Shamai Leibowitz Heading To Federal Pen For Leaking Classified Documents To A Blog, Leibowitz Defended Palestinian Activist (Terrorist) Marwan Barghouti And Supports A “One-State Solution” To Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, so does Ali Abunimah.

PHOTO ABOVE (Terrorist) Marwan Barghouti.

Shamai Leibowitz was sent to Federal Pen For Leaking Classified Documents To A Blog, Leibowitz Defended Palestinian Activist (Terrorist) Marwan Barghouti And Supports A “One-State Solution” To Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, so does Ali Abunimah.
Ali Abunimah of the The Electronic Intifada blog supported Palestinian Activist (Terrorist) Marwan Barghouti (his photo)and wrote a book on a One-State Solution” To Palestinian-Israeli Conflict in Oct 2006.  Shamai Leibowitz posted at least one article on Ali Abunimah’s The Electronic Intifada blog.
( Dec 11, 2009 Marwan Barghouti, serving five life terms in prison for involvement in murderous attacks on Israelis, told CNN that he has not changed his political views and that he expects to be one of hundreds of terrorists Hamas wants released for the safe return of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit. Barghouti evaded answering whether he would return to violence if freed. Barghouti is considered the most popular personality in the Palestinian Authority, and although he is a member of the Fatah faction, the rival Hamas party is interested in including him in an exchange for Shalit in order to pave the road for a reunification of the two parties. Several months ago, Barghouti said he does not see any difference between Hamas and Fatah.

POLITICO’s Josh Gerstein reports that an Israeli American lawyer who was working on contract to the FBI as a linguist has pleaded guilty to leaking classified documents to a blog:  Leibowitz has his own blog, Pursuing Justice ,and a web site, He calls himself “an Israeli-American attorney, admitted in New York and in Israel” and “a certified Hebrew-English translator and interpreter.” One of his biographies says he was born in Haifa, graduated with a bachelor of laws from Bar Ilan Univesity in 1999 and a master’s of law from American University in 2005, summa cum laude, on a full scholarship.

Marwan Barghouti 

Shamai Leibowitz drew attention for joining the defense team of a “Palestinian activist” accused of murder and terrorism, Marwan Barghouti (his photo above). One of Leibowitz’s web sites says “he filed more than ten habeas corpus petitions to the Israeli Supreme Court resulting in the release of undocumented workers and asylum-seekers from prolonged detention.  Leibowitz is a supporter of a “one-state solution” to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict–an option most Jewish Israelis reject because it would erase Israel’s status as a Jewish state. He has also supported efforts to encourage U.S. institutions to divest in Israeli bonds in order to pressure the Israeli government.

“One-state solution” to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict Ali Abunimah

Ali Abunimah supports Marwan Barghouti

Is Marwan Barghouti right to run (For President)?
Hasan Abu Nimah & Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 8 December 2004….Marwan Barghouti, the Palestinian resistance leader imprisoned by Israel, has caused an uproar by reversing his earlier decision not to run for president of the Palestinian Authority.  Barghouti may not be able to run on the Fatah ticket after the movement picked Mahmoud Abbas as its sole candidate in an opaque process. However, Barghouti has the right to run as an individual and as one of a handful of Palestinians widely-known enough in the occupied territories to make the election a serious contest, his candidacy can only benefit democracy. He must obviously be aware that he may be breaking Fatah rules, and he must be equally prepared to face the consequences. If there is any validity to the claim that the Palestinian Authority intends to run democratic elections then everyone ought to welcome Barghouti’s candidacy.  It is viciously hypocritical to call for Palestinian democracy and then seek to deny the people the right to choose the person they see fit to lead them. Let the Palestinians in the occupied territories decide whether they see Barghouthi as one of their national heroes who struggled bravely against the occupation and never feared the personal consequences or whether they consider him no more than an “irresponsible” spoiler of Fatah’s sacred unity, writes Ali AbunimahTerrorist Marwan Barghouti has blood on his hands, must stay in prison.  

Given that Shamai Leiowitz is an apparent Israeli American dual citizen, his heavy activism in both countries  (and with terrorist Marwan Barghouti) is easily found in a quick google search, his current role as a lawyer in various ongoing legal cases including one recently before the Israeli Supreme Court, and that he has a public blog and is cited advocating on various cases on legal and Israel matters, AND given that the FBI is known to be suspicious of US government employees with strong ties to foreign countries, this case screams: how in the world did he ever get a U.S. security clearance?

The FBI page on contract linguists says: “Applicants for the FBI Contract Linguist position must meet all of the following requirements: United States citizenship; Willingness to renounce dual citizenship…. Ability to meet all FBI Employment Requirements, pass an FBI Background Investigation, and receive a Top Secret Security Clearance ….”  The Justice Department said it did not immediately know how he got a security clearance or if he was hired through a contractor. Is it possible he applied for the FBI job under his a.k.a. Samuel Shamai Leibowitz, and all this other highly public activism in Israel and the U.S. was under Shamai Leibowitz? and they didn’t figure it out.