Sept 17th 2011 Birth of Occupy Movement USA With NLG, US Government Declared War on NLG Sept 17th 1950, Payback Time for NLG.

Friday, March 23, 2012

September 17th, 2011 Was the Birth of the Occupy Movement in the USA, From the start the Occupy Movement has been associated with the National Lawyers Guild if not created by and funded by The National Lawyers Guild in New York City.
October 6th, 2011…The National Lawyers Guild has been conducting mass defense for over half a century. The Occupy movement is spreading across the country and our membership is working hard to keep pace. Please consider supporting these efforts by making a donation. To make a tax-deductible donation, make checks payable to NLG Foundation (please write “National Office” in the memo line) and mail to National Lawyers Guild Foundation, 132 Nassau Street, #922, New York, NY 10038, see their website

Exactly 61 years ago on September 17th, 1950 the US Government declared war on the National Lawyers Guild, and they never forgot it, payback time with the Occupy Movement.  OCCUPY MOVEMENT LITIGATION JIHAD: National Lawyers Guild and ACLU attorneys representing Occupy Movement Protesters have filed lawsuits from coast to coast

Occupy Sarasota Chris Young is following the Occupy Movement’s game plan dictated out of New York City, bait and engage the cops, get arrested, file a lawsuit.  “Occupy protesters sue New York City over pepper spray incident”, National Lawyers Guild attorneys representing Occupy Movement Protesters have filed lawsuits – or are planning them – in state and federal courts from coast to coast, challenging eviction orders and what they call heavy-handed police tactics and the banning of demonstrators from public properties, (where they moved in).


REPORT ON THE NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD-LEGAL BULWARK OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1950.-Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union and ordered to be printed.

Since 1950 and on, The National Lawyers Guild in New York City since its inception it has never failed to rally to the legal defense of the Communist Party and individual members thereof, including known espionage agents. It has consistently fought against national, State, and local legislation aimed at curbing the Communist conspiracy. It has been most articulate in its attacks upon all agencies on the activities of the Communist network, including national, State, and local investigative committees, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and law enforcement agencies generally.

Federal Judge Harold Medina, in citing for contempt the attorneys who defended the 11 Communists convicted in New York of advocating the overthrow of the United States Government by force and violence, noted the frequent, and deliberate efforts on the part of the National Lawyers Guild attorneys to inject Communist propaganda into the trial. Medina handed down sentences of contempt of court to the following NLG attorneys for the Communists, all of whom are members of the National Lawyers Guild: Richard Gladstein, 6 months; George Crockett, 4 months; Maurice Sugar, 30 days; Louis McCabe, 4 months; Abraham Isserman, 4 months; Harry Sacher, 6 months. Abraham L. Pomerantz, a member of NLG.

In the 1970’s….National Lawyers Guild (NLG) National Organizers Ken Cloke and Bernardine Dohrn (Bill Ayers wife) participated in planning sessions, along with NLG staffers such as Dana Biberman, herself becoming a leading Weather Underground member, and Alicia Kaplow. Bernaedine Dohrn, a law school graduate, and Cloke recruited radicalized law students, many of them former SDS members, into the NLG. And a number of these NLG law students, including Eleanor Stein Raskin, joined the terrorist underground as fugitives.

In 2001…..Four hours after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, for instance, John Wheat Gibson (“The Guild’s” Texas-Oklahoma Region Co-Vice President) claimed that the U.S. and Israel were most likely responsible for the atrocities of that day. The Guild supports cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal (naming him as one of its National Vice Presidents); Symbionese Liberation Army member Sara Jane Olson; and Leonard Peltier, an American Indian Movement activist who was convicted of murdering two FBI agents.

In 2005….PERFECT EXAMPLE OF NLG THINKING, “The enemy of my enemy (USA) is my friend”….Terror lawyer & National Lawyers Guild member Lynne Stewart ordered to prison after conviction upheld, Stewart and the NLG are Al-Qaeda’s Law Firm. 

Stewart, 69, (a member of the National Lawyers Guild) was convicted in February 2005 of conspiracy and providing and concealing material support of terrorism for her actions in smuggling messages from “blind sheik” Omar Abdel-Rahman to his followers in the Islamic terror group Gama’a al-Islamiyya who tried to take out the WTC towers in 1993 and the tunnels and the bridges to Manhattan NYC.

In 2008….National Lawyers Guild Attorney Sabrina Shroff Defends Narco-Terrorist Haji Juma Khan.  Haji Juma Khan was arrested on Thursday 10/23/08 half way around the world, on Friday 10/24/08 in New York City, National Lawyers Guild Attorney Sabrina Shroff is Khan’s lawyer of record, 24 hour turn around, Al-Qaeda must have the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) on speed dial.

October 21st 2008…An American student who became the first person extradited to the United States from Britain on terrorism charges. Terror suspect Syed Fahad Hashmi, from Queens NY, is a member of the terrorist group al-Muhajiroun, he had been arrested in London by anti-terrorist police, June 2006 at London’s Heathrow airport. Hashmi is being held at the Manhattan Detention Center New York City on four counts of providing material support to Al Qaida, his attorney is Sean Maher. Sean Maher is an attorney at a Midtown Manhattan Law office, Mr. Maher is a member of the National Lawyers Guild.


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