CONFESSIONS OF A FEDERAL CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT, SHIITE USED CAR DEALERS IN TAMPA SHIP VEHICLES TO DUABI AND INTO IRAQ IN SUPPORT OF TERRORISM. ….From June of 2002 up to and including September of 2007, William Edwards worked as a Confidential Informant (CI) for the Bureau of Immigration Customs Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security in the Tampa Fl area, his job was to obtain information, (including cell phone records, surveillance photos and business connections) on an assortment of used car dealers who linked to convicted terrorist supporter Sami Al-Arian and who appeared to be sending vehicle’s of all types into Dubai UAE & Jeddah Saudi Arabia where brokers forwarded the vehicles (or sold them) on to Iraq in support of terrorism

 autocarrierOver the course of the investigation into the Shiite used car racket in Tampa by CI William Edwards it became apparent that the majority of the vehicle exporters were Iraqi refugees and some of them helped organize the 1991 uprising against Saddam Hussein in Iraq, others showed up in Tampa after an aborted, CIA-supported Iraqi coup in 1996. Although they presented a serious threat to his regime (1991 insurgents), Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was able to suppress the rebellions with massive force and maintain power, as the expected intervention by the United States (CIA and DOD) never materialized. The uprisings were eventually crushed by the Iraqi Republican Guard, followed by mass reprisals and in few weeks tens of thousands of civilians were killed. The revolts in the Shia-dominated cities of Basra and Nasiriyah broke out in March 1991, involved demoralizedIraqi Army troops returning from Iraq’s defeat in the Persian Gulf War but were largely organized and led by sectarianShia who were based in Iran
The Shiite Iraqi refugees (now Car dealers) who arrived in Tampa Fl after the 1991 and the 1996 Iraq uprisings had been left to hang out to dry by the CIA and the U.S. DOD which never intervened. The Tampa (Iraqi) Shiite used car dealers who were exporting vehicles, operated out of the Port of Tampa and the Port of Savannah, vehicles were purchased at salvaged auto auctions and or from street hustlers of recent stolen vehicles. Stolen vehicles were disassembled, the engine and transmission taken out and then shipped with the hull of the vehicle packed in shipping containers as “auto parts” and sent to Dubai UAE.
As such the U. S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the various U.S. Ports do not check the “VIN” (vehicle identification number) of exported “auto parts” and upon receiving the “auto parts” in Dubai (were whole industries exist to do just such work, including welding back together vehicles that had been cut apart) the vehicles are reassembled and sold at 2 to 3 times the retail that is obtainable in the USA, older vehicles are shipped into Iraq to be used as car bombs, see FBI report here that indicates that at least dozens of USA cars have been used as car bombs in Iraq.
A long time Al-Arian associate and used car dealer in Virginia is convicted terrorist bagman Abdurahman Alamoudi who also ran a used car dealership in Virginia, ALAMOUDI WAS THE OWNER OF THE SHIRLINGTON AUTO MART-USED CAR LOT IN ARLINGTON VA, currently Alamoudi is doing 23 years at the Federal Transfer Center (FTC) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, which is an administrative facility housing male and female holdover offenders, a US federal prison, for illegal financial transactions and for his involvement in a scheme to assassinate Crown Prince Abdullah (now King) of Saudi Arabia.
Alamoudi was caught with $340,000 in cash, 34 bundles of sequentially numbered $100 bills to be used to pay terrorists to kill the Saudi Crown prince (now King), money indirectly from the same Jeddah Saudi individuals linked in the Iraq Study Report who are funding al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq. Alamoudi was brought to Tampa Fl in 2005 to testify against Sami al-Arian, Alamoudi was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail on 7/19/2005 and stayed there until 11/01/2005, but never went to Court to testify against his buddy Al-Arian ?

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Nearly 1,000 vehicles are stolen every month in Malaysia and smuggled abroad for sale to fund terrorism and criminal activities, news reports said Tuesday.

Vehicle theft has turned into a lucrative business, churning hefty profits for organized, global criminal groups, federal criminal investigation chief Christopher Wan Soo Kee was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times.

In the first five months of this year, 4,907 cars were reported stolen nationwide, an 11.5 percent increase from the same period last year, Wan said in the report.

“Trafficking and smuggling of stolen vehicles are mainly the work of structured and sophisticated global criminal groups,” he was quoted as saying.

“Such huge profits can be used by criminal organizations to strengthen their activities and support terrorism, while destabilizing developing nations at the same time.”

Some three million vehicles are stolen throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and North America each year, worth an estimated US$21 billion (euro15.4 billion), Wan said in the report.

CI William Edwards was able to put together an international network of linking Car Importers & Exporters from around the world who in turn all shipped vehicles (sometimes stolen) to Dubai UAE and or Jeddah SA for re-export to Iraq for sale or to be used as car bombs, the “Cars Became The Cash” for terrorists in Iraq, no money needed to cross the borders.
CI William Edwards efforts were paid off in dribs and drabs of cash totally only $2,900 and always in old $100 bills (possibly confiscated drug money), the big money promised from the Rewards for Justice Program that pays up to $5,000,000 for information leading to the disruption of a terrorist funding system; International terrorism is financed by money sent to terrorists from sources around the world. The U.S. Secretary of State is authorized to pay rewards of up to $5 million for information leading to the dismantling of any system used to finance a terrorist organization has never materialized !
The short list of arrested and or convicted or on the run International Car Importers & Exporters compiled by CI William Edwards includes;
1). Abdurahman Alamoundi…. Shirlington Auto Mart, Arlington VA USA.
2). Camil Assaf & Nizzam Darwish……Tampa Fl USA
3). Abdalla Deiab………………Tampa Fl USA
4). Sheik Abbas Harake……..Beirut used car dealer
6). & 7). In Tampa are still under Federal Investigation.
8). Adnan El Shukrijumah ….Miramar Fl USA.
9).  Pierre Robert…….. a used car dealer in Tangier Morocco
11) . Khalid Abu-alDahab…… Silicon Valley CA USA
12). Mohammed Ramez Sultan…Munich Germany.
13). Abu>Salem and Dawood> Ibrahim, Kings of Cars, Dubai UAE.
14). Imad Yarkas, a Syrian-born used car dealer (importer) linked to 9/11.
17). Mohamad Reda Tabbara Export of Stolen Vehicles, “Black Cars” to Dubai.
18). Hossein Esfahani operated three ChicagoWest Side auto dealerships
20). MOHAMED YOUSEF AL-NAGHI, exclusive BMW importer Jeddah SA.
21). ABDULRAHMAN HASSAN SHARBATLY, dealer Ferrari, Porshe Jeddah SA
22). SharifF Omar Cottonwood Heights Utah, links to brother in Iraq & al-Qaeda.
23). Ashraf Seleman of NJ vehicles shipped to Dubai and Africa.

Bought and sold on the international black market, cars and trucks help fund criminal operations and can be turned into the terrorist weapon of choice against U.S. troops and Iraqi civilians: vehicles packed with explosives, Car Bombs.. The FBI declined to estimate how many stolen U.S. cars have turned up as car bombs in Iraq but said the number is believed to be at least in the dozens.
“A car bomb is the absolute favorite delivery method of terrorists,” said Special Agent Ryan Toole of the FBI’s Major Theft Unit in Washington. “Tracing that VIN is very, very important” to identifying where the vehicle originated or determining how it ended up in terrorist hands.

Toole said American-made vehicles are particularly attractive to terrorists in places such as Iraq. Forensics specialists there have identified some bomb-rigged cars as vehicles that were swiped off American streets and sold overseas by criminal gangs and organized crime syndicates.The used car investigation into certain Tampa (Iraqi) used car exporters is ongoing and has been taken over by the FBI due to the obvious links to terrorism.



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