Pamela Geller Obtains Lawyer in Sarasota County To Defend Her in Current Lawsuit, Her Lawyer Has Discipline History With Florida Bar Including Suspension of License.

Friday January 21st, 2011

From the Public records of the Florida Bar, it appears that the attorney Pamela Geller obtained to co-defend her in the Sarasota County Lawsuit filed by private investigator Bill Warner had  a serious run-in with the Florida Bar over a check written from his Trust Account.

The new attorney for Pamela Geller in Sarasota County Fl, who appears to specialize in real estate law, had his license suspended for 10 days at the end of 2005 or the begining of 2006 as per the Florida Bar.  The new attorney for Pamela Geller in Sarasota County Fl signed a Three Count  CONDITIONAL GUILTY PLEA FOR CONSENT JUDGMENT in December 2005 agreeing to a 10 day suspension from the practice of law, agreeing to attended a Trust Accounting Workshop in January 2006 in Miami and agreeing to payment of costs totaling $9,622,46 as per The Supreme Court of Florida ruling…..MORE TO FOLLOW

“When you lie down with dogs sometimes you get fleas”.

Radical right wing blogger Pamela Geller is also the subject of another lawsuit this one seeking $10 Million in Damages, see link to her website,   “$10,000,000 Lawsuit Against Pamela Geller, Cites Free Speech Lawfare Lawsuit Brought by Omar Tarazi — Litigation Jihad

New York City radical right wing blogger Pamela Geller appears to have a checkered past, see link to a investigative bio on her, “Geller’s Wealth from Corruption, Fraud; Dealership She Co-Owned Supplied Cop-Killer Getaway Car” Geller was listed as a co-owner of the dealership though she denied any knowledge of the fraud.  However, the head of the local D.A.’s economic crimes unit is quoted as saying that the owners of the dealership knew about, and possibly actively organized the fraud, which implies that either Geller had to know about it or willfully kept herself in the dark.

Pamela Geller New York City address provided by the Huffington Post…. Geller Campaign Contributions and Donations — Huffington Post Pamela Geller donations and other campaign contributions on Huffington Post, E 57TH ST. New York, NY. $500 donation to Allen West for Congress.


Case Number 2009 CA 007420 NC
Uniform Case Number 582009CA0074200000NC
Filing Type Other – Circuit
Filing Date 5/1/2009