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SPRING BREAK HAVEN OF PANAMA CITY FL HOME TO VAMPIRE CULT…A woman who cops arrested in Panama City, Fl for being an accessory to murder after she allegedly persuaded a group of men to attack a 16-year-old she claimed had raped her told WJHG-TV she’s a vampire who’s part werewolf, and that she even drank the blood of her fiancé.

Cops said the men who allegedly killed Jacob Hendershot in July were friends with Stephanie Pistey, 18, and they belonged to a cult of vampires. “Since I was like, 12… I know this is going to be crazy, but I believe that I’m a vampire,” she said. “Part of a vampire and part of a werewolf.” She’s one of five people facing charges of murder or being an accessory after the fact.


PANAMA CITY FL Oct. 2nd, 2011…Family grieves after son’s slaying.  The people who knew him best said Jacob Hendershot had little in common with the people accused of killing him. They believe it was the one person they had in common that might have lured him to his death. Some of the suspects in his death have described themselves in media reports as belonging to a “vampire cult,” and said they drank one another’s blood and hated God.

Jake, as he was known by friends and family, was a Christian who traveled to South America on a mission trip to dig wells in jungle villages. The experience made him a better person, said his mom, Tommae Hendershot. His dad, Melvin Hendershot, said the teenager returned excited. 

“He wasn’t a bad boy,” Tommae Hendershot said. “He was just an unhappy boy because his mom and dad got divorced.” He came to Florida over the summer because he wanted to spend time with his birth mother, Nancy Robinson, who gave Jake up for adoption shortly after his birth. She wasn’t ready to be a mom, Robinson said. Jake arrived in Panama City Florida on June 22. He was killed July 13, police said.

In the short time he was here, he met a (vampire) girl, Stephanie Pistey, and they struck up a brief romance, despite their differences. “Jake was a call-home type of kid,” Tommae Hendershot said. Pistey would say she lied to her parents about being at Jake’s when she was actually somewhere else. She was 18; he was 16. He wore a crucifix around his neck; she wore a pentagram around hers. Police believe Jacob Hendershot still would be alive if he’d never met her.

The Panama City vampire cult murder suspects of Jacob Hendershot are;
1.)  William Henry Chase, 17.
2).  Joel Millsap, 26.
3).  Stephanie Pistey, 18.
4). James Gay
5). Tammy Morris

The arrest affidavit against Millsap and Chase mentioned two unknown males who were involved in the attack on Hendershot, which occurred July 13 at Millsap’s apartment. Millsap invited Hendershot over, and four men jumped and beat him upon his arrival, investigators reported. Hendershot’s mother called police the next day to report that her son had not come home the night before. The affidavit says both men confessed to killing Hendershot, stripping him and putting his body in a stormwater culvert.

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