Sarasota City Manager Robert Bartolotta Seeks Cuts in Police Dept. While Newtown Thugs Run Wild Shooting Up The Town.

Monday, June 20, 2011 

Sarasota City Manager Robert J. Bartolotta, 63, lives on uber upscale Bird Key Island with TV stars and Captains of Industry keeping a 5 mile buffer between his home (with an assessed value of $786,200.00) and the whole different violent world of the “Courts” section of Newtown home to Shawn Tyson and his gang.
JUNE 20th SARASOTA – Scrambling to fill a roughly $6 million budget shortfall next fiscal year, Sarasota city officials ( Robert J. Bartolotta) earlier this month quietly recruited a third-party consultant to help trim its largest expense: the Police Department.

The same day he agreed to become interim Sarasota County Administrator, former North Port Police Chief Terry Lewis was scheduled to start a contract job with the city to take a serious look at ways to trim the police budget. News that the city was bringing in a third party consultant has drawn fire from the Sarasota Police Benevolent Association, the police union now sparring with the city over proposed sweeping cuts to officer pensions.

This is viewed by the rank and file as an attempt to undermine police,” said Sgt. Mick McHale, president of the local PBA. “We are under attack. You now have men and women coming into work every day thinking they might not have a job anymore.”


Atop the list of potential cuts are specialty units such as SWAT, marine patrol and K-9 units — expensive services that could potentially be paired with what Sarasota County already provides. But City Manager Bob Bartolotta said it is too early to tell if the city’s exploration of “efficiencies” will mean fewer police.

What has to happen before Sarasota city (Robert J. Bartolotta), county and/or state officials take action to curb gang violence in Newtown? Does Sarasota need dead cops laying in the streets like in St Pete and Tampa murdered by black gang members before someone gets off their hands and clamps down on all the illicit street activity in Newtown?Open Season” on Cops In the St Pete & Tampa Fl area five (5) Police officers have been killed by black thug gang members.

Since April 16th when the two British Tourists were slaughtered in “The Courts” section of Newtown by what appears to be thug Shawn Tyson and one of his gang members, there has been armed car jackings, armed robberies, drug dealers threatening residents with a shotgun (in broad daylight), one guy found on MLK with bullet holes in his legs, one guy found dead laying near MLK and just yesterday a Newtown resident answered his door and was shot by a man dressed all in black and “Nobody Knows Nuttin”, No Snitchin in Newtown.
The list of potential police cuts by the City of Sarasota are specialty units such as SWAT, marine patrol and K-9 units, these units are off-shoots of Military type units and are most often staffed by Sarasota Police officers with a Military background.
Sarasota City Manager Robert J. Bartolotta, 63, has his bio on the Sarasota Gov. website, his background does not indicate any involvement with or service with the US Military even though he was prime time Vietnam age in 1969 to 1975, he does indicate a stint as a Peace Corps volunteer.    In the 1960s it was the Vietnam War and the draft, the Peace Corps was one way to get out of draft eligibility.  In the 1960s and ealy 1970’s, the Peace Corps was very popular with recent college graduates as way to avoid the Vietnam war and Military service.

BIO FROM SARASOTA GOV PAGE; Robert J. Bartolotta has been City Manager of Sarasota, Florida since July 23, 2007. Prior to his appointment to this position, Mr. Bartolotta served as Town Manager of Jupiter, Florida; Assistant City Manager of Savanna, Georgia; City Manager of Dover, Delaware and Assistant City Manager of Ames, Iowa.  As City Manager, Mr. Bartolotta is responsible for carrying out the policy decisions of the City Commission, providing leadership to the organization and supervising the daily operations of Sarasota city government.
Robert J. Bartolotta is a member of the International City and County Management Association; served as Vice Chairman of the Chatham County Board of Tax Assessors; served as president of the Delaware Association of City Managers; served as Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware; teaching Municipal Management and was President of the East Georgia Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration.  Robert J. Bartolotta also served as a Peace Corps volunteer. Mr. Bartolotta has a B.A. from California State University, an M.P.A. from the University of Southern California and is a graduate of the Program for Senior Executives in State and local Government, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy school of Government. 


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