Dale W. Smith II Violent Felon, Disgraced Marine, #1 Suspect in Missing Michelle Parker Case and Orlando Star Wars Stormtrooper.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

UPDATE November 17th, 2015..No new clues in Michelle Parker search in Orlando says cops. Dale W. Smith II, Stormtrooper trading card for 501st Division, Florida Garrison (Orlando), see link click here.Michelle Parker’s ex-fiance — Dale W. Smith II — was named officially a suspect in her disappearance late Monday, November 28th, 2011.

Do you have any idea on how bad you must be for the Marines to kick you out, some Judges in Florida still offer young repeat offenders a choice, 24 months in County Jail or join the Marines.  The Marines kicked Dale W. Smith II out in 2003 after he had been in for at least 7 years, he had several court-martials and was dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps, a total disgrace.

In August 2009, Michelle Parker requested a domestic-violence injunction against Dale W. Smith II. She said in court papers that he was holding their then-15-month-old daughter when he cursed at her and broke the passenger-side window on her truck during an argument over the children. Michelle Parker told the court that Dale W. Smith previously had been violent with her and had threatened to kidnap their children. She also said Dale W. Smith had problems with drugs and alcohol.

Dale W. Smith II, DOB 6/28/1971,was arrested several times during the 1990s. He pleaded no contest in 1990 to trespassing on school grounds and in 1992 to attempted aggravated battery. He entered a pretrial diversion in 1992 after being arrested on a charge of marijuana possession. He pleaded guilty in 1997 to battery. In June 1996, Smith joined the U.S. Marine Corps. He was court-martialed in 2001 and found guilty of drug and domestic-battery charges, the military agency said. Smith was dishonorably discharged as a private in 2003.

Dale W. Smith jr’s “Gal Pal” Cheyenne Milner in Jacksonville refuses to believe the guy she’s been friends with for the past five years, Dale W. Smith jr. the “Star Wars” stormtrooper who goes to sci-fi conventions with her regularly (dressed in character), had anything to do with Parker’s disappearance.  “I’ll go down. I’ll go down fighting. It’s not in his character. It’s not something he would do,” Milner said…….FROM THE ORLANDO COUNTY CLERK CRIMINAL RECORDS;
Charges: DALE WAYNE SMITH jr, DOB 06/28/1971, White Male.
1. AGGRAVATED BATTERY (Attempt) 784.045 Third Degree – Felony 05/30/1992
12/10/1992 Disposition (Judicial Officer: Adams, John H, SR)
1 – Adjudication Withheld
12/10/1992 Plea (Judicial Officer: Adams, John H, SR)
05/30/1992 (TDF) 784.045 (784.045)
Confinement (Effective 12/10/1992 at 12:00 AM, Min. , Max. 0 Year- 6 Months- 0 Days , Orange County Jail, Comment: )
Credit for Time Served: 0 Yr 0 Mo 2 Days
State Probation (2 Yr 0 Mo 0 Days )

Prior to Dale W. Smith’s discharge from the Marines in 2003 he had a string of felony arrests in the Orlando area, see Orange County Clerk records below;
1) Case 1990-CF-001851-A-O, SMITH, DALE WAYNE II, DOB 06/28/1971 Charge Date 02/20/1990 Circuit Criminal Divisions – Felony Criminal Felony
2). Case 1990-MM-004768-A-O, SMITH, DALE WAYNE, DOB 06/28/1971, Charge Date 03/26/1990 Orlando Adams, Martha C, Misdemeanor
3). Case 1992-MM-003836-A-O, SMITH, DALE WAYNE, II DOB 06/28/1971, Charge Date 03/18/1992 Orlando Allen, Faye L , Misdemeanor
4). Case 1992-CF-006085-B-O, SMITH, DALE WAYNE DOB 06/28/1971, Charge Date 06/30/1992 Div 16 Schreiber, Margaret H, Criminal Felony
5). Case 1996-CF-013903-A-O, SMITH, DALE WAYNE DOB 06/28/1971, charge date 11/15/1996 Div 16 Schreiber, Margaret H, Criminal Felony
Closed BATTERY .

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