UPDATED In a Scene Right Out of “Goodfellas” John P. Wheeler Murdered Body Dumped Out Of The Rear of Garbage Truck in Wilmington DE, Who Set Up The Mafia Style Hit? SEE VIDEO.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Inquirer UPDATED 1/05/2011….Source: John P. Wheeler III planted incendiary devices at the home of neighbor Frank Marini in New Castle Delaware days before Wheeler’s body was found in the back of a garbage truck at the Cherry Island Landfill in Wilmington.  Police found evidence (John Wheeler’s cell phone was found in Frank Marini’s home) linking John Parsons Wheeler 3d to devices planted at the New Castle home of a neighbor (Frank Marini) with whom he had been feuding, said the source, who is close to the investigation. The feud was over the size of the neighbor’s house, which was under construction in the city’s historic district,  more from this source….

Newark police returned to the Cherry Island Landfill in Wilmington on Monday, searching for clues about a prominent former Pentagon official John P. Wheeler III, his photo above, who was found dead in the trash on New Year’s Eve day December 31st, 2010.

 Wheeler was believed to be on an Amtrak train from Washington to Wilmington on Tuesday, according to Newark police Lt. Mark Farrall, but what happened between then and 10 a.m. Friday — when Wheeler’s body fell out of a trash truck at Cherry Island land fill-– remains a mystery, see link to map of location of Cherry Island land fill to the New Castle area, click here.

See bodies in garbage truck video exert from Goodfellas Movie, click here, who set up the Mafia style hit on 66-year-old John P. Wheeler III.  Investigators said John Wheeler was last seen at 10th and Orange Streets in Wilmington DE around 3:30 pm on Thursday December 30, the following day John Wheeler’s dead body turned up at the Cherry Island Landfill in Wilmington, Delaware Friday December 31, at around 9:56 am per police, the body had been dumped in a NE Newark DE trash bin, the trash bins (dumpsters) were picked up starting around 4:30 am on Friday December 31 in the North East Newark DE zip code of 19711

Why was the Newark DE zip code 19711 the dump zone late PM December 30th or early AM December 31st, who was familiar with North East Newark DE, who knew which dumpster to dump the body in and the schedule that day for pick up and disposal at the Cherry Island land fill, who had a vendetta with John P. Wheeler.  After working at his Mitre office on Tuesday December 28th, John Wheeler is believed to have taken a train from Washington to Wilmington DE. That night, December 28th, police said, smoke-bomb devices were set off in the unfinished New Castle home of Frank Marini across the street from Wheeler’s home at 108 West 3rd Street New Castle DE.   John Wheeler and the Marini’s have been embroiled in a court battle over the dimensions of the Marini house that would block John Wheeler’s view of the Delaware river.

Detectives also had not yet pinpointed the trash bin on the east side of Newark into which Wheeler’s body was dumped, Farrall said. Tracing the trash truck driver’s route, police determined Wheeler’s body could have been dumped in any of 10 trash bins.

Wheeler was known in New Castle for his failed efforts to stop construction of a 2 1/2-story house across the street from his home along Battery Park. Wheeler had sued to stop Frank and Regina Marini from building, arguing the structure would block his view of the park and the Delaware River. The Marinis’ home is currently under construction, but Wheeler and Klyce still have a lawsuit pending in Delaware Chancery Court to stop the project, said attorney Bayard Marin, more from this source…

According to ABC News, police have said that a footprint impression from a workboot was picked up by investigators during the search of John P. Wheeler’s home. The workboots, according to police, have a knobby pattern to them, leaving a distinct tread pattern that was picked up when they dusted for prints.

John Wheeler’s cell phone was found in Frank Marini’s home across from the Wheeler’s residence in New Castle. Law enforcement investigators have conducted a thorough review of the numbers contained, which prompted an interview with one cab driver named Athel Scott.

Francis “Frank” Marini, the neighbor who the murdered 66-year-old John P. Wheeler III had an onngoing dispute and lawsuit with, wanted to build a two-and-a-half story home across the street from Wheeler at 108 West Third Street. It would have blocked Wheeler’s view, see link to house and the view, click here.

The Marini’s home is under construction at the entrance of Battery Park along the Delaware River.  Regina Marini said she wanted to move back to her hometown with her mother. But the fight over construction has dragged on and the case remains unresolved in Delaware courts.

On Friday, an employee at the landfill spotted Wheeler’s body falling from a dump truck into a trash pile. Police were able to identify Wheeler based on identification found on his body, Farrall said.  Police determined the body was dumped somewhere near College Square and East Main Street in Newark DE, more from this source….

Frank and Regina Marini are from the Hockessin DE area where they have another home, Francis “Frank” Marini appears to link to a William Q. Saienni, Sr., age 79 of Hockessin, DE who died on December 5, 2001.   William Q. Saienni, Sr founded several concrete paving construction companies in the Wilmington and New Castle DE area, Material Transit, Material Trucking, Blacktop Products, and his beloved “Beaver Blacktop”.  The Saienni family is based in the Hockessin, DE area as was/is Frank Marini.

 Stefano G. Saienni…….July 26, 2010—-DELAWARE..Newark Police have charged two men in connection with several car break-ins in the Newark area. SEE LINK http://www.udel.edu/udaily/2011/jul/cars072610.html  Bradley M. Hooks, 18, of Newark, and Stefano G. Saienni, 18, of Hockessin, were charged with multiple counts of third degree burglary theft, receiving stolen property, conspiracy and criminal mischief at the the parking area of Foxcroft Apartments at 120 Wilbur St., Newark DE 19711 (North East area).

An officer saw Bradley Hooks and Stefano Saienni walking out of the parking lot at the Foxcroft Apartments on Wilbur Street (Newark DE zip code 19711) around 1:15 am  Sunday morning and noticed one of the two had a glove on one hand.  The cop went into the parking lot, saw a car with broken glass around it and saw Hooks and Saienni driving away in a pickup truck.  Saienni also was charged with possession of burglar tools. They were committed to the Young Correctional Facility; Hooks in default of $10,250 bond and Saienni in default of $9,750 bond.  Stefano G. Saienni DOB 8/26/1991 739 Loveville Rd Hockessin DE he also links to an address in New Castle.

The dumpster chosen for his burial was off an easily accessible highway that allowed his carrier to bypass local law enforcement attention and get back on the road quickly after the deed was done. This is a person who had to have familiarity with that dump site (Newark DE zip code 19711) . Someone who works or lives nearby; someone who does business with one of those 10 establishments next to the dumpster used, or someone who has to travel through that area–and uses I95 (495) or 273 to do it–would fit this profile.

UPDATED…GARBAGE TRUCK WITH BODY OF JOHN WHEELER TRACED IN NORTH EAST NEWARK DELAWARE 19711, Farther south along Interstate 95, The Associated Press traced the garbage truck’s path through downtown Newark before it headed to the Cherry Island landfill where workers saw Wheeler’s body falling out of the truck as it unloaded. Investigators have said they believe the body was in a bin early in the truck’s run.

The first stop was a bank in College Square shopping center 320 College Square Newark, DE 19711, the North East area of town. Two trash bins at the rear of a bank are just yards away from two surveillance cameras and in sight of several storefronts and a heavily traveled road. From the bank, the truck headed to the library, where the bin is tucked in an alley between the rear of the building and a fence that partitions the alley from nearby homes. A locked chain-link gate prevents through traffic in the alley, and a surveillance camera guards the area. 

Security cameras and lights overlook bins on the truck’s route behind a Toyota dealership. Those at a McDonald’s are in plain sight of a 24-hour drive-thru lane. Just down the street, a small bin is behind another restaurant, across the street from a 24-hour emergency care center whose bins can be seen by residents of a seven-story apartment building.

Behind a Goodwill thrift store, several containers are in a lighted area that, according to a sign, is under 24-hour surveillance.  Newark police are leading the investigation because Wheeler’s body is believed to have been picked up from one of 10 large trash bins on the east side of Newark. The disposal truck driver’s route began at 4:20 a.m. and included stops at the College Square Shopping Center, Newark Library and Goodwill in the Newark Shopping Center 311 Newark Shopping Ctr, NEWARK DE 19711.  Whoever dumped Wheeler’s body would have found more privacy at a nearby retirement village and assisted living facility in the North East section of Newark DE 19711, where the bin is more hidden.

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