12th suspect who is from Palm Bay.

Authorities allege in court documents that the leaders of the militia-style American Front group aspired to far bigger and more sinister plots. A former Brevard County resident identified as the group’s ringleader was attempting to make ricin, a deadly toxin that is categorized by the government as a weapon of mass destruction, and “has been planning and preparing the AF for what he believes to be an inevitable race war.”

American Front (AF) Affiliations: Vinlanders, Volksfront, Sacto Skins, Bay Area Skinheads, Confederation of Racialist Working Class Skinheads, the United Society of Aryan Skinheads, Berdoo Skins.  To broaden its support base and recruit members, the American Front has affiliated itself with racist skinhead and neo-Nazi groups across the country, particularly in California. In addition, the group has promoted support for members of The Order, a white supremacist terrorist group that carried out armed robberies, assassinations and other crimes.
In recent years, much of the American Front’s activities have been concentrated in Florida, where the group’s presence has been centered in Orlando and nearby towns, such as Cocoa, Winter Park, Satsuma, and St. Cloud. Some of that activity has been criminal, with members being arrested for several different incidents of vandalism of churches and synagogues, and other crimes. The St Cloud chapter of American Front, deemed a ‘racist skinhead group’ by the Anti-Defamation League, made a base at the secluded home of leaders Marcus and Patricia Faella.
American Front is a “domestic terrorist organization” says the FBI. The suspects arrested were:
• John Wyczlinski Venice Fl.
• Marcus Faella and his wife, Patricia Faella, 36, who now live in rural St. Cloud.
•Verlin Lewis, 40, the most recent arrested, who was found in Washington County on Tuesday. Published reports describe him as the leader of the North Florida chapter.
•Mark McGowan, 29, and Jennifer McGowan, 25, of Canaveral Groves.
•Christopher Brooks, 27, of Palm Bay
•Diane Stevens, 28, of Kissimmee.
•Paul Jackson, 25, of Saint Cloud
•Kent McLellan, 22, of Saint Cloud
•Dustin Perry, 27, of Kissimmee
•Richard ‘Swamp Nazi’ Stockdale, 23, of Kissimmee.
•A 12th suspect, Dylan Rettenmaier, is still wanted. He is from Palm Bay.

                           PHOTOS of Patricia Faella and Marcus Faella.
 Federal, state and local authorities arrested much of the core membership of the Florida contingent of the white supremacist American Front this past weekend on hate crimes and conspiracy charges. The American Front is one of the oldest hardcore racist skinhead groups in the United States, with a membership concentrated primarily in northern California and central Florida.  Members picked up so far include Marcus Faella, 39; Patricia Faella, 36; The Faellas have played something of a leadership role within the American Front since the shooting death of its previous leader, David Lynch, in California in 2011.

See American Front affadavit (caution: strong language) – Florida Today,

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