COMPILED LIST OF TOP TEN RACIST BLOGGERS AND/OR HATE WEBSITES HOSTED IN THE USA, Source ADL, NAACP (Fatal Beating of Long Island Latino Man Should be a Wake Up Call for America), Southern Poverty Law Center report and Internet postings of Active U.S. Hate Groups.

Top ten list of 2008 Hate Websites;
1). The Stormfront White Nationalist Community
2). Bryant Cecchini, aka Byron Calvert, Tightrope.cc
3). Bill White Overthrow.com . Neo-Nazi Leader Bill White Indicted Again
4). Aryan Nations. Aryan Nations (AN), aka Church of Jesus Christ Christian.
5). National Socialist Movement (NSM).
6). Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.
7). World Church of the Creator,
8). The Nationalist Coalition. aka National Vanguard & National Alliance.
9). International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement. aka Uhuru Movement.

10). Pamela Geller “Atlas Shrugs” ..TIE WITH.. Orly Taitz “Obama Birthers”
1). The Stormfront White Nationalist Community is a white supremacist Internet forum that has been described as one of the earliest and longest continually published websites and the Internet’s first major hate site.  Stormfront was founded by former Ku Klux Klan member and white nationalist activist Don Black  with the intention of creating a community around the white power movement. Stormfront’s popularity has allegedly grown since the 1990s, attracting attention from watchdog organizations opposing racism and antisemitism. The websiteis structured as a discussion forum, with numerous thematic sub-fora on topics such as philosophy, historical revisionism, and self-defense. Stormfront also hosts extensive links to racialist organizations. Issues such as the sustainability of multicultural society, the possibility of a race war, and the perceived necessity of defending the white race have fostered a community identity among members of the site, sustaining its growth and development. Stormfront has received media scrutiny for being removed from Internet search engine indexes, for online activism, and for having an electoral candidate of a mainstream political party as a member.

2). Bryant Cecchini, far better known by his alias of Byron Calvert, Tightrope.cc; is one of the most respected racist Skinheads on the neo-Nazi music scene — and one of several key players who recently left powerhouse Resistance Records for a competing racist label. Racist Music Sampler to be Distributed to Schools December 10, 2008. Four years after a neo-Nazi record label provoked a nationwide outcry by distributing hate rock to middle and high school students, one of the men behind that ambitious recruitment drive is at it again.  White power music broker Bryant Cecchini, who uses the alias Byron Calvert, recently announced on his websitethat he had begun distribution last week of 30,000 CDs,,”Remember, we don’t just entertain racist kids, we create them

3). Bill White Overthrow.com . Neo-Nazi Leader Bill White Indicted Again, December 11, 2008 Federal prosecutors announced today that Bill White, arguably the most important neo-Nazi leader in America, has been indicted on seven counts related to making Internet and other threats that could bring him 55 years in prison and $1.75 million in fines. White was already being held in a federal holding facility in Chicago, where he faces an earlier charge of obstructing justice for publishing personal information about a jury foreman on his website. White suggested in that posting that the juror had committed a crime by voting in 2004 to convictanother neo-Nazi leader, Matt Hale, for soliciting the murder of a federal judge. (The judge was not harmed.)  He was known for pushing First Amendment protections to their absolute limit, although the indictments suggest that he was not careful enough to prevent the lodging of extremely serious charges. Prosecutors in Roanoke, Va., where White lives and where the new indictments were brought, suggested that the additional charges would help stem the tide of Internet threats.  

4). Aryan Nations. Aryan Nations (AN), or the Church of Jesus Christ Christian
(CJCC), was once the United States’ most infamous neo-Nazi group. THE DARK SIDE OF THE SUNSHINE STATE: EXTREMISM IN FLORIDA. One splinter group, calling itself Aryan Nations led by August Kreis, moved to Sebring, Florida, in late 2003. Kreis is a follower of Christian Identity, a virulently racist and anti-Semitic version of Christianity, and serves as “High Counsel” for his Aryan Nations faction. Kreis has also made an effort, essentially unsuccessfully, to liaise with Islamic radicals to find a common enemy in Jews.  Kreis relocated to Lexington, South Carolina, in 2005, but claims to keep in touch with his membership in Florida.


5). National Socialist Movement (NSM).With contact points throughout the
United States. The National Socialist Movement, led by Jeff Schoep from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a rapidly growing neo-Nazi organization that especially attracts younger people. Capitalizing on the struggles of the National Alliance and National Vanguard, the NSM in 2006 became the largest and most organized neo-Nazi group in the country and organized roughly a dozen rallies throughout the United States. In Orlando, David Gletty organized about 30 neo-Nazi members and supporters of the NSM to rally in March 2006.  In May 2006, Gletty held a white supremacist gathering at his property. The event was attended by several NSM members including Michael “Von Bluvens” Blevins, as well as Hammerskins, Klansmen and adherents of the racist and anti-Semitic Christian Identity religious sect. About 40 people were in attendance.
6). Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. The Empire Knights is a newer Klan group, formed in 2005 in part from former members of the Southern White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. From Florida, it expanded across the South, into the Mid-Atlantic, and even as far as Oregon. In January 2007, it boasted chapters in 18 states. Like other white supremacist groups, the Klan has turned to the Internet as a means to revitalize their movement and attract a new cadre of supporters and activists. Texas has been a strong scene of Empire Knights activity. In early August 2006, members of the Empire Knights of Texas, based in San Angelo, held a heavily publicized anti-immigration rally in the northwest Texas city of Amarillo. It was only one of several recent Empire Knights events in Texas. In June 2006, over 20 Empire Knights held an anti-immigration rally in the west Texas city of Midland, while in November 2005, they held a protest against gay marriage in Austin. The Empire Knights also held an event in July 2006 in Leesville, South Carolina.
7). World Church of the Creator, Skinheads in the U.S. have also linked up with other established hate groups, such as Aryan Nations, the Ku Klux Klan, and Tom Metzger’s White Aryan Resistance (WAR). On November 12, 1988, three members of a skinhead gang in Portland, Oregon, killed an Ethiopian immigrant, Mulugeta Seraw. In a suit brought by the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL, it was later shown that Metzger and his son John had incited these Skinheads to murder Seraw. A jury awarded Seraw’s family $12.5 million in damages, one of the largest civil verdicts of its kind in U.S. history.  Its members have spread virulently racist and anti-Semitic propaganda in a variety of Florida towns and cities, have rented billboards promoting the group’s Web site, and have distributed racist music CDs. 
8). The Nationalist Coalition. The Nationalist Coalition (and its recent predecessors,the National Vanguard and National Alliance) has been particularly active in Tampa and St. Petersburg.Trial on that charge has been set for March 3 in Chicago federal court.In recent years, White has developed a reputation as a blustery threatmaker, posting personal information such as home addresses and phone numbers of many individuals including the author of this blog posting and, in some cases, suggesting that it would be good to kill them.  The campaign is dubbedProject Schoolyard Volume II” and targets teenagers with a 25-song sampler that features tracks such as “White Power” and “Some Niggers Never Die.” The CDs are on sale for 30 cents each, but Cecchini is including several free with each order from Tightrope, his Arkansas-based website that offers hate music and other racist merchandise. Cecchini’s website features a fist clasping a noose and the motto, “It’s not illegal to be White … yet. 
9). International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement. This group, also known as the Uhuru Movement, is headed by Omali Yeshitela and Chirumenga Waller in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area.  The Uhuru Movement is a ultra left-wing, black-separatist movement that once called for the execution of the mayor and police chief in St. Petersburg, Florida, according to the St. Petersburg Times. It is also anti-Israel, claiming reparations should be paid to Palestinians (Palestinian Islamic Jihad), who, according toYeshitela, have been subjected to genocide.   Riot erupts in St. Petersburg, Florida, after white cop shoots and kills black motorist; The mayor of St. Petersburg, FL, David Fischer recently called for a federal review of race relations in the city after a riot erupted when a White policeman shot a Black motorist to death during a traffic stop.
10).  Pamela Geller “Atlas Shrugs” ..TIE WITH.. Orly Taitz “Obma Birthers”.
Birth of an Obsession, With her strong will, busy travel schedule and breathless blogging, Laguna Niguel dentist Orly Taitz (photo on L) has become the most controversial figure in the effort to prove that President Barack Obama is foreign-born (sorry about that Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, photo on R.). 
Orly Taitz owes any fame she has to the Internet, so when her blogs started acting strangely, she got upset. In the first months of 2009, she posted updates about her legal cases on both drorly.blogspot.com and defendourfreedoms.us. But they would become unavailable without notice, and users would face porn pop-ups and warnings that they were entering a site that could damage their computer. Worse, the PayPal account she used to raise donations wouldn’t accept new contributions.
Patick McKinnion of Yes to Democracy puts it a different way: “There’s a certain amount of fascination with unbridled insanity, and that’s what you’re seeing with the birthers: a level of hatred that borders, if not absolutely pole-vaults, into insanity.”  Orly Taitz claims she has proof the Obama birth certificate is a forgery one of her ”forensic experts” went by the moniker “TechDude

It sometimes seems as though the “anti-birther” community is just as obsessed as the people it keeps an eye on. On Politijab.com, there’s an entire forum devoted to Taitz, complete with topics such as “Orly’s Facebook Page” and “How Long Until Orly’s Breakdown?” At YesToDemocracy.com, bloggers provide regular updates on the latest birther activities, with some choice digs at the “nitrous-huffing,” “cavity creep” that is Orly Taitz.

On the right wing Coast in New York City we have Pamela Geller of the ”Atlas Shrugs Website” who has run an almost identical campaign to prove that president Barack Obama was not born in the USA, that he is a Muslim and that he is basically the anti-Christ, the insanity level is such that these two woman must have been separated at birth and are long lost fraternal twins.

Pamela Geller has posted such gems as, ATLAS EXCLUSIVE: FINAL REPORT ON OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE FORGERY CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN, and EXCLUSIVE: Atlas Tech Expert Declares Obama Birth Certificate Forgery ”This bombshell was made by Atlas reader techdudein the comment section (oh and btw, techdude, send the screenshots)” and on and on it goes all deduced from a JPEG image online and without access to the original document, TechDude CSI you ain’t ! 

 Orly Taitz (and Pamela Geller) has made not-so-veiled calls for armed insurrection if the legal process doesn’t eventually get Obama removed. (In February, for example, the complaint alleges she posted, “The simple fact is that we are long overdue for another Rebellion in this nation, and I heartily endorse the idea of having one again very soon, preferably starting THIS year!”)
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