Justice for Georgann Lee Smith in Sarasota Fl, Ex-Con Delmer Smith III Raped And Beat Georgann Lee Smith To Death With A Baseball Bat, Delmer Smith Is A Serial Rapist

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Justice for Georgann Lee Smith in Sarasota Fl, Ex-Con Delmer Smith III Raped And Beat Georgann Lee Smith To Death With A Baseball Bat.


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  • Oct. 18th, 2009 at 9:35 PM
  • Marjie Snow Almeter (Marjie Smith)
    His name is Delmer Smith III … did he rape and beat 4 other women in a similar manner as Georgann? Yes he did, but he didn’t use a baseball bat on his other victims. The police have DNA to link this creep to 4 women (in Sarasota Fl), their homes were invaded & robbed by him. We still await for the missing link to tie him to the murder of our beloved sister. 6 1/2 months since we were robbed by the epitome of evil, 6 1/2 months since I’ve heard her tell me she loved me, 6 1/2 months since she uploaded me a photo of herself on her cell phone & 6 1/2 months that I’ve missed dearly of hearing her complain about one thing or another. I wish the Lord could turn back time, but I know this to never be … I can only look forward to the day when we are caught up in the clouds to be forever with our Lord! Then, Georgann, Kimmie, Sharon, Daddy, Mom & myself will all be reunited once again. I am so looking forward to this day … but I have much work ahead of me before we are called home. My #1 mission in life is to witness to my husband, Douglas … so that he may come to accept Christ as his Lord & Savior. My other mission, is to teach Brendan all I can about Christ, and pray that he follows the right path. I know that I will be joining my parents & sisters in Heaven … they all loved (Love) the Lord, surrendered their lives to him.


    I am very angry with Delmer, but I don’t hate him anymore like I did when I first found out about him. Something horrible must have happened to him in life, whether it be his family, drugs, gangs (since he’s originally from Detroit), or a diabolic spirit. He needs Christ desperately. He will be judged in life & in death. It is not for me to do the judging.

    I still cry a lot, and with the holidays just around the corner … it will be even harder for me. Sharon is not handling it well either. She told me yesterday that she was cutting out James school pictures … she normally cuts 3, one for Kim, Georgann & myself, but this year – it was only 1, and that was for me. Georgann & Kim both loved Sharon’s & my children. Neither of them had children of their own … so they both cherished ours. They only had 1 niece, so she was spoiled, but so were all the boys! Please keep Sharon, myself, and our families in your prayers, because it will be a very long road ahead for us. There will be a trial that we are going to have to endure … only Christ can see us through this through prayers!  

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    Journal Update: Oct. 18th, 2009 at 9:35 PM
    “Justice For Georgann Lee Smith.”

    May God be with each & every one of you!